Member Benefits

With Club Marine, you aren't just a policy holder, you're a Club Marine Member.

Club Card Benefits Scheme

Partners in the scheme will include marine dealers from our agent network to national suppliers of products and services.

In the coming months we will be including more partners and adding further benefits to those already available. So make sure you remember to come back and check out what is available, as there will be limited offer and time sensitive specials listed on a regular basis.

We hope you can take advantage of the products and services our partners have to offer!

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Club Marine does not represent or warrant the quality or reliability of any goods or services offered by our business partners under the Benefits Scheme and as such we are not liable for any associated defects or problems arising from these products or services.

Use of the products and services under the Benefits Scheme is at your own risk. Club Marine will not be liable for any damages arising out of your use or inability to use the products or services offered under the Benefits Scheme whether based on contractual, statutory, tort or other grounds.