Club Marine Assist key tags a winner

Club Card and Key Tag

Club Marine has complemented the Club Marine membership card by adding two handy Club Marine Assist key tags. Place one on your boat key ring and the other on your vehicle keys so that in an emergency you have the number on hand to get the assistance you need.

The new key tags are part of the simplified policy renewal process that is being introduced to Club Marine members across Australia. All Club Marine members renewing their insurance policies will receive the Club Marine benefits card and Club Marine Assist key tags as part of the insurance and magazine renewal offering.

The renewal process has been simplified in response to suggestions from Club Marine members and is part of Club Marine's broader strategy to minimise the use of paper in the future by providing policy information via email and electronically.

With the new system, premium payment will activate the membership card and Club Marine Assist entitlements. Additionally, the invitation to renew will be validated as a tax invoice. No further letters or documents will be required.

Club Marine CEO Greg Fisher says the change will be good for Club Marine members, good for Club Marine staff and good for trees. "We are really happy with the new, streamlined process," said Fisher. "It will be easier for Club Marine policy holders to use, faster for Club Marine staff to process, and it will cut Club Marine's paper use by up to 20 per cent."

Key features of the new membership renewal process:

  • In addition to the Club Marine Membership card, members will receive two Club Marine Assist emergency tags to keep with their keys.
  • The Club Card and key tags will be received as part of the billing process and membership benefits become active with your premium payment.
  • The invitation to renew will become a tax invoice following premium payment.
  • The new process affects all Club Marine insurance renewals falling due on or after June 10, 2011.
  • Club Marine's paper use will be cut by up to 20 per cent in the first year.

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