Club Marine member survey

Club Marine is dedicated to improving the services that work for our Club Marine members and eliminating those that don’t. Central to our success is our belief that the best way to understand the needs of our customers is to listen to them.

In 2008, Club Marine initiated its ‘customer experience feedback program’, an annual survey of the opinions of our Club Marine policy-holders to let us know how we are doing, and how we can do it better.

Once again this year, Club Marine has employed IPSOS Australia, a leading market research company, to conduct a brief telephone survey with 600 randomly-selected Club Marine members.

Selected Club Marine members will need only give two minutes of their time to participate in the questionnaire. Using a scale of 0 to 10, Club Marine members will be asked to respond to this question:

“Taking everything into consideration about your relationship with us, how likely is it that you would recommend Club Marine to a friend or colleague?”

In some cases, you may be asked if we could discuss your concerns in more detail in a follow-up call with one of our Club Marine staff members.

Our objective is to find out what we could be doing better and determining whether we are meeting your expectations. The research will be used to drive on-going improvement in our service delivery and product features, and deliver you a positive ‘Club Marine experience’ every time.

As in years past, we hope the results of this year’s ‘customer experience feedback program’ will help us to continue to hone our customer service and to maintain our position as Australia’s most trusted marine insurer.

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