Solar record contender visits Oz

Solar record contender

The world’s largest solar-powered yacht arrived in Brisbane on May 29 as part of an attempt to set a new world circumnavigation record for solar-powered craft.

Billed at the world’s largest solar boat, TŪRANOR PlanetSolar berthed at Riverside Centre Pontoon, Brisbane as part of its quest to become the first fully solar-powered vessel to circumnavigate the globe.

In its record breaking attempt, TŪRANOR PlanetSolar will cover approximately 27,000 nautical miles to prove that current renewable energy technologies are reliable and effective and to demonstrate the potential of “environmentally responsible mobility concepts”.

Measuring 31 metres long and 15 metres wide, the radical craft has a solar photovoltaic surface area of over 537 square meters, incorporating 38,000 high-efficiency solar cells, making it the biggest solar-powered ship in the world.

After departing Monaco on September 27 last year, the TŪRANOR PlanetSolar has already broken two records: fastest crossing of the Atlantic Ocean by solar boat and the longest distance ever covered by a solar electric vehicle

Founded by TŪRANOR co-skipper Raphael Domjan, Planet Solar will use the expedition to prove that current renewable energy technologies are reliable and effective, and to advance scientific research into the production and storage of solar energy.

Costing approximately €12.5 million the big catamaran was built by the Knierim shipyard in Kiel, Germany using carbon sandwich technology.

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