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Simple safety check

Marine Rescue NSW units along the coast have been experiencing the annual spring spike in boating breakdowns as skippers launch their boats for the first time after the winter layoff.

Marine Rescue Commissioner, Stacey Tannos warned the rate of breakdowns was set to escalate as boat owners made the most of the warmer weather by taking to the water again.

Every holiday weekend some skippers discover, to their dismay, that something on their boat or trailer doesn’t function as expected, he said.

Marine Rescue NSW statistics show that mechanical breakdowns are the cause of more calls for help than any other reason.

Sometimes the cause is faulty fuel in the outboard fuel tank. This can easily be avoided by replacing any old fuel left in the tank with clean new fuel. Sometimes it’s an electrical failure that could have been avoided with a simple service of the battery and keeping terminals clean, Commissioner Tannos said.

Most mechanical breakdowns are avoidable with simple maintenance of the boat before launching or starting the engine after weeks or months lying idle, Tannos said. Often a worn trailer bearing will see a boat parked by the side of the road instead of at the launching ramp.

Marine Rescue NSW recommends the 50 Point Safety Check offered by members of the NSW Boating Industry Association. An expert check can help ensure a trouble-free boating season. Find the nearest authorised provider at:

Don’t spend your long weekend on the end of a tow line
Don’t spend your long weekend on the end of a tow line

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