Club Marine Assist launches in New Zealand

Australasia’s largest provider of recreational boat insurance, Club Marine Insurance, is delighted to announce the official launch of the company’s innovative new Club Marine Assist in New Zealand. The launch took take place at the Hutchwilco New Zealand Boat Show at the Club Marine Discover Boating Centre on May 17. The launch is scheduled to take place at the Hutchwilco New Zealand Boat Show at the Club Marine Discover Boating Centre.

Since its launch in Australia in January 2009, Club Marine Assist, in partnership with Allianz Global Assistance, has helped thousands of members and Club Marine is proud to be able to now offer the same service to members in New Zealand.

If things go wrong, Club Marine Assist offers a range of services. Whether you’re on-board or on dry land, our telephone operators will assess your situation and will help you contact the appropriate emergency services. If needed, they will even arrange overnight accommodation and the salvage of your boat, as well as assist in lodging the paperwork for your Club Marine Insurance claim.

Club Marine Assist also provides comprehensive roadside assistance benefits for your car and/or trailer for every trip when you are either towing your boat, or traveling to or from your boat (if moored or stored in a dry stack, trailer store or on hard stand).

Imagine spending a perfect day on the water, but then your trailer lets you down as you tow your boat home. Or your car has a flat tyre when you reach land and it’s getting late -- who do you call? From May 17, Club Marine Assist is available in New Zealand to help solve all of these problems and more.

And best of all, it is absolutely free to all Club Marine members!

With Club Marine Assist, Club Marine members can simply dial 0800 11 CLUB (2582) to seek advice, assistance, directions and information. Available 24-hours a day, seven days a week, Club Marine Assist can help members contact a harbourmaster or marina operator, offer directions to the fuel and service wharf, grocery store and more.

Club Marine CEO, Greg Fisher said the service allows members to focus on the pleasures of boat ownership. “Boating should be about fun times and enjoyment on our beautiful waterways,” said Fisher, “Club Marine Assist provides our members with even greater peace of mind, with the knowledge that around-the-clock help is just a phone call away.”

Club Marine Assist is provided at no extra cost to all Club Marine members when they buy or renew a boat insurance policy with Club Marine.

Club Marine Assist offers the following services:
• Member Assist
• Personal Assist
• Vehicle Assist
• Trailer Assist

For further information about Club Marine Assist or other Club Marine products and services in New Zealand, visit www.clubmarine.co.nz, call toll-free (in NZ) 0800 11 CLUB (2582) or talk to your insurance broker or boat dealer.

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