Boaters targeted in Operation Ramp Check

Roads and Maritime services recently announced a campaign targeting boaters at boat ramps across NSW to coincide with the start of the new boating season.

Acting General Manager of Maritime Operations, Trevor Williams advised: “Operation Ramp Check will take place from Monday September 24 to Sunday October 7 primarily to educate boaters about boat ramp etiquette and required safety equipment such as lifejackets.”

The main aim of the campaign is to educate boaters on the importance of carrying out pre-season boating checks.

“Some people do not go boating all winter, so it’s crucial for safety reasons for proper checks to be conducted before heading out for the first time in the new season,” said Williams, adding: “Boat owners should check the boat, motor, fuel, safety equipment and the trailer.

“A key focus of the campaign will be to educate boaters on boat ramp etiquette and the steps to take to achieve an efficient launch and retrieval.

“It may seem obvious, but being respectful to other boaters at boat ramps is the key. This means parking well clear of the ramp so as not to block traffic, waiting until it’s your turn and then moving quickly to launch or retrieve your boat,” Williams said.

Williams advised that boating safety officers would also be checking whether skippers had appropriate supplies of safety equipment for the size and class of their boat, including appropriately serviced lifejackets for everyone on board, flares and emergency beacons such as EPIRBs if necessary.

The NSW 2012-13 boating season starts on the October long weekend and continues to the end of the Easter long weekend.

Enquiries: Roads and Maritime Services. Web: www.rms.nsw.gov.au.

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