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Quick movers

Word spreads fast these days, and a quick Facebook post can rapidly become a well-broadcasted news item. Much like a fire onboard a boat - which is what happened to fishing guru and regular Club Marine contributor, Paul Worsteling when a small fire on the boat put an early end to his participation at Futurefish Foundation’s Mates Day recently held in Melbourne’s Port Phillip Bay.

No sooner had the fire occurred, than Paul’s wife Cristy posted the incident on Facebook. Within minutes, Club Marine National Claims Manager, Phillip Johnson picked it up and was promptly on the phone to Paul to see what Club Marine could do to help.

“Many thanks to the claims team at Club Marine, who called to see if I needed assistance just a few moments after the post went up on Facebook. Now that’s a pronto reaction!”

“Although there won’t be any need to lodge a claim - the damage was limited to the battery which had caught fire and some electrical switches - it’s great to know that if we do strike trouble, the team at Club Marine is willing and able to jump in with the best support anyone could wish for at a moment’s notice.”

Paul Worsteling

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