Theft-proof your PWC for free!

Victorian Club Marine members who own PWCs will have the opportunity to theft-proof their craft free of charge in a special pilot program being run in conjunction with anti-theft technology specialists DataDotDNA.

Supported by Club Marine and three participating Victorian PWC dealers, owners will be able to present their craft for special DataDotDNA treatment that will provide an effective theft deterrent.

DataDots are tiny microscopic discs that contain unique information that provides irrefutable proof of ownership. As small as a grain of sand, DataDots are recognised as being one of the most effective ways of preventing theft, and play a crucial role in the recovery and return of stolen goods. The unique etched code on the DataDot is stored on the company’s worldwide verification database, and is accessible by Police in order to verify ownership of suspect craft.

DataDots can be sprayed onto a PWC in around three minutes, and are effective for the life of the craft.

Apart from a free application in the pilot program, participating Club Marine PWC owners will have their theft excesses up to $2000 waived.

The DataDot applications will take place from 9am to 3pm on Saturday, December 15. Participating dealers are: Melbourne Sea-Doo, 230 High St, Preston, Top Gear Motorcycles, 17 Hartnett Dr, Seaford and Geelong Boating Centre, 88 Barwon Heads Rd, Belmont.

Club Marine members are asked to register their interest and preferred location by email at: vic@clubmarine.com.au.

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