Merv Hughes joins the Club Marine team

Former Australian test cricketer and team selector Merv Hughes has joined Club Marine Magazine as our new fishing columnist, beginning with the June/July issue. Readers will be entertained by Merv’s new column, appropriately titled Line ’n’ Length.

In a life dedicated to professional cricket, Merv has accomplished much, earning affection from crowds and respect from opponents for his fierce bowling and often humorous approach to the game.

He played in 53 test matches for Australia from 1985 to 1994. He was also a national selector from 2005 to 2010. Known for his aggressive bowling, Merv is the first to admit that standing at the crease with a bat in his hand was never his forte.

“I always liken my batting ability to my fishing – if I had success it was due to luck, not talent,” he says with a grin beaming under the trademark Merv moustache.

Since retiring from test cricket, Merv has been active in the sport at a local level, spending time coaching Melbourne’s Renegades 20/20 side. Fishing has remained a lifelong love and when the opportunity presents, Merv loves nothing better than baiting a hook and seeing what’s around.

“Fishing to me is a great way to relax but it can also be exciting, especially when you’re hooked up to a good-sized Murray cod or barra,” he says. “I have a Quintrex 510 Top Ender that JV Marine looks after for me. If I’m not out on that, I’m fishing on the banks of a river or off a beach or lake somewhere. The main thing is to have a line in the water.”

But he’s the first to admit that angling success is more often than not an elusive target. “As they say, it’s called ‘fishing’, not ‘catching’, and I tend to do a lot of the former and not too much of the latter,” he grins.

“My new column for Club Marine, Line ’n’ Length, will hopefully be entertaining and give readers a bit of a laugh as I dredge up stories of the places I’ve fished and the characters I’ve fished them with.”

“It’s great to have Merv on the team,” said Club Marine Managing Editor, Chris Beattie. “He’s a hugely enthusiastic fisherman who brings a great sense of humour and a talent for a good yarn to the pages of Club Marine. I hope readers will enjoy Merv’s often wry observations on his fishing exploits.”

Merv Hughes joins the team
Big Merv was elated to hear of his appointment as a Club Marine columnist …

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