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Malibu Just Ride Tour

With the 2013/14 Malibu Just Ride Tour well underway, watersports aficionados are flocking to attend the tour, hosted by various Malibu dealers across the country from January to April.

Riding behind Malibu’s new Wakesetter MXZ, wakeboarders of all skill levels can join pro wakeboarders and Malibu team riders Parker Siegele, Thorry Heaney, Sam Singleton, Amber Wing, and tour founder, coach David Thorpe, as they teach wakeboarding skills in ride clinics and demonstrations.

Club Marine-sponsored champion wakeboarder Parker Siegele (pictured below) is also part of the Malibu team riders crew. Parker has competed at a national level since 2006, starting his career by placing second at the Australian Nationals in under-9 boys. Since then, he has achieved podium positions in various national and international events, including gold medals at both the 2009 (South Korea) and 2013 (Australia) IWWF Worlds as a member of the Australian team.

Sessions on the Malibu Just Ride Tour must be booked in advance at a Malibu dealer. For dates and locations, or to find a local dealer, go to:

Malibu Just Ride Tour
Left: Malibu team rider Parker Siegele showing how it's done.

Malibu Just Ride Tour
Below: The Malibu team coaches wakeboarders of all ages and skill levels during the Malibu Just Ride Tour.

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