Club Marine Secret Women’s Business

2015 Club Marine Insurance Secret Women’s Business Barra Challenge
Fishing on the mighty Corroboree Billabong in all its breathtaking beauty is just one of many attractions in the Northern Territory – and 151 keen female anglers vying for the title of Champion Team will soon convene there to take part in the 2015 Club Marine Insurance Secret Women’s Business Barra Challenge (SWB).

To be held on September 18 and 19, the SWB is a women’s-only, tag-and-release fishing tournament that sees anglers of all skill levels chase barramundi and saratoga. Other than the top title of Champion Team, the ladies are chasing Champion Angler, Biggest Barra, Biggest Saratoga and Biggest Fish Caught by a Club Marine member.

SWB has a five-star NEATFish accreditation (National Environmental Assessment of Tournament Fishing), with SWB-organisers Christina Hurren and Kristen Noble committed to preserving the environment and keeping the fisheries healthy and strong. All barramundi caught during the tournament are tagged before being released to assist NT Fisheries with its research.

For more information, email: swbchallenge@gmail.com or go to the SWB facebook page here.

2015 2015 Club Marine Insurance Secret Women’s Business Barra Challenge
At last year's Secret Women’s Business Barra Challenge,Team Scoop It (left) was caught having way too much fun on their way to overall victory. Team Barra Babes (top) with their catch.

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