Fishing Closures at Fish Rock and Green Island

On Friday, January 28, NSW Minister Steve Whan announced changes to fishing regulations at Fish Rock and Green Island. And According to Chris Wallis, from Community Action for Fish Rock, his organisation is extremely disappointed with both the content and the timing of this announcement.

“If it had not been for the efforts of Community Action for Fish Rock group, more stringent regulations than these would have been implemented well before Christmas,” said Wallis. “Mr. Whan says he has listened to the community and stakeholders, but only because he was forced to. Until our group got involved, there had been no community consultation and none was planned.”

Wallis went on to explain that Fisheries own research shows that only one shark has died in recent times due to hook injury, so to suggest that accidental hooking is a key threatening process to the survival of the east coast population of the Grey Nurse is absolute rubbish.

“Not only was over $400,000 of fishing licence revenue used to finance this research, they still can not prove a single instance of accidental hooking at Fish Rock,” said Wallis.

Wallis pointed out that many hundreds of fishers come to South West Rocks and Hat Head specifically to fish for legal-sized Kingfish. Fish Rock is one of the few places in NSW where you can do this.

“Community Action for Fish Rock will continue to fight against these unnecessary regulations right up until the time they are reversed by the new Government,” said Wallis.

For more information, contact Chris Wallis on 0427 686 015.

Fishing Closures at Fish Rock and Green Island

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