Wiley Riley’s record barra

Nine-year-old Riley Vallance (pictured) from Lake Eacham, Qld caught a pending World Record 27.6kg barramundi at Lake Tinaroo, Qld on February 20 during the Mission Beach Game Fishing Club’s Barra Challenge.

Riley Vallance Last year, Riley drew media coverage when he caught a 24kg barramundi that could have been a world record, but no application was submitted. So Riley and his dad, Terry joined the Mission Beach Game Fishing Club so he could try for a record at this year’s Lake Tinaroo tournament.

When the competition began at 9:00pm on the night of February 20, Riley insisted on going out on the lake straight away, even though he was not a keen night-fisher. Fortunately, his enthusiasm paid off. One hour after setting out, Riley and his dad were trolling lures from their boat when Riley’s rod bent over. After a long fight, the magnificent 27.6kg barramundi was brought on board.

As the tournament was sanctioned by the Queensland Game Fishing Association, the capture can be claimed as Queensland and Australian records. The heaviest barramundi caught by any person (male, female or junior) in the Game Fishing Association of Australia’s record book is a 27.1kg fish in the Northern Territory on April 7, 1983. Riley will be claiming the Small Fry and All Tackle Division records.

A claim for a Small Fry World Record has also been submitted to the International Game Fishing Association in Florida, USA.

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