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Volume 16 Issue 3

This Cat Is No Pussy
The mark came up quickly, very quickly, I eased the boat into the turn, "steady", said Peter McGrath through the intercom as he adjusted the throttles to accelerate out of the turn and we headed to the next mark. A huge rooster tail fanned out behind the big pink monster. I chanced a glance at the GPS, it showed we were charging across Geelong Harbour at 120 knots. For landlubbers that is 216kph. In a car that's fast, on water it's bloody fast.


Pacific Sportfish - 6.2 Super Vee

For 20 years, Sportfish have been building some of the best fishing boats available - anywhere! Built tough, immaculately finished and invariably with thoroughly thought through and entirely fishing friendly layouts; Sportfish boats have a long history of not only being the standard by which so called 'plate' aluminium boats are judged, but of setting the standards - and continually re-setting them. Their popularity amongst the fishing fraternity is explained - and justified, in those few words.



Technical Article

One of the Few

In a sport where a person's status is judged by how many Sydney to Hobarts they have sailed in, Lou Abrahams is at the top of the list. In fact, if there was a royal family of sailors in Australia, he would be a senior member.

Publisher's Page

Our Biggest Issue Ever!

I, along with boat owners and most of the marine industry, have been waiting patiently (in some cases not so patiently!) on the outcome of talks between the Bombardier Corporation and Ferrier Hodgson, the current administrators of OMC Australia.



For information leading to the recovery of boats or equipment shown below.

Skiff Sailing

Riders on the Storm

An extreme sport. That's how 18ft skiff sailing will be seen when it bursts onto television screens across Australia, New Zealand and around the world in unprecedented fashion next summer.