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Volume 17 Issue 6

A Croc Called Casey
Most Top Enders have a tale or two to tell about encounters with crocodiles, some tall, some true. But our man in Darwin, Steve Timmons, once had a pet croc that loved TV snacks and actually ate out of a bowl. Well, we believe him and, besides, he has the photographs to prove it.



Catalina 350
Southwind Classic Dory
Stacer Seasprite
Stacer 455 SunFisher
Quintrex Coast Runners
Gladiator Bowriders



Henri-Lloyd Fashion Comes to Australia
Victory Binoculars
Burke Canvas Boat Shoe
Engel Fridge Freezer
Electronics Shock Absorber
Manoverboard 360
Snacks in the Sun
The Photographer, The Cook and the Fisherman
Ocean Warriors

Publisher's Page

Reaping Rewards

With just a few short weeks to go until Christmas, I am once again astounded at the rapid demise of yet another year.

Technical Article

How to Cross a Bar Safely

The holiday season is with us and many people with limited experience will contemplate crossing a bar over the coming weeks. Warren Steptoe has some expert advice.