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Volume 18 Issue 3

The Language of Dolphins
The seductive charms of dolphins can leave burly men teary-eyed or make a hardened cynic wonder at nature. Mysterious, playful, self-contained and sociable, how do you interpret these graceful but elusive masters of the sea? Kate Duryea discovers the body language of dolphins and what it means.



As has become the norm for one of Australia's most innovative and progressive boat builders, Quintrex's annual update brings several new models, plus a raft of changes aimed at enhancing safety and amenity right across their range.



Wildeye Curl Tail Minnows and Wildeye Swim Bait Shads are the latest addition to Storm’s soft plastic range.

Publisher's Page

BOTY - A Fitting Tribute

The announcement of the Whittley 660 as the Boat of the Year for 2003 at the recent Sanctuary Cove Boat Show came as quite a surprise to some. In an industry where there has been a gradual take-over of manufacturers by large corporations or shareholder driven multi-nationals, to have one of the few remaining family-owned Australian boat manufacturers produce a boat crowned Boat of the Year, is an achievement of some magnitude.

Stacer 525 Easy Rider

The traditional view of aluminium boats as rough, tough tinnies is seriously challenged by Stacer’s 525 Easy Rider optioned with a Ski Pack. Warren Steptoe explains.