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Volume 19 Issue 4

The Benchmark
Heroism can be defined in many ways. My dad always said true heroism is about being a responsible human being. Being responsible to oneself, to one’s work and to society. This aphorism, in combination with a high dosage of commitment and passion perfectly describes the Mornington Peninsula’s Volunteer Marine Rescue (VMR) service.


Streaker 5.45 Sirocco
Stacer Nomad Range
Haines Hunter 495
Jeanneau Prestige 34



Pains Wessex S4
Echo Fleece Jacket
RWO Quick Release Hook
Webasto Blue Cool
Majestic Global
Shimano Calcutta
Siewa Murena
Cummins' New Quantums
Squidgy Bluewater Garfish
Mob i-lert
Gloweave Sport

Publisher's Page

A Leading Level Of Commitment

The internet is truly re-shaping almost every aspect of our lives. It seems that there is no product or service that can’t be bought over the net. As a result, industries of all sorts are scrambling to ensure that they don’t fall behind in the e-sales race.

Technical Article

It's a Wrap

Round three of the series, staged on the Derwent River in Hobart was problem plagued for series leader, Bill Barry-Cotter and Peter McGrath in Maritimo Offshore. After discovering a leak in the fuel tank, Maritimo Offshore made a last minute switch from their ‘Aussie’ boat to the Lamborghini ‘European’ Maritimo.