You've put a small hole in your boat, its taking water, what do you do? If you had an Aquaplug on board you could quickly seal the hole and save the boat from sinking. The Aquaplug is a clear acrylic dome, which can be placed over a hole to seal it. The design allows it to mould itself to the shape of the hole on vessels of any material - wood, fibreglass, aluminium, steel and composites. It comes in its own carry bag and is easily stowed onboard.

Enquiries: Miro Enterprises.
Tel: (02) 9908 2688.

The Condor winch handle developed by Titan is a strong, lightweight handle like no other. Both racers and cruisers will like the design of the handle, which is manufactured from cast heat-treated aluminium covered with translucent synthetic rubber. The Condor joins the Titan range, which incorporates the Primary, Magnum and Carbon Viper winch handles.

Titan Australia,
Geoff Cropley.
Tel: (02) 9667 0418.

The Top Shot lipping gaff is ideal for the catch and release of small and large fish. It comes with its own lanyard and point protector and can be carried easily in a tackle box, a bag or attached to a belt for handy access. Manufactured from stainless steel the gaff's unique design has been university and field tested for strength and durability. Available in a range of colours in 32cm and 36cm lengths this lightweight gaff is essential equipment for serious anglers.

Top Shot Tackle Australia.
Tel: (08) 8346 8088.
Fax: (08) 8346 8166.

Sealand Vacuflush 500 Plus

Sealand Technology's new Vacuflush 500 Plus Series toilet features a deeper bowl, increased seat height and a quiet flush. The Hush Flush seat reduces the vacuum generated flushing noise by 70 per cent. Press the pedal lever and the vacuum evacuates the bowl instantly as fresh water rinses it clean, eliminating the usual odours of a saltwater flushing toilet. The 500 Plus Series uses about 600ml of water per flush - just a drop in the bucket compared to other systems and draws only four to six amps of current (at 12 Volts) per flush. By eliminating the accumulation of impurities and salt residue, the Vacuflush 500 Plus Series fresh water operation reduces maintenance requirements and extends the life of the system components significantly.

Enquiries: The Camec Group.
Tel: (03) 9799 6455.

Zodiac Liferafts

Multinational industrial group, Zodiac, is perhaps better known for its range of inflatable boats than its range of liferafts. Zodiac manufacturers a range of liferafts that are available in sizes to accommodate from four people up to 25 people. The rafts are constructed from either a polyurethane or PVC material, depending on their use, with three independent chambers, two are buoyancy tubes and the third is in the canopy arch. All rafts are fitted with a water ballast pocket that helps to stabilise the raft when boarding or in big seas and high winds.
The rafts also feature a retropanel, a water collecting device and are vacuum packed in a canister. They are available in a carry-on valise as well and prices start at $2650 including GST. Zodiac say that it only needs a nine kilogram pull on the painter to activate the CO2 bottle to inflate the raft in a little over 20 seconds. Zodiac liferafts are approved by AMSA, state marine boards and the AYF, and are available from marine dealers throughout Australia and New Zealand. Provided they are serviced annually, they carry a 12-year warranty.

Enquiries: Zodiac Group Australia.
Tel: (02) 9896 5755.
Fax: (02) 9896 5766.

Spray Pack Etch Primer

International's PA10 Vinyl Etch Primer is now available in a handy spray pack. This one-pack etch primer can be used as a metal pre-treatment and a primer on all metal surfaces. The PA10 spray pack applies the primer with a smooth, even coat that doesn't require sanding before applying the top coat. The etch primer can also be used on propellers, shafts and stern gear before applying antifoul.

International Helpline: 1800 251 431.

Fast Hand-Held GPS

MRL Electronics, a division of the Thompson Group that specialises in sophisticated defence equipment has released a hand-held GPs unit that puts serious military technology in the palm of your hand. The SP24 is perfect for sailors, fishermen, cyclists, four-wheel drivers and bushwalkers, in fact anyone involved in outdoor activities. For a recreational handheld GPs, the SP24 is fast and sensitive and performs just as well in enclosed glass boats, under a forest canopy and inside vehicles as it does in the open.
The unit has provision for 500 waypoints, with 20 routes of up to 20 waypoints each, track plotting up to 1000 points and 36 hours continuous operation. You'll never lose the instruction book as it is built into the unit so that it is always there when you need it.

Enquiries: Oceantalk.
Tel: 1800 029 948.

Major US Award to Yamaha

The Yamaha Motor Company has received the Innovation Award at the US Boating Week 2000 held in Orlando, Florida. Yamaha received the award for its F225A - the world's largest four-stroke outboard motor. The US Boating Week Innovation Awards are technical innovation awards given to the most outstanding products and technologies from among those submitted in 11 different categories, including boats, marine engine, electronics, nautical and marina equipment.
For this year's show some 100 products from 73 manufacturers were submitted. The design of the F225A adopts an 'in-bank exhaust system' that inverts the conventional exhaust layout to achieve a compact and lightweight engine. The F225A is expected in Australia soon.

Yamaha Motor Australia.
Tel: (02) 9757 0011.
Fax: (02) 9757 1384.

Magellan Upgrades DataSend

Magellan GPs Systems has released Version Two of its Australian DataSend CD ROM. Version Two is now more user friendly and packed with 40 categories representing 135,000 Points of Interest, making it the ideal companion when travelling for business or pleasure anywhere in Australia. Like the first version, the Australian DataSend features a large database of Australian waypoints, or Points of Interest (POIs), which can be selected and uploaded to Magellan's GPs 315 or GPs 320 receivers.
The POIs provided on the CD-ROM represents the most up-to-date digital topographic data available from government sources including all State Government and Federal Government mapping agencies. The Australian DataSend Version Two includes categories on fixed navaids, airports and landing strips, caravan parks, cities, towns, suburbs, shopping centres, parking facilities, post offices, parks, railway stations, schools, hospitals, cultural features, golf courses. Up to 18,500 POIs from a maximum of ten different categories can be loaded into the GPS315/320 receiver at one time. And it only takes a minute to transfer one thousand POIs to your GPs receiver.

Enquiries: Magellan GPs Systems,
Eddie Lennie.
Tel: (08) 9444 0233.