Licence plate lamp

Hella Australia has released a new licence plate lamp that uses LED (Light Emitting Diode) technology. The new product is multi-voltage capable, which means that trailers can now be fitted with a complete set of Hella LED lamps.
The introduction of the new product extends Hella's range of LED signal and marker lamps and eliminates low light performance because of voltage drop over long cables and bad connectors.
The unit is totally sealed against dust and moisture and meets international standards.The lens has a high tolerance to chemicals and washing fluids as well as increased impact resistance.

Enquiries: Hella Australia.
Tel: 1800 061 729.

New EFI four-stroke from Mercury

Mercury's new 115hp four-stroke model is the first four-stroke from Mercury to feature an EFI fuel system.
Suited to both fishing and family water sports, the model is 49.9kg lighter than some of its competitors. The outboard is an in-line, 1741cc four-cylinder with dual overhead camshafts and completely new crankshaft, connecting rods and piston design. It has four independent throttle bodies, an idle speed controller and a fuel cooler that improves petrol filling.
Mercury says that the new technology delivers 40 per cent less fuel consumption compared with standard two-stroke models and is fully compliant with 2006 EPA regulations.

Enquiries: Tel: 1800 818 000.

E-mail in your pocket

Most people in the business world use personal organisers regularly. But how about being able to send and receive e-mails from a mobile telephone or any phone in the world with a device no bigger than a personal organiser - even from a boat at sea.
This is a reality with PocketMail Composer an Australian innovation that works without any wires, modems or infrared beams. Leave your bulky computer at home, all you need is PocketMail Composer and the best part - it costs only $149. Club Marine is presently trialing the PocketMail Composer and so far we are impressed. More next issue.

Enquiries: PocketMail.
Tel: 1300 659 977.

Cummins power leg

Cummins South Pacific has released an hydraulic outboard leg for coupling to its high torque diesel engines in houseboats and commercial applications such as barges.
Cummins saw the need to develop a product that provided cost efficiencies as well as improved reliability and durability, so the company worked with Hydraulic Specialists Australia to design and introduce a new generation hydraulic leg.
The system, known as the Cummins Power Leg, provides propulsion by means of hydraulic drive from the diesel engine to the outboard-mounted leg.
The power leg is simple in design and construction. Just three hydraulic hoses connect the engine-mounted pump and the outboard leg, allowing a far greater degree of installation flexibility than was previously possible.

Enquiries: Julian Gascoine, Cummins Marine.
Tel: 07 5500 9063

Honda 225hp four-stroke

Honda is developing a new V6 four-stroke outboard that will produce up to 225hp. The unit, which is expected to be available in 2002, will be aimed at offshore saltwater applications as well as high-horsepower freshwater uses. The new model will be offered in both 200hp and 225hp versions.

Enquiries: Honda Marine.
Tel: (03) 9270 1111.

Compact multi-tool

The Multi-Plier 400 Compact Sport is a scale version of Gerber's full-size multi-tool. It is light and easy to carry and packs the same full-size tools in the handles as the Multi-Plier 600.
The Compact Sport has one-handed opening, needle nose pliers, wire cutters and crimper and seven locking components. The components include large and small screwdrivers, serrated drop point knife blade and a pair of Fiskars scissors.
The tool is made of stainless steel and comes in a basic cloth sheath with a suggest retail price of $89.50.

Enquiries: Leading hardware, camping and outdoor stores.

Simrad catalogue

The Simrad Marine Line Product Range Catalogue for 2001 is now available. The Catalogue features the up-to-date range of Simrad's latest offerings, which include autopilots, instruments, echo sounders, radar and GPS navigation systems.

Enquiries: Quin Marine, Tracy Brennan.
Tel: 1800 811 303.

Yamaha goes surfing

Surf Life Saving Australia has recently approved Yamaha's 25XMHS for use with inflatable rescue craft around Australia. The 25hp, two cylinder, two-stroke is the first Yamaha outboard to be created exclusively for use in surf. In the past the 25VMHS and 25GMHS motors used for surf rescue were standard models adapted for surf work.
In addition to its range of two and four-stroke motors and the new High Pressure Direct Injection system, Yamaha's special motors program produces unique products for specific applications.

Enquiries: Yamaha Motors Australia.
Tel: (02) 9757 0011.

Priming made easier

Below waterline priming has been made easier with the launch of International Paint's Primocon. Primocon is a tough, single-pack, aluminium pigmented primer that offers anti-corrosive properties. It is ideal for priming all substrates before applying International antifoulings and can be used as a sealer coat over old or unknown antifoulings that are in a sound condition before applying new product. The new formula is based on specially selected solvents, which reduce the odour and makes the product more pleasant to use. The solvent blend is also less aggressive on underlying coatings and reduces solvent attack and blistering problems.

Enquiries: International Helpline.
Tel: Australia 1800 251 431.
New Zealand. Tel: 0800 808 807.

New Generation MerCruisers

MerCruiser has started production of a new line of 6.2 litre and 8.1 litre V8 petrol engines. The MerCruiser MX6.2 MPI is available as an inboard, ski-boat inboard and a sterndrive, while four models in MerCruiser's new 8.1 litre range include the 496 Magnum, 496 Magnum HO stern-drives, 8.1S Horizon and 8.1S HO inboards.

Enquiries: MerCruiser dealers.
Tel:1800 818 000.