I, along with boat owners and most of the marine industry, have been waiting patiently (in some cases not so patiently!) on the outcome of talks between the Bombardier Corporation and Ferrier Hodgson, the current administrators of OMC Australia.

Paul WilsonIt had been hoped that an announcement was going to be made on 9 May indicating the direction that Bombardier would take, but the silence was deafening. I was however, able to speak with Tony Crawford of Ferrier Hodgson, who confirmed that 9 May had been nominated as a date that Bombardier would make an announcement, but unfortunately negotiations had not progressed far enough to allow an announcement to be made. He did indicate however, that talks were proceeding well and he was entirely optimistic as to their outcome.
He also indicated that Bombardier was progressively sorting out the OMC problems in other countries around the world, as in buying out the local operations and honouring existing warranties, and he felt that there is no reason why a similar approach would not or could not be taken in Australia. Perhaps the best news I heard was when Tony advised he was confident that within the next six months or so, the supply of spare parts and motors should have returned to normal.
For all concerned, let's hope so! The weather continues to perplex us all. As I write this in mid-May, Victoria and South Australia continue to be bathed in beautiful mid-year sunshine, whilst New South Wales, and the southern half of Queensland have been treated to what feels like months of torrential rainfall, and Western Australia enjoys superb warm weather as usual.
If you own a moored boat in one of our wetter locations I ask that you increase your regular inspections, as we have experienced a marked increase in boats sinking at their mooring. Batteries can only last so long and eventually bilge pumps will stop working! The publication of this magazine also coincides with the start of the Boat Show circuit. As usual I recommend the shows to you, - they really are the best way to see all that is available in boating under one roof. Now for those long-term readers of Club Marine Magazine, you will have noticed that this particular issue is quite a bit bigger than normal. In fact, it is the largest magazine we have ever published. We are extremely proud of the fact that the Magazine continues to go from strength-to-strength and this increase in page count is a reflection of this fact.
To further confirm our success, after a recent CAB (Circulations Audit Board) review, I can announce that Club Marine Magazine now has an audited circulation of 66,366. This makes the magazine you are holding the runaway leader in marine publications in Australasia. For that I thank you. Also in this issue we continue with part two of Bill Bachman's spectacular Murray River pictorial, we drive one of the fastest offshore racing power boats in the world, we sail a Volvo 60 and go cruising in New Zealand.
Enjoy the magazine and remember that your safety is our first priority.

Paul Wilson - CEO Club Marine Ltd