Instrument Housing

Raymarine's NavPod, now available in Australia, solves the problem of mounting and securing electronic units on boats.

NavPod housings are robust and stylish, designed so that instruments sit flush in their casings. Flexible mounting options means that instru-ments can be placed where they can be seen and easily reached.

The NavPod caters for a range of housing requirements for yachts and powerboats.

Oceantalk. Tel: 1800 029 948.

Koden LCD Sounder

According to Quin Marine's Graham Mills the Koden CVS-832 model is the company's most significant release for some time. With a 6.5in TFT colour LCD screen of 320 x 234 pixels, the unit offers excellent resolution day and night for pleasure craft and smaller professional fishing boats.

Unit output is 600W and the CV-832 offers dual frequency of 50/200kHz. In addition to its automatic operation, basic keys include shift position, image speed, VRM and alarm with gain, range scale mode and brightness set by front panel controls.

Enquiries: Quin Marine,
Graham Mills. Tel: (08) 8447 1277.

Brute Strength

For those who like fast sports boats and a lot of adrenaline mixed with their water, Yamaha has released the V-Max 200GETOL and 225FETOL that boast a whopping 2596 and 3130 cubes respectively.

The 200GETOL is a carburetted, 90 degree V6, 2.6 litre engine and the 225FETOL is an EFI, 76 degree V6, 3.1 litre and both are right up there with the largest and most powerful high performance outboards on today's market.

The V-MAX lower unit is a special cad cam design that allows for a longer, sleeker, bullet-shape for reduced hydrodynamics drag along with lowered engine cooling water intakes. The enhanced performance engine mounts are 22 per cent stronger and deliver reliable steering response during high-speed runs in rough water.

Enquiries: Yamaha.
Tel: (02) 9757 0011.
Fax: (02) 9757 1384.

Toss Another Prawn

Marine Barbecues has launched a new range of their marine barbecues in Australia. With the flexibility of the Galleymate and Entertainer range to be a barbecue, oven or stove, they can be used for a wide range of cooking. You can even bake a cake or cook a roast in them.

One of the features of these stainless steel barbecues is a unique fat collection system. The base of the unit is sealed except for a drain hole that allows fat or juices to be collected in a disposable container. There is a heatproof viewing window and they will not blow out in windy conditions.

There are five different sizes and they come in a variety of rail and transom mountings or they can be free-standing.

Enquiries: Marine Barbecues.
Tel: (02) 4982 9560.

Fish Tales

By Julian Pepperell

Do flying fish flap their wings? Why do many fish have stripes? How fast do fish swim? Do fish sleep? Marine biologist Julian Pepperell has put together a collection of 'fish stories', many from his own experiences, as he has investigated the mysterious world under the sea. Written in an easy style, the book will appeal to anglers, divers, students, and anyone interested in the sea and the teaming life beneath its surface. The author has been active in marine research for the past 20 years or so and has been one of the key organisers of the Australian gamefish tagging program. Fish Tales is published by Random House.

Yamaha F225A Four-stroke

When Yamaha released the F225A EFI four-stroke outboard, the company laid claim to the fact that the engine would be a major force in re-shaping the way boats were built and powered in the future.

This new outboard is not just a stretched version of a smaller engine; it is a first generation machine. To minimise weight and overall size, Yamaha has devised an in-bank exhaust system on the engine block. This technology reverses the intake and exhaust system layouts relative to a conventional four-stroke V6 engine. And accounts for the slim profile of the engine. Further space is saved in the cowling by the use of individual inside track fuel injectors.

The end result is an engine weighing just 269kg in the X-transom version, just 10 per cent heavier than equivalent two-stroke motors. For the first time boats over 6.0 metres will be able to fit EFI four-stroke power and benefit from the economy and power of this advanced motor.

Offshore fishermen as well as commercial and recreational owners who are looking for savings in fuel and clean running will derive benefits from this quiet running powerful outboard. Yamaha claim up to a 20 per cent saving in fuel compared with an equivalent two-stroke at cruising speed.

Enquiries: Yamaha.
Tel: (02) 9757 0011.
Fax: (02) 9757 1384.

Anchor Buddy

Attaching a weight to the anchor rope or chain to give the anchor more holding power in an exposed anchorage is nothing new. Mariners have been hanging weights off the anchor rode for centuries. But try attaching a weight in an emergency when you find yourself in a blow and the boat is trying to pull the anchor free from the bottom. It is no fun hanging over the bow with a shifter trying to shackle a weight to the line.

The Anchor Buddy is a modern version of the old weight and is design-ed to be attached to the anchor line in about a minute flat, without the need to juggle tools and shackles on a pitching bow. The weight rides down the line on its own pulley and there is no danger of a shackle chaffing the line.

The manufacturer says that the Anchor Buddy can reduce the load on the anchor by up to 50 per cent and it almost doubles the holding power of the anchor. The weight acts as a spring, even on chain, and ensures that the angle of the pull on the anchor is horizontal so it does not pull out. The weight also shortens the swing circle and reduces yawing and snubbing.

The Anchor Buddy is a very handy piece of kit to carry on large cruising boats - both power and sail - and could save a nasty accident if the boat is caught in an exposed anchorage.

Enquiries: NauTech Marine.
Tel: (02) 9153 0293.

Lowrance Price Slash

Lowrance Australia has announced a huge price reduction on one of its flagship models, the LCX 15ct. The price drop of around 30 per cent puts the price of the unit under $2000 and is the result of a recent decision by Lowrance in the United States to aggressively re-position some of its product to compete more effectively in the electronic market place. However, there will be no price reductions on the top of the range colour LCX-16ci and the mono LCX-15mt.

Lowrance Australia, Todd More. Tel: (02) 905 9700.


Winning Tackticks

Tacktick instruments take the guesswork out of sailing tactics. The system is mast-mounted and is easy to fit. The digital display gives the racing sailor all the information needed to put the boat on the right side of a windshift or when to make that race-winning tack.

The unit is powered by an integrated solar and rechargeable battery that does away with the need to run cables and the large, easy to read, displays include a tactical compass, speed, trim, race timer, windshifts and distance.

Enquiries: Oceantalk.
Tel: 1800 029 948.


480hp Cummins

Cummins South Pacific has released the 480C-E, a high power-to-ratio version of its C-series recreational marine engine. The 8.3 litre in-line engine, a derivative of the popular Cummins C450, delivers 480hp at its rated 2600rpm, with cruise output of 457hp at 2400rpm.

Torque is 930lb ft at rated rpm. The 480C-E has a new wastegated turbocharger, is IMO certified and features electronic control of the injection system for reduced emissions, optimised fuel efficiency and improved acceleration.

Electronic features include engine synchronisation, cruise control, dual idle switch, increment/decrement switch for idle and cruise settings, and diagnostic and system monitoring capability.

Cummins South Pacific,
Julian Gascoine. Tel: (07) 5500 9063.