MTU and Detroit Diesel Merge

Two of the leaders in heavy-duty diesel engine manufacture, MTU Australia and Detroit Diesel Australia have combined to form MTU Detroit Diesel Australia.

The announcement coincided with product and organisational updates of the key brands represented by the new company.

Under the DaimlerChrysler Powersystems Group, the new organisation offers a comprehensive range of products and brands such as MTU, Detroit Diesel, Allison Transmissions and VM Motori.

The new organisation also boasts a state-of-the-art technical centre at its Altona, Melbourne, facility. At the recent Fort Lauderdale Boat Show in Florida MTU presented a new, more powerful version of the 16-cylinder Series 2000 engine.At 1470kW (2000hp), the power output of the engine is around 10 per cent higher than its predecessor. The increase has been achieved by modifications to the fuel injection system and improved turbo-chargers.

Enquiries: MTU Detroit Diesel Australia.
Tel: (02) 8822 7000.

Ski Kits

Mercury Marine is currently offering a range of deals on selected water sports equipment such as full ski kits through participating dealers.

The ski kit includes US-made Xcelerator Combo skis, which feature easy fit and adjustable bindings for either doubles or slalom, Econo ski rope and Quicksilver Pro PFD3 vest.

The Xcelerator range also caters for junior skiers with lighter skis and fully adjustable bindings.

Also available is Mercury Marine's Extreme kneeboard, which features a semi-concave tunnel for easy starts, padded gripper moulded kneepad and fully adjustable strap.

Enquiries: Mercury Marine.
Tel: 1800 818 000.

GPS Clip-on for iPAQs

A Magellan GPS Clip-On will convert your iPAQ quickly to a fully functioning GPS receiver with map data. This general Australian map data, provided on a CD, can be transferred from a PC to show details of main roads, highways, railways, rivers, coastline, towns, cities and waypoints. More detailed data showing streets, unsealed roads, tracks and points of interest can be bought as an optional extra on a state-by-state basis.

The GPS Clip-On contains 12-parallel-channel technology providing fast position acquisition and tracking and attaches to the PDA via the PCMCIA card slot. For weather protection of both the iPAQ and the GPS, a specially designed Aquapac is available.

The inclusive Navigator software has all of the functions associated with a normal GPS receiver such as waypoints, routes, speed and more displayed on the large colour graphic screen. Coordinates are displayed in latitude and longitude or Australian Map Grid in the new Australian GDA 94 datum or Australian 84 datum. With the additional memory of an iPAQ the whole of NSW or Victoria with street level data can be uploaded.

The retail price of the GPS Clip On for iPAQs and Pocket PCs including GPS receiver, operating software and general map data for all of Australia is $750 (incl GST). State detailed map data costs $150 per state.

Enquiries: Magellan GPS Systems.
Tel: (08) 9444 0233.
Fax: (08) 9443 2598.

Duck Tape from Selleys

Most boating people will have either used or heard of gaffer tape and some of us who are a bit longer in the tooth will remember the original Duck tape.

Now Selleys has introduced the new Duck Power Tape that will handle those odd repair jobs that always need to be done on the boat, out fishing or when camping.

Selleys Duck Power Tape is a universal, strong, heavy-duty cloth tape that is sticky and waterproof. It resists high temperatures and extreme conditions and can be used on the boat, in the car, around the home, just about anywhere.

It has 1001 uses like mending a broken fishing rod, fixing a cracked bucket, repairing torn waders, repairing a sail, keeping rope ends from fraying, mending a garden hose and just bundling equipment together.

For just $4.95 (incl GST) Duck Tape is a must in all tool boxes. And if you are sick of scraping off the sticky residue left behind by ordinary masking tape when doing a paint job on your hull or around the home, try Selleys Duck specialty masking tape. It is a unique painter's tape with an advanced adhesive that doesn't damage paint when removed or leave behind residues.

The Selleys Duck Power Tape range is available from hardware stores, supermarkets, and paint outlets. The specialty painter's masking tapes are available from paint outlets.

Enquiries: Selleys.
Tel: Australia 1300 555 205.
New Zealand 09 820 4852

Serious GPS for the Outdoor Enthusiasts

Magellan has just released a new line of high-performance, waterproof handhelds that include the Meridian GPS, Meridian Gold, Meridian Marine and Meridian Platinum.

The Meridian series of GPS units is the first since Magellan was acquired by the giant defence company, Thales. Meridian receivers deliver five-metre accuracy with averaging and up to 16MB of extensive built-in Australian map data as well as a new rugged, ergonomic design, complete with a larger screen.

The four Meridian receivers offer different capabilities that extend from entry-level options to high-end navigation tools. Meridian Marine provides a 16MB Australian database that includes map data and marine navaids such as fixed navaids, buoys, obstructions, wrecks and lighthouses.

The Meridian Platinum offers the same 16MB Australian map database plus a barometer and a three-axis digital compass, which allows the serious explorer to have additional height reliability plus an accurate heading from the compass when standing still. The Meridian GPS offers a 2MB base map with a basic map of the Australian coastline, highways and cities plus a worldwide database of country boundaries and major cities.

Meridian Gold provides a 16MB Australian database of maps for coastline, highways, main roads, railways, towns, waterways and more. Each of the four Meridian models has extra memory capability using Secure Data Cards. These SD cards can be preloaded with the entire state in either a 16Mb or 32Mb card. These full-featured, PC-compatible, 12-parallel-channel receivers store up to 500 waypoints and 20 reversible routes with up to 30 legs.

Meridian receivers are also equipped with a quadrifilar helix antenna for high-quality satellite signal reception and fast position fixes. Meridian receivers weigh just 227g and have a handsome new ergonomic, rugged exterior with slip-resistant, waterproof, rubber armoring. The new larger-size, greyscale, backlit, display screen and keypad are easy to see in all lighting conditions.

Accessories include vehicle, bike and swivel mounting brackets, assorted power and data cables and a canvas carrying case.

Enquiries: Magellan GPS Systems.
Tel: (08) 9444 0233.
Fax: (08) 9443 2598.

Lowrance Replaces X-85

The Lowrance X-85 has been popular with fishermen needing a high performance fishfinder in a compact cabinet. For 2002 Lowrance has replaced the mid-range unit with the new X-91.

The new model retains 3000 watts of peak-to-peak power and the same resolution direct sunlight display. New features include advanced signal processing, selective on and off Fish ID with symbol-size matched to the size of the targets, selective target depth, continuous depth and depth scale readouts, programmable windows, multiple range split screen and automatic bottom tracking.

A new high-performance, low profile, transom-mount 200kHz Skimmer transducer with built-in temperature sensor comes standard with the X-91.

Enquiries: For your nearest Lowrance dealer call: (02) 9905 9700.

New Volvo Penta Engines for Yachts

Volvo Penta is launching new diesel engines for yachts and displacement powerboats.

The D2-55 is a new 55hp diesel engine in Volvo Penta's Compact Collection series and is designed to produce high torque even at low revs. The TAMD31S is a newly developed version of the 31 engine produced at Volvo Penta's Vara plant. The new 100hp engine is designed for large, relatively low-speed yachts and powerboats. The maximum rpm has been reduced from 3800 to 3000rpm, resulting in reduced vibration and considerably lower noise onboard.

This engine is also equipped with a new turbocharger that gives considerably more torque at lower revs. Both engines feature advanced combustion systems and can be combined with a range of transmissions and propellers. Volvo Penta's 220V electrical system has also been adapted for use with the new engines so that 220V power is available offshore.

Enquiries: Eastern Engine.
Tel: (07) 3899 1622.
Fax: (07) 3899 1045.
In Western Australia: Seapower Australia.
Tel: (08) 9335 9777.
Fax: (08) 9335 3233.

Atlantic 2200 Windlass

The Atlantic 2200 windlass is designed for vessels 12-15 metres and fills the gap between Muir's Atlantic 1250 and 2500 models.

It is fitted with a purpose-built, heavy-duty, reduction drive and series wound electric motor, a stainless steel shaft, bronze gears and cone clutch, heavy duty chrome plated bronze base, clutch tops and chain gypsies.

Other features include a self-aligning gear box/adaptor, which reduces installation time and distortion to the deck, and an integrated swivel chain pipe cover for quick access to the anchor locker without the need to dismantle the windlass.

The 2200 is designed to run rope/chain combination rodes or chain only and can be supplied with the unique rope chain management system. Available in low profile gypsy only model or independent capstan and gypsy model with the option of emergency manual operation.

Enquiries: Muir Engineering.
Tel: (03) 6229 5188.


Gerber MP 600 Fisherman

As the name implies the Gerber Multi-Plier 600 Fisherman has been designed specifically for fishing. When the action gets frantic a flick of the wrist will open the extra long plier jaws ready to remove the hook from a catch. The pliers can be used for general use also and there are heaps of features any serious fisher will find handy. There is the tungsten/cobalt carbide cutter for cutting tracer lines, three sizes of line splicing band crimpers, a carbide fish hook sharpener, a pair of scissors for cutting braided or fused line, two knives, a small screwdriver and the mandatory bottle opener.

The stainless steel MP 600 is not a toy it is a serious, robust, tool that will find many uses out on the water, fishing from the pier or from a river bank. At a retail price of around $220 the MP 600 is not cheap but for the price it has a lot to offer.

Enquiries: Tackle stores.


Henri-Lloyd Offshore Range

Henri-Lloyd has been pioneering the development of fabrics, garment design and product development for almost 40 years.

Henri-Lloyd recently launched the new TP3 Jacket and Hi-Fit Trouser, which won the 2001 Design Award METS (DAME) at the Marine Equipment Trade Show in Amsterdam.

The TP3 is the latest fabric development in Henri-Lloyd's offshore range. TP3 has direct lining for greater durability and wind resistance and has a highly breathable multi-layer coating, which incorporates both dry yarn technology and active liquid transmission to maximise water repellency and minimise condensation.

Henri-Lloyd also produce the TP3 Reflex smock, which features a full over-shoulder harness facility and the Pocket Organiser it stores mulit-tools and other objects in an easy to access secure fastening inner pocket with key clip facility.

Enquiries: Burke
Tel: (02) 9638 4333.