Ultimate Eye Protection

How often have you been caught out on a windy day with spray flying or rain pelting down and you have found it impossible to drive a powerboat or a PWC at speed. Ordinary sunglasses are no good, they tend to blow off and offer no protection at all. We have tried all sorts of goggles but none have been much use. Until we came across Kevin Barz at the Sanctuary Cove Boat Show. Kevin, who operates the Gold Coast-based Barz Optics, has developed a pair of special goggles for such conditions.

We have seen similar goggles in the US being used by PWC riders and water skiers. The Barz goggles are even better, so much so that they are now being exported to the US. The Barz goggles have high quality polycarbonate lenses with an anti-fog coating and come in a variety of colours to suit all conditions and an adjustable nose bridge. They come in a zip up carry bag, have a special coiled lanyard to keep them attached to a wetsuit or jacket even if they come off in a wipeout and there are special gaskets so that they can be used underwater. They are ideal for ocean racing yacht helmsmen as well. Prescription lenses can also be fitted.

Enquiries: Barz Optics.

Tel: (07) 5534 7500.


Yamaha Z250D

Yamaha has released the Z250D, a new two-stroke HPDI model developed from the current EFI 250B.

With High Pressure Direct Injection replacing the conventional injection system the pressure has increased to seven Mpa (980 psi). Other improvements include two pumps instead of one for higher output power, lower fuel consumption and cleaner running than previous HPDI models.

A larger cylinder bore has been included on the power head and the engine displacement increased by 200cm3, resulting in a total displacement of 3.3 litres and a 10 per cent increase in torque in the low and mid-speed ranges.

In addition to this Yamaha has also released the F200A, a smaller twin of the F225A, which utilises the same Yamaha electronic fuel injection system as the F115A and F225A to achieve clean emissions and stable low speed idling. The engine has the same revolutionary In-Bank exhaust system as the F225A and a high output alternator with a maximum rating of 45 amps to keep charging the battery even at low rpm.

Other main features include power delivery throughout the rev range and a lack of vibration and noise at any speed.

Enquiries: Yamaha.

Tel: (02) 9757 0011.


Storm's New Colours

Storm lures are available now in a new range of colours. Pictured top is the Saltwater Thunderstick 'Hot Bait' TSS12-802, 11cm long weighing 14 grams that swims between 0.9 and 1.8 metres.

Beneath the Saltwater Thunderstick is the 'Blue Bait' pattern on the Deep Thunderstick DTS21-801, which swims between 3.0 and 4.2 metres, is 11cm long and weighs 18 grams.

With the increasing demand from anglers for pink lures, Storm has released the 'Pinko' featuring a deep pink along the side with fine scale pattern, vertical stripes and bright orange underneath the lure. Deep Thunderstick, DTS09-800 and two sizes of Thundercranks, TC06-800 and TC08-800 are available in the new pink pattern.

Storm lures are sold in a re-useable box with a clear plastic lid and the range of retrieve depths for each lure is shown on the container.

Enquiries: Freetime Group Australia.

Tel: (02) 9793 2999.

Clarion's 2002 Audio Releases

Clarion has launched a number of new additions to its 2002 range, including a new subwoofer, remote control module and compatability models in Clarion's V-Net power amplifier range.

The CM2503 subwoofer speaker features a 10 inch (25cm) polypropylene Mid-woofer Cone with Sanoprene Surround, infinite baffle application and 300-watt power handling. It also meets ASTM B117 for salt/fog exposure and ASTM D4329 for UV exposure, and is suitable for exposed applications.

Clarion's M210RCS display remote control provides users with an information digital interface and meets salt/fog and UV exposure standards. It features a positive LCD display supported by a stainless steel bezel with instrumentation offering backlit illumination, ignition protected and rubber control buttons.

New to Clarion's 2002 range are three high-powered amplifiers designed for marine applications. The units are: V-NET 250, the V-NET 450 and the V-NET 5390.

Enquiries: Marine outlets.


Improved Formulas

International Paints has announced the reformulation of its popular range of varnishes, including Schooner, Perfection Varnish, Goldspar and Goldspar Satin.

The new Schooner formulation has enhanced UV filters for gloss retention and long lasting protection for both interior and exterior wood. Based on Tung Oil, Schooner has a deep gloss finish and is available in 500ml, one and four litre sizes.

Perfection Varnish is a premium two pack high performance clear varnish for wood requiring a tough finish. It is suitable for use both inside and out and provides UV resistance above the waterline. Perfection Varnish is now available in a 750ml ring clip kit and four-litre kit.

The Goldspar and Goldspar Satin are both single pack polyurethane resin-based formulas for both interior and exterior use. They are quick drying formulas, ideal when faster overcoating is required and also assists in minimising dust contamination. These new formulas also provide enhanced UV filters and are available in 500ml, one litre and 2.5 litre sizes with Goldspar also available in a 250ml size.

Enquiries: International Paints.

Tel: 1800 521 431 (Australia).

Tel: 0800 808 807 (New Zealand).

Yanmar's 75hp Sail Drive

Yanmar has expanded its sail drive propulsion system range to include the new 75hp 4JH3TCE model.

Powered by the diesel 4JH3-TE, a turbo-charged, four-cylinder, 1.995-litre direct injection, freshwater cooled engine produces a maximum output of 75hp at 3800rpm.

Yanmar has matched the engine to the new SD40-T drive leg unit, designed to accommodate propellers up to 18 inches in diameter.

With a dry weight of 260kg (engine and sail drive), the 4JH3TCE reduces vibration noise, and does away with alignment and stuffing box problems. It is fitted with a dual diaphragm to eliminate leakage and a sensor that sounds a warning to the cockpit should leakage occur.

Enquiries: Power Equipment.

Tel: (03) 9764 0711.


Most honest thieves will say that one of the greatest deterrents is noise. LockAlarm is a 2.4m cable lock powered by a nine-volt, high quality, battery that lasts between six to 12 months. When the cable is cut or the lock tampered with, the LockAlarm will sound a 120 decibel scream to alert owners. LockAlarm can also be used for securing bicycles, tools and other household items.

Enquiries: Anglyn Promotions.

Tel: 0438 646 981.

Fax: (08) 9447 0552.

Volvo's Expanded Range

With an increasing number of leisure craft being fitted with bow thrusters, Volvo Penta is now expanding its range further with hydraulic thrusters designed to supplement the existing electronically powered versions.

Volvo Penta has released two new hydraulic bow thrusters, the BP1000H and BP1500H, which are also available for mounting astern. The BP1000H has an output of 5kW and is suitable for vessels between 40 and 55 feet in length. The BP1500H has an output of 7kW and can be installed on vessels of up to 75 feet.

Volvo Penta's QL range of bow and stern thrusters has also been upgraded and the dimensions of the units reduced to ensure easy installation in confined spaces. The range of electrically powered bow propellers now includes two new models and is suitable for vessels between 22 and 70 feet. Stern-mounted propellers are also available in three models for boats between 30 and 70 feet.

Enquiries: Eastern Engine Pty Ltd.

Tel: (07) 3899 1622.