Publisher's Page

Paul WilsonTwelve months on and the horrors of 91101 still sit heavily in the minds of all who witnessed the shocking events that took place on that day. Little good has come from it, and as expected we all now live with daily reminders of how that day has changed our lives forever.

Fortunately these events have not overly affected boat ownership. Basically we can still enjoy a boating lifestyle without having to allow for an increase in security or a requirement for additional vigilance that is now a part of day to day life in the airline industry.

Let us hope it remains that way.

In the last issue of Club Marine magazine, I announced the launch of our newly developed interactive web site at I am now proud to announce that we have just released the latest upgrade of the site, which now offers an on-line renewal payment facility.

Over recent years we have realised that the vast majority of our policy holders actually renew their policies with little or no change to the policy information itself. In effect it becomes a very straight forward transaction. So by now offering an on-line renewal payment facility we hope to be able to make life just that little bit easier for all concerned.

To make things easier, we've already identified those policies capable of being paid on-line, so if you see the e-pay symbol on your next renewal or at the top or bottom of the page you're already halfway to enjoying the convenience of paying on-line, we're even putting together a few little surprises to tempt you to give it a go.

So check it out, you never know you just might find the whole experience quite rewarding.

In August I was once again fortunate enough to be able to head north to the beautiful Whitsunday's for what is becoming a bit of an annual migration for me, when I get to play journalist and cover the Hahn Premium Race Week held on Hamilton Island.

This was its nineteenth year and once again the event proved why it is now the biggest yacht racing event on the Australian yachting calendar. This year there were two boats in particular that were having their first hit-out and attracted a great deal of attention, Neville Crichton's mega-maxi Shockwave and Bob Oatley's radical hi-tech pocket maxi Wild Oats. Both owners saw Race Week as the perfect opportunity to trial their boats against world class opposition in an attempt to tune them and gauge their overall performance.

And let's not forget that the venue and location aren't half-bad either!

As they say in the classics "It's a hell of a job but..." well you know the rest. Look for the full story on page 16.

We are once again proud to bring you another bumper issue. We drive the new Riviera 47 from Sydney to the Gold Coast, sail Kay Cottee's magnificent limited edition 56 footer, the editor puts the Sydney 32 through its paces on Pittwater, we go kite surfing in Tahiti and in the first of a two-part series, Warren Steptoe has the good oil on minnow lures, plus many more articles for you to enjoy.

Enjoy the magazine and remember that your safety is our top priority.

Paul Wilson, Chief Executive Officer, Club Marine Ltd.