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<TD valign="TOP" colspan="2"> <p align="center"><b class="sub">Southwind
SC640 in Production </b></p>
<p class="text"> The Southwind SC640 was intended to be a one-off
boat put together by Southwind staffers as a factory team fishing
boat that included the team&#8217;s wish list. </p>
<p class="text"> A lot of other anglers shared their ideas so it wasn&#8217;t
long before the SC640 went into production. It is now available
through all Southwind dealers.</p>
<p class="text"> The SC640 uses the SF640 hull, which is powered by
a single F200A four-stroke, and the performance is very much in
line with the twin F115A powered SF640. Most drivers will be impressed
by the low noise, low vibration and acceleration.</p>
<p class="text"> The console unit is large enough to house a sleeping
area, or shelter for three or four people. It also takes a Porta
<p class="text"> The helm area allows flush mounting of sounder/GPS
mapping packages, radio and gauges. A deeply padded bolster on the
forward and side coamings allows anglers to carry the fight all
the way around the boat.</p>
<p class="text"> Experienced drivers who have driven the centre console
and cabin versions of the 640 hull, say that the centre console
is a marginally better performer than the cabin boat &#8211; and
that was considered by most to be a classic Australian-designed
<p class="text"> Southwind, Geoff Martin. Tel: (02) 4389 1893.</p>
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<TD valign="TOP" colspan="2"> <p class="sub" align="center"><b class="sub">New
Plate Alloy Dinghy from Trailcraft</b></p>
<p class="text"> Designed for the person who wants a tough, low cost,
fishing platform, the 4.3 Open is built from 3.0mm plate alloy with
a sealed self-draining deck.</p>
<p class="text"> The 4.3 features Trailcraft&#8217;s Sure Ride hull,
which is very stable at rest. It is extra wide with a beam of just
over two metres and is designed for inshore fishing and to be powered
by 25hp to 50hp outboards. The overall length on a trailer is 5.85
metres. The 4.3 Open is priced from $13,750.</p>
<p class="text"> Trailcraft: Tel: (08) 9480 9435.</p></td>
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<p class="intro" align="center"><img src="MG18-1+Boatlines/$FILE/blines13.jpg" width="400" height="230"></p>
<p class="intro" align="center">&nbsp;</p></td>
<TD colspan="2" valign="TOP"> <p class="intro" align="center"><b class="sub">Whittley
Cruiser With Outboard</b></p>
<p class="text"> The Whittley Cruiser 660 was launched onto the Australian
market during last year&#8217;s boat show season in a standard sterndrive
configuration. Although the craft gained immediate acceptance Whittley
identified a market for an outboard version. </p>
<p class="text"> The mouldings around the stern needed modifying to
accommodate the outboard but the interior remains the same. The
660 features a hardtop cabin with sliding sunroof, fully appointed
galley complete with stainless steel sink, Flickmixer tap, cook
top, upright fridge/freezer. There is also a separate bathroom with
shower, marine toilet, hand basin and toiletry cabinet. The sleeping
accommodation is on a two-plus-two basis. The craft comes with a
load of boating accessories and the necessary gear for a family
fun weekend.</p>
<p class="text"> Whittley Marine Industries. Tel: (03) 9465 1644.</p>
<p class="text"> E-mail: <a href=""></a></p>
<p class="text"> Website: <a href=""></a></p></td>
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<p class="intro" align="center"><img src="MG18-1+Boatlines/$FILE/blines14.jpg" width="400" height="400"></p></td>
<td colspan="2" valign="TOP"> <p class="intro" align="center"><b class="sub">Stealthy
Fishing Boats </b></p>
<p class="text"> For some time Southwind has been developing the top
end of its range of fibreglass boats and has also established a
budget range in the Classic Series to complement its top of the
market Platinum models.</p>
<p class="text"> Now the focus is on the bottom end of the range,
where the company has developed three new models based on its recent
cuddy cab SF500. The hull has been used to create a series of models
aimed at the bass/barra, inshore sportfishing and estuary/bay markets.</p>
<p class="text"> The Dory comes in a basic form, which suits fly fishers,
and there is a range of options available including a large carpeted
forward casting platform with storage under. </p>
<p class="text"> The hull is rated to a maximum 60hp, four-stroke
and 70hp two-stroke.</p>
<p class="text"> The Centre Console version can be purchased in a
basic form with optional refinements such as padded coamings, helm
seat/icebox, targa top with rod holders and all the other goodies
to produce a good looking sports boat.</p>
<p class="text"> The hull is rated for 100hp four-stroke or a 90hp
two-stroke. The Stealth is the final version of the trio. A side
console aimed fair and square at the fishing market.</p>
<p class="text"> As the name implies, a solid fibreglass hull with
under-floor foam and heavy deck carpet makes this an exceptionally
quiet boat. Fishermen will find that they are able to work comfortably
right to the sides of the forward casting platform without compromising
<p class="text"> The options list available for the basic Dory and
Stealth are such that a customer can choose the price point at which
they want to purchase a boat customised to the level they require.</p>
<p class="text"> The availability of the trio now gives serious sportfishermen
an option in the choice of either a fibreglass or aluminium rig.</p>
<p class="text"> Southwind, Geoff Martin. Tel: (02) 4389 1893.</p>
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<p class="intro" align="center"><img src="MG18-1+Boatlines/$FILE/blines9.jpg" width="400" height="340"></p></td>
<td colspan="2" valign="TOP"> <p class="intro" align="center"><b class="sub">The
Next Generation &#8211; An Italian Stunner </b></p>
<p class="text"> Pershing call their new 76 footer the &#8216;Flagship
of the Next Generation&#8217;. When it was unveiled at last year&#8217;s
Genoa Boat Show, the design and elegance of this innovative craft
caused a stir among the visitors to the Pershing stand.</p>
<p class="text"> The Pershing 76 is revolutionary in its layout with
the upper saloon divided into three separate areas. The helm station
is screened by a semi-transparent partition, there is a living area
with an ample semi-circular sofa and a brand new feature, a dining
area with a modern extendable glass table.</p>
<p class="text"> The arrangement and use of the interiors below-deck,
also expresses a new, even more exclusive and comfortable concept.
This revolutionary layout includes sleeping quarters that are completely
independent of the dinette/galley, thus protecting the master cabin
and the guest cabin from bothersome noise and smells. This new arrangement
has done away with the lower dinette to make room for a stern galley
with direct access to the crew area and engine room. </p>
<p class="text"> Another independent access leads from the upper saloon
to the sleeping quarters, composed of a full beam master cabin,
a VIP cabin forward and a cabin with twin-berths, each with an en
suite. A four-cabin version is also available and has been the most
popular with the customers who have already placed orders.</p>
<p class="text"> Two 16V 2000 M91 MTU diesel engines, that push out
2000hp at 2300rpm, power the 76-footer. </p>
<p class="text"> The craft also features an aft hangar that can house
a 3.5-metre tender and a jetski, both of which can be launched and
towed by an electrohydraulic davit.</p>
<p class="text"> Yacht Italia. Tel: (02) 9969 8577.</p>
<p class="text"> Website: <a href=""></a></p></td>
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<p align="center"><img src="MG18-1+Boatlines/$FILE/blines3b.jpg" width="400" height="178"></p>
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<td colspan="2"> <p class="sub" align="center"><b class="sub">Halverson
<p class="text"> Halversons have announced plans to build a 28 foot
cabin cruiser reminiscent of the style they have made famous over
many generations of boating. </p>
<p class="text"> To be built in Nowra by Sydney Yachts International,
the new craft will incorporate modern fibreglass construction technology
and is designed to be low maintenance.</p>
<p class="text"> Powered by a standard 100hp Yanmar diesel engine,
it will be an eight to nine-knot boat, but its hard chine hull design
will allow the fitting of bigger single or twins for higher speeds.</p>
<p class="text"> With an 11ft 6in beam, the boat will be roomy with
a large &#8216;up&#8217; galley, a bar, a door to the side deck
adjacent to the helm station, a well designed head and shower, large
hanging locker, vee-berths and dual convertible L-shaped lounges
in the cockpit with individual tables.</p>
<p class="text"> According to Harvey Halverson, the 28 is the smallest
boat the company has built for many years. &#8220;She will be a
boat to suit a family or retired couple and should fill a void in
the market,&#8221; he said.</p>
<p class="text"> Price is expected to be around $250,000.</p>
<p class="text"> Harvey Halverson. Tel: (02) 9457 9011.</p>
<p class="text"> E-mail: <a href=""></a></p></td>
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<div align="center"><img src="MG18-1+Boatlines/$FILE/blines4.jpg" width="400" height="375"></div></td>
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<td colspan="2"><p class="sub" align="center"><b class="sub">Dolphin
620 Long Boat</b></p>
<p class="text"> The Dolphin 620 Long Boat is now available in Victoria
and Tasmania. Designed for the serious fisherman, the 20-foot Flexihull
Dolphin 620 is a rotary moulded Polyethylene long boat. The construction
makes the hull unbreakable, lightweight and osmosis free. It requires
no painting and is highly UV resistant and if left in the water
it doesn&#8217;t require anti-fouling.</p>
<p class="text"> With a 60hp Mercury Big Foot Outboard installed it
will travel at 32 knots regardless of load. </p>
<p class="text"> The Dolphin 620 is a bullet proof work horse ideal
for commercial fishermen, abalone divers or as a general work boat.</p>
<p class="text"> Magnit Marine, Graeme Cole. Tel (03) 5977 3999.</p>
<p class="text"> E-mail: <a href=""></a></p></td>
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<td height="30" colspan="2"> <div align="center"><Hr></div></td>
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<div align="center"><img src="MG18-1+Boatlines/$FILE/blines1.jpg" width="400" height="171"></div></td>
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<td colspan="2" class="text"><span="sub"><p align="center" class="sub">Hard Top
<p> <span class="text">Gold Coast-based Mustang Cruisers will release
a hard top version of their 4600 Mirage Sports Cruiser early this
year. And later in the year there will be a flybridge option, called
the Sunbridge, available. </span></p>
<p><span class="text"> The 4600 is powered by twin Volvo 480hp, diesel
V-drives, which give it a top speed of around 30 knots. Some of
the features that come as standard include an hydraulic swim platform,
hydraulic engine hatch, three LCD flat screen TVs, surround sound
and DVD system and an electronics package with radar, GPS and autopilot.</span></p>
<p><span class="text"> Mustang has also recently extended their five-year
structural warranty to 10 years &#8211; a first in the industry.</span></p>
<p><span class="text"> Mustang Cruisers. </span><span class="text">Tel:
(07) 5571 7255.</span></p>
<p><span class="text"> Website: <a href=""></a></span></p></td>