Bermuda Cutting Board

Bermuda Fishing Essentials has released the one-piece Deluxe Cutting Board.

The board can be fitted with a drain to keep the working surface clean and according to Bermuda Fishing Essentials Product Manager, Anthony Cook it “can securely hold up to four rods without bothersome moving parts.”

The Deluxe cutting Board features smooth edges, room for storage underneath and two built-in drink holders. Made in one piece and UV stabilised the board comes with legs and an optional bait tray.

Enquiries: Mercury Marine.
Tel: 1800 114 900.

SI-TEX Ultima

For boat owners looking for a full-featured VHF that fits into tight spaces and budgets, the Ultima VHF radio from SI-TEX is worth considering.

The Ultima provides 25 watts of transmitting power and receives all channels. It scans at three channels-per-second, automatically stopping at any active channel.

The programmable memory scan feature allows the user to select channels to be scanned, adding and deleting as necessary.

It features a LCD backlit display that is large and easy to read, a keypad that includes channel 16 priority key, an up/down channel selector, an international mode key and a HI/LOW 25W/1W power key.

The Ultima is housed in a waterproof case with a waterproof Mylar speaker and measures 13.7cm wide, 5.38cm high and 11.2cm deep.

Available with a universal mounting bracket or flush mounting kit, The SI-TEX Ultima VHF radio comes with a one-year warranty.

Enquiries: Quin Marine.
Ph: (08) 8447 1277.

New Three-blader from Volvo Penta

Following the success of the three-bladed folding propeller for yachts and small power boats, Volvo Penta has upgraded the propeller in a nickel, bronze and aluminium composite. Called Nibral the technology has been available in propellers used by very large commercial ships for more than 50 years. It is much stronger than conventional materials and has better corrosion properties.

Vovlo Penta has introduced the Nibral propeller to the small boat market in the three-bladed and the new four-bladed propellers. According to Volvo Penta, it is not necessary to anti-foul Nibral propellers or use lanolin as has been necessary with the previous models.

Club Marine is presently trialling a Nibral propeller on a boat on the Gold Coast.

When the three-bladed propeller first came on the market about five years ago we fitted one to an ocean racing yacht to replace a standard two-blader. It made a marked difference to the performance of the boat, not only did it provide better control, especially in reverse when under motor but the drag when sailing was also noticeably reduced. Since then many serious yachties have fitted the propeller to their boats.

We will keep you posted on how the new Nibral three-blader performs.

Enquiries: Eastern Engine.
Tel: (07) 3902 5444.

Siewa Barracuda Chartplotters

The Barracuda is the latest addition to the Seiwa range of GPS/chartplotters.

Featuring a sunlight viewable 16:9 (aspect ratio) colour display and newly designed 200MHz processor, both the Barracuda and Barracuda IGPS offer all the latest in C-Map NT+ charting and instant screen changes by one-touch hot keys.

The Barracuda’s screen amplification offers skippers the experience of maximum forward viewing of the set course and a mode selection includes full-screen chart, split screen chart, full-screen chart plus graphic depth, 3D runway, satellite status, GPS position in large digits and cross-track display.

The adjustable screen palate colours allow greater definition of the daylight viewable, night vision or classic blue/brown settings on the seven-inch wide Active Matrix Colour LCD (480 x 234 pixels resolution).

Other features include a programmable anti-grounding alarm, optional colour coding of recordable waypoints, 25 reversible routes and 1000 trackpoints.

Enquiries: Coursemaster
Tel: (02) 9417 7097.

Magellan Chartplotters

The Australian launch of the Magellan FX324 Colour and the FX324 Grey Scale Chart Plotters is the first release of the new Magellan technology.

Magellan’s Secure Digital (SD) Memory technology gives the plotters almost unlimited transferable memory, with SD cards capable of holding up to 128mb of memory. An entire XL Marine Chart can be stored on a non-propriety low cost memory platform. As a bonus these SD cards holding the chart data can be quickly moved from the large format FX324 chart plotters to the more portable smaller format hand-held Magellan receivers such as Meridan Marine or Platinum.

Magellan’s marine charting and land mapping use the same Magellan data format, the FX324 series plotters can be used for marine and 4WD usage.

Magellan’s FX324 series plotters use the most up-to-date, detailed marine charting available from Magellan’s MapSend BlueNav. Sold separately the MapSend BlueNav charts deliver larger, more detailed coverage areas through preloaded SD memory cards available in local or XL sizes, which can be purchased from a Magellan dealer. The BlueNav charts are designed for both FX324 plotters and Magellan’s line of hand-held receivers including the SporTrak Pro, Meridian Marine, Meridian Gold, Meridian Platnium and Meridan Colour.

Tidal functions and heights are also available for hundreds of ports both in Australia and worldwide and the FX324 plotters can be run in parallel Slave and Master mode with common navigation data run simultaneously on two units.

The FX324 Colour delivers a five-inch backlit 320 x 240 pixel advanced 16-colour TFT screen to provide vibrant colour charting navigation. The chart plotters have a waterproof case that houses a 12 parallel-channel receiver and an internal Quadrifilar helix antenna for superior satellite reception in open boat installations with an optional external high-performance antenna.

A backlit, alphanumeric keypad and cursor provide exclusive Direct Access technology for fast access to all GPS settings, navigational functions and plotter features – including pop up windows for waypoint and navigational aids descriptions.

Enquiries: Magellan GPS Systems.
Tel: 1800 644 033.

Shimano Squidgies

Most fishos know that snapper eat lures, particularly soft plastics, but their bottom-dwelling lifestyle can make presenting a lure to them difficult at times.

Michael Torok of Otto’s Fishy Business in Drummoyne, NSW, has come up with a simple solution to the problem.

On a day when opposing current and wind made fishing floating baits all but impossible, Michael rigged a pair of green 11gram 3/0 Fish Head Jigs with Golden Eye Fish tails on a dropper rig above a snapper sinker. He dropped it to the bottom and simply left the outfit sitting in a rod holder. The light swell kept the jigs lifting and falling and the result – a silver trevally, four Samson fish and two snapper.

Fishing Squidgies on the deep reefs may be the next area of development for these lures.

Enquiries: Dunphy Sports/Fishing Imports Pty Ltd.
Tel: (02) 9526 2144.


Lowrance LCX-104c

Lowrance has introduced a new high resolution wide screen sounder/GPS/mapping combination, the LCX-104c, designed for operators of blue water game boats.

The 26.4cm colour full VGA liquid crystal TFT display is high bright, sunlight viewable with 640 x 480 pixels.

The set accepts two multi-media cards through waterproof front loading doors to record/replay sonar graphs and GPS trip details and to load detailed Navionics charts.

This model is available in its most basic form as a fish finder and transducer. GPS and mapping elements are optional.

The deep water performance of the sonar function is a major feature of the LCX-104c. The standard transducer is a 50/20 kHz dual frequency skimmer with built-in surface temperature probe. It operates at 500 watts RMS at 200 kHz and 600 watts RMS at 50 kHz.

A new and unique feature of the model is the ability to set window sizes using the arrow keys to resize and split screens.

Features include FishReveal, which uses a form of negative image to highlight fish returns buried in surface clutter, thermocline and other cover. HyperScroll locates and displays fish targets at high boat speed.

This model is capable of interfacing with any brand of autopilot. Optional sensors are available to monitor temperatures of a live well and bait well and there is also a trolling speed and log function option.

Enquiries: Lowrance, Todd Moore.
Tel: (02) 9905 9700.


Humminbird introduce the new Matrix Fishing System with WeatherSense, which allows anglers to monitor barometric pressure through their fishfinder.

WeatherSense can be used in conjunction with all of the Matrix Fishing System units, including the Matrix 55 and Matrix 65 GPS/Sonar combination units.

It will record a history of the barometric pressure for the last 12 hours. By using the barometric trends, the WeatherSense gauge can display a projected weather forecast in icon format on screen.

Barometric pressure changes affect fish feeding activity and catching fish under these conditions requires different techniques than those used in normal conditions. Understanding and forecasting barometric conditions can play a major role in determining an angler’s success.

WeatherSense is available as a component of the new Matrix fishing systems.

Enquiries: Bob Littler Agencies.
Tel: (07) 3890 1690.

Burke Pro Race

When the new Pro-Race shoe came back from the designers the team at Burke was pretty excited.

Incorporating the latest technology in marine performance footwear, the Pro Race shoe is a lightweight, hardworking shoe that works to reduce aqua planing and gives greater wet grip traction.

The Pro Race is made from marine grade leather with polyester mesh, allowing the foot to breathe and features a soft compound hi-grip sole and a razor cut tread with 20 drainage outlets on each sole.

Enquiries: Burke Pty Ltd.
Tel: (02) 9638 4333.

Living Air

To achieve the ultimate in air purity which goes beyond traditional air filtering methods Living Air has introduced two new portable air filter units.

The BORA is perfect for larger boats, apartments and musty bathrooms, is self supporting or can be wall mounted. For complete portability the PEAK unit is ideal for boats, cars, vans or RVs and comes with both 12 volt DC and 240 volt adaptors.

Designed to reduce the amount of smoke, pollens, dust and mould spores in your environment and the air you and your family breathe.

The units can filter areas from two to 50 square metres depending on the severity of pollution, humidity and temperature present.

Enquiries: Living Air
Tel: (02) 9566 1551 or Mob: 9566 1551.