Extreme Clothing

As the days get cooler, Shimano has a range of clothing options to keep you warm.

The Shimano polarfleece sleeveless zip-front vest is ideal for those summer days when a southerly change comes through or for adding another layer of insulation when worn under a spray jacket.

Shimano’s waterproof jacket features a non-sweat liner, ventilated back, a concealed hood, three internal and three outer pockets and an adjustable hem.

For added warmth, Shimano offer their reversible jacket, with contrasting and reversible polarfleece lining, chunky nylon zip, contrast piping, covered zip pockets, adjustable cuffs and contrast collar. The jacket is available in the traditional blue or beige with navy lining.

All garments are available in sizes, S, M, L, XL and XXL.

Enquiries: Dunphy Sports/Fishing Imports.
Tel: (02) 9526 2144.

Okuma Quadra Spinning Reels

Okuma has released its Quadra series of spinning reels. They come in four sizes and feature a drive train with four ball bearings, an anti-reverse bearing, 4.5:1 gear ratio and a brass pinion gear.

Other features are a large counterbalanced handle with a soft touch grip, a smooth front drag with felt washers, bail arm with an oversize line roller, a reinforced graphite body and rotor with gloss black finish and a machined aluminium long stroke spool with a vented skirt.

Spool capacities range from 190 metres of three kilogram line for the QF-30 up to 340 metres of eight kilogram line for the QF-80. The QF-60 has a capacity of 255 metres of six kilogram line.

Quadra reels are built with the standard Okuma features including the RES balancing system for smoother retrievals with less vibration.

The reels come with a five-year warranty and nation-wide spare parts service.

Enquiries: Fishing tackle stores.


Safety Strobes

The SM-2 and 566, designed and manufactured by ACR Electronics Inc., have received a series of improvements.

Now brighter with a minimum of three candela of light intensity in all directions, the SM-2 exceeds that latest USCG and international SOLAS requirements.

At their brightest points, the SM-2 and 566 produce eight candela of intensity and a new microprocessor controlled design ensures a steady flash rate of 60 flashes per minute, a longer strobe life and increased efficiency to run brighter for a minimum of 60 continuous hours.

“We kept the best of the SM-2 and 566 and augmented them with the best that today’s technology has to offer”, said Paul Hardin, executive

vice president of sales for the Fort Lauderdale-based ACR Electronics. “The top cap and strobe module are now moulded from polycarbonate for improved compatibility and durability. The light lens can withstand a direct drop onto concrete without cracking. Ribs were added to the light’s bracket to improve its strength and stability.”

Both the SM-2 and 566 have been drop-tested from a height of 30 metres. The strobe module has been made waterproof to a depth of 61 metres.

Operating on a six-volt screw-post, lantern-style battery, the SM-2 and 566 measure 35.0 x 12.0cm and weigh 862g without battery and 1.5kg with battery.

Enquiries: RFD Australia.
Tel: 1800 646 086.

Pains Wessex Product Registration

Pains Wessex has launched a unique product registration service for customers who purchase Pains Wessex marine distress signals or one of their EPIRBS.

When a boater purchases any Pains Wessex EPIRB or flare, they are invited to register their purchase on line at www.safetyregister.com.au.

When registered, boats will receive a reminder that their flares are about to become out of date, or in the case of an EPIRB, the battery is due for replacement.

Enquiries: Pains Wessex Australia.
Tel: (03) 9885 0444.

2004 Eagle Range

Lowrance has introduced eight new models in its 2004 Eagle Range.

The new Cuda 240 Sonar/GPS plotter has a 240 x 132 pixel mono screen and 16 levels of grey scale. The 12 parallel channel GPS receiver/antenna is built-in to make the unit compact and includes 800 watts of peak-to-peak power and a 200kHz skimmer transducer to give 60 degrees of coverage.

Eagle has also revamped most of its mid-range products including the FishMark 320 fishfinder, which will be available in portable form with a Porta-Power case and suction cup mounting skimmer transducer.

Starting with the new FishMark 480 all models will feature 480 x 480 pixel Film SuperTwist display with 16 levels of grey scale, 1500 watts of power and fish finding features such as FishReveal, HyperScroll, ASP and Greyline.

For those looking for a more powerful combination unit, there is the FishElite 480 Sonar/GPS Mapping Combo, which has a waterproof front-loading drawer and will accept any Navionics charts that can be displayed as a full screen or as an adjustable split screen with sonar readout. This model also has the same fish finding features of the 480.

The IntelliMap 480 Recording GPS/Mapping features a 480 x 480 display and allows the user to see fine details on data-intensive Navionics charts with all options and depth contours selected. The memory can store up to 100 routes (with 100 waypoints per route), 10 plot trails and 1000 waypoints/event markers. The unit also includes 37 selectable map ranges and is housed in a waterproof case.

The SeaFinder Sonar and SeaCharter Sonar/GPS/Mapping will be available in dual frequency models for bluewater work. Both models will output 4000 watts of peak-to-peak power (500 watts RMS) and operate at 50/200 kHz.

Enquiries: Lowrance.
Tel: (02) 9905 9700.

Shimano Baitcasters

Shimano have added three new bait casters to their range.

The Callisto CSO 100 features two A-RB ball bearings a 6.2:1 retrieve speed, a line capacity of 250 metres of three kilo line, Super Stopper and Assist Stopper, and an easy to use dial-up magnetic cast system.

Based on previous model, Crestfire CR100 D comes with three A-RB ball bearings, a line capacity of 250 metres of three kilo line, a retrieve speed of 6.2:1, a magnetic cast control system and infinite anti-reverse via Super Stopper and Assist Stopper.

At the top end of the price scale is the Coriolis CO 100E. It features three A-RB bearings and one roller bearing, dial-up magnetic cast control system, a metal spool, magnetic cast control and Super Stopper and Assist Stopper. It holds 250 metres of three kilo line and has a 6.2:1 retrieve speed.

Enquiries: Dunphy Sports/Fishing Imports.
Tel: (02) 9526 2144.

Navman 7000 Series

Navman have entered the VHF market with the release of their 7000 Series VHF radios and 1700 series antennas.

The VHF 7000 and VHF 7200 come with an LCD display, which allows the user to view channel information, boat latitude and longitude, local time and boat speed, when connected to a GPS.

The 7200 model uses digital graphing technology to display and record current barometric pressure and temperature readings. Rapid changes in pressure are monitored from data gathered over a 24-hour period and the predicted weather is shown with five on-screen weather icons.

This model is also a fully-featured DSC (Digital Selective Calling) Radio. In regions where the DSC transmissions are monitored, a distress call can be transmitted at the push of a button with the boat position and time (when connected to a GPS) vessel ID and nature of distress. Navman’s 7200 also uses this technology to deliver the Track-Your-Buddy and position polling feature where a boating friends position can be tracked if they are similarly equipped with a DSC radio connected to a GPS.

Navmans’ VHF communication package is complemented with a range of Pacific VHF antennas that feature a ‘quick-fit’ mount system. The design incorporates the cable into the mount assembly so that the antenna can be unscrewed from the mount and removed from the boat leaving the cable in place.

All radios come standard in a fully waterproof case with a flush-mount system and suncover.

Enquiries: Navman.
Tel: (02) 9818 8382.
Website: www.navman.com

Mercury’s Project X Unveiled

Mercury Marine has finally revealed details of its much talked-about Project X.

The wraps came off the new family of sophisticated engines at the recent Miami International Boat Show in the United States.

Now called Verado, the new range, as we predicted last year, is the first production outboard to feature a supercharger.

As an in-line six-cylinder with a displacement of 2.6 litres, Verado will initially be available in the US in 200, 225, 250 and 275 horsepower models. At the top of the range, the new Verado 275hp model now becomes the world’s most powerful four-stroke outboard.

George Buckley, CEO and President of the Brunswick Corporation said: “Six years ago we set out to create something that could almost not be imagined.”

The Verado range will be released at the Sanctuary Cove Boat Show in May.

Enquiries: Tel: 1800 114 500.
Website: www.mercurymarine.com.au

Graphic Display for ST60

Designed for mid-sized yachts and powerboats, Raymarine’s ST60 now includes a Graphic Display to enable the user to access information for all components instantly.

The 84 x 64 pixel LCD displays up to four lines of data together with graphics and ‘rolling road.’ Single, split and quad screen options also enable the user to view a variety of data simultaneously, which can be configured and stored in up to seven favourite pages.

Chapter and Page controls give access to these along with Speed, Depth, Wind, Heading, Navigate, Autopilot and Environment chapters.

With Sea Talk cables and ‘plug and play’ capabilities, the Graphic Display doesn’t involve any complicated setup or programming procedures.

Enquiries: Oceantalk Australia.
Tel: (02) 9981 9500.
Website: www.oceantalk.com

WAECO Portable Power

WAECO offers a range of remote portable power units suitable for a number of outdoor activities, from fishing to coastal camping to driving in the outback.

The WAECO Power Packs are Australian-made and built around sealed, maintenance-free, deep cycle industrial/military type batteries with unique internally bonded cells for added durability.

The packs have all the features of a dual-battery system normally fitted to 4WDs, trucks and boats except that they are portable and are more robust.

Unlike ordinary car batteries that can develop high internal resistance, which undermines their cranking ability, the low internal resistance of the WAECO Power Packs gives them high-sustained cranking power to start any engine.

This low resistance also enables the unit to run a fridge (or any other load) for longer than an equivalent amp/hour car battery or normal battery pack.

Enquiries: WAECO Pacific Pty Ltd.
Tel: (07) 5507 6000.
Website: www.waeco.com.au