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New Colour Twinscope

Interphase Technologies has released its new Colour Twinscope.

Featuring a high-resolution, sunlight-viewable TFT panoramic colour display with 16:9 aspect ratio and 16 colour levels, the Colour Twinscope operates like underwater sonic radar, scanning a moving beam over a 90-degree arc either vertically or horizontally ahead of the boat.

With 3,000 watts of peak-to-peak power and a range of up to 360 metres, the Colour Twinscope is able to detect hazards such as rock pinnacles, coral reefs and shallow water conditions.

It also includes special night viewing display mode, dedicated keys for the most used features, keel offset adjustment, output alarms to external beepers and input for video camera.

The Colour Twinscope can output NMEA depth data to other navigation electronics and accepts NMEA latitude/ longitude, speed and water temperature inputs from external sources.

The Colour Twinscope comes in a compact, waterproof case that can be flush-mounted or installed using the quick-disconnect bracket.

Enquiries: Coursemaster Autopilots.
Tel: (02) 9417 7097.

Shimano Overheads

Shimano has added two new overhead reels to its range; the Torium and Tekota.

Suited to high speed jigging and casting, the Torium overheads have a 6.2:1 retrieve ratio, a diecast aluminium reel frame, aluminium sideplates and spool, Dartanium drag washers, A-RB bearings, Super Stopper and Assist Stopper to remove back play.

The Tekota reels are suited to a variety of fishing situations from jigging to trolling and live-baiting with mono or braided lines. They feature 4.2:1 ratios, Dartanium drag washers, Super Stopper one-way roller bearing, three A-RV bearings, a rubber Septon grip, adjustable counter-balanced power handle, aluminium frame, spool and sideplates.

The smallest reel in the range, the Tekota 500 takes 440 metres of six kilogram line and the largest, the Tekota 800, has a spool capacity of 450 metres of 15 kilogram line.

Enquiries: Dunphy Sports/Fishing Imports.
Tel: (02) 9526 2144.


RapidFix Interface

The RapidFix 406 EPIRB from ACR Electronics Inc. now includes an interface confirming the data is flowing from onboard GPS.

The RapidFix 406 is installed with a direct connection to a live NMEA 0183 data source from a GPS receiver and provides latitude/longitude coordinates to the emergency signal transmitted by the unit.

Position information is continually updated and stored every twenty minutes in the unit and can be mounted at the helm or wherever it is convenient to run a data wire to the unit.

The RapidFix 406 eliminates the need for a cold start initialisation, transmits a homing signal on the 121.5MHz search and rescue homing frequency and has a built-in strobe light to aid location in poor visibility.

Powered by a lithium battery with a five-year replacement life, the unit has a minimum operating life of 48 hours and measures 36.8 x 10.8 x 9.2cm and weighs .861gm.

Enquiries: RFD Australia.
Tel: 1800 646 086.


At this year’s Sanctuary Cove Boat show, Magellan launched the new Geonav range which included three chartplotters and marine binoculars.

The Geonav 4C GPS hand-held chartplotter features easy-to-view, large character, colour TFT sunlight-visible display, CompactFlashtm memory for unlimited data entry and uses Navionics Gold Cartography for the storage of navigation information.

This unit can be installed on a boat and linked with NMEA instruments or used as a portable hand-held unit.

Specially designed for small boats, the Geonav 5C GPS chartplotter also has a CompactFlashtm cartridge which enables users to store a number of waypoints and markers, an easy view, large character five-inch colour LCD display and a 12 parallel channel GPS receiver. It also includes Navionics Gold cartography with three different display modes.

The Geonav 6 Sunshine GPS chartplotter has a six-inch LCD display and all of the features found on its counterparts. Equipped with NMEA 0183 interface, the Geonav 6 Sunshine can be connected to the autopilot, echo sounder and an external GPS antenna.

The Geonav range also includes SeaRanger III and SeaKing II marine binoculars. The SeaRanger III marine binoculars are anti-mist, waterproof and equipped with inner compass and annex scale that allow the user to calculate distance and height.

Multi-coating lenses and automatic focus make this model ideal for people who wear glasses. The Geonav SeaRanger III is covered by a 25-year guarantee.

The SeaKing II marine binoculars are waterproof and include an inner red enlightened compass and multi-coating.

Enquiries: Magellan GPS Systems.
Tel: (08) 9444 0233.

Henri-Lloyd Dolphin and Deck Grip

Henri-Lloyd has expanded its women’s clothing range to include the new Dolphin Jacket.

Made from the same fleece as the Echo, the Dolphin is a high quality warm wear jacket designed to keep moisture away from the body and can be worn by itself or as one of several layers inside wet weather gear.

The Deck Grip Profile is the latest addition to Henri-Lloyd’s footwear range.

Made from a non-absorbing, quick drying reinforced upper, they feature a nylon ‘air mesh’ lining and a removable Dri-Lex EVA insole.

The dual compound outsole has a sticky rubber on the ball and heel and a number of water dispersion channels to deliver greater grip and stability.

The non-marking sole is razor cut both horizontally and vertically for extra grip and a shock absorbing mid-sole has a reinforced arch for added comfort.

Enquiries: Burke.
Tel: (02) 9638 4333.

Humminbird 500 Series

Humminbird has launched the Fishfinder 500 Series.

The three models in the range – 515x, 535x and 565x – feature Ultra Black LCD screens with 12 level clear edge inverse greyscale to enhance detail.

The 565x has a 640 x 320 pixel count, dual beam, dual frequency and technology designed to produce a whiter background.

The 535x has a 320 x 320 pixel display while the base model, 5158x features a 240 x 160 pixel display and a 20-degree single beam sonar.

All units include Humminbird’s Sonar Echo Enhancement which can separate targets as close as 63mm, water temperature, a choice of raw data or Fish ID+ with target depth, one touch zoom, a large digital readout screen, structure ID and options to view bottom in whiteline or as bottom black for high visibility.

Enquiries: BLA. Tel: (02) 9648 6606.

Okuma Inspira Reels

For those anglers in the market for a new spinning reel, Okuma offer the Inspira series.

Features in the drive train include a brass main gear, a brass pinion gear, ten sealed stainless steel ball bearings and a one-way roller bearing. Gear ratios are 5.0:1 on the IS-15, IS-20 and IS-30 with a 4.5:1 ratio on the larger sizes.

The body and rotor have a waterproof finish and the rotor is fitted with Okuma’s RES (Rotor Equalising System) for a smoother retrieve.

Other features include a vented alloy spool with a titanium coated lip, bail arm with an oversize anti-twist roller, a sealed front drag with oil soaked felt and stainless steel washers and a soft touch grip.

The series consists of six models with capacities ranging from 125 metres of two kilogram line on the IS-15 up to 300 metres of eight kilogram line on the IS-60.

A spare matching aluminium spool comes with the reel.

Okuma’s Inspira reels come with a five-year warranty and a nation wide spare parts service.

Enquiries: Fishing tackle stores.

DigiBOAT Software On Board

DigiBOAT has introduced a new computer program, Software on Board.

Designed to place advanced navigation techniques in the hands of the amateur, the program will accept input from most NMEA enabled navigation instruments and displays real-time results.

Computer charts supplied by C-Map Electronics Charts, (which must be purchased separately), feature detailed coverage including an extensive database of navigation aids and marine services.

A full working version of this product is available for free download from the website To use, install it into any Windowstm computer and connect the GPS.

Enquiries: DigiBOAT.

Raymarine A Series

Raymarine’s A Series, designed for smaller vessels from 10 feet upwards, offers a range of stand alone products with sophisticated technology.

The A Series portable GPS Chartplotter features an adjustable, transflective TFT display, 12-channel DGPS (WASS enabled receiver), Navionics Gold Chart cartography and a flash memory providing unlimited waypoint, route and track storage.

The unit can sit either in a tilt mount for easy installation or in a protective soft pouch for portability.

The range also includes three digital fishfinders. The 3.5, 5 and 6 inch models utilise Raymarine’s digital adapter transmitter/receiver and High Definition Fish Imaging to give greater colour and detail.

Enquiries: Oceantalk Australia.
Tel: (02) 9981 9500.

Sunbrella by Coast

Sailing enthusiast Nicola Webster was so impressed with Sunbrella’s fabrics that her New Zealand-based company, Coast, has used these fabrics to create a range of outdoor and marine furnishings and accessories.

The range includes two outdoor beanbags; the Green Bean for home and the Original Marine Bean for the boat.

The beanbags are available in a wide range of colours with contrasting piping, polyester lining and come in two sizes.

Lightweight and easy to store they offer a comfortable alternative to rigid outdoor furniture.

The range also includes, the Coaster; an outdoor ottoman table with a bean-filled base and teak deck top suitable for sloping decks and uneven surfaces, and the Glacier Bag, an overnight bag on the outside and a bottle/can cooler inside insulated with 3M Thinsulatetm.

Enquiries: Coast International Ltd.
Tel:+ 64 9360 6060.