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The 70-amp alternator supplies all the power required for any electronic gear.

Mercury Verado outboards will be initially available in 275hp, 250hp, 225hp and 200hp models.


Without a doubt, the boating industry will look back on 2004 as the year Mercury launched its much vaunted and highly secret Project X, now known as the supercharged four-stroke Verado engine.

The result of a five-year and A$150 million development, the Verado has set a new benchmark in outboard technology, with its super-quiet supercharged engine, fly-by-wire controls, power steering and SmartCraft instrumentation.

Unveiled to the world at last February’s Miami International Boat Show, three months later at the Sanctuary Cove International boat show, Mercury Marine Australia gave locals the opportunity to see first-hand what all the hype has been about.

Mercury is aligning its standards to those of the automotive industry and has head-hunted a raft of top automotive specialists, including former Porsche designer, Claus Bruestle to bolster the team. Bruestle was instrumental in assisting Mercury to design an outboard using automotive technology.

The series is led by the powerhouse 275hp model, now unchallenged as the world’s most powerful four-stroke outboard. The Verado range initially offered in Australia and New Zealand comprises the 250hp, 225hp and 200hp models under the Mariner and Mercury brands. Volume production of the first four models started in May. Australian and New Zealand dealers are expecting initial shipments to arrive in July.

The supercharged 2.6 litre six-cylinder engine.
A completely new engine mounting system which virtually eliminates vibration.

Smaller horsepower and mid-range models will be added to the Verado range in the near future with the new technology expected to flow across to the MerCruiser range in due course.

The in-line six-cylinder power plant has a smaller displacement than most four strokes at 2.6 litres, but Mercury has supercharged the 158.5 cubic inch block to achieve maximum power. Performance is further enhanced by the supercharged induction system with air cooling and electronic boost pressure control that significantly increases power by forcing higher air volumes into the combustion chamber.

The supercharged air induction system, with a highly tuned intake resonator greatly reduces intake noise in the mid-range to wide open throttle settings. High performance acoustic foam lining used extensively in the top of the cowling absorbs high frequency, engine and drive shaft noise. At idle, the engine can barely be heard. Even at wide open throttle, the loudest sound detected by passengers is more likely to be the wind and the waves.

The head on all four models released to date includes a valve train with four valves for each of the six cylinders and a double overhead cam. All of the engines in the range are fitted with a 70-amp alternator, the most powerful of any outboard available today.

The Verado is a fully-integrated propulsion system with steering and control systems, including Mercury’s exclusive SmartCraft Digital Throttle and Shift to ensure throttle use and gear shifting is smooth and seamless. The system has a programmable two-speed trim and tilt, allowing the boat’s skipper to program the trim and tilt range to maximise performance.

The driving experience is improved thanks to Verado’s electro-hydraulic power steering system with integral hydraulic cylinder. With a small pump mounted inside the boat, the system eliminates undesirable steering torque without sacrificing engine ‘feel’, a critical control factor, particularly at high speed.

Fuel supply comes via a computer-controlled, sequential, multi-port fuel injection system. Each component of the Verado engine, with the sole exception of the propeller nut, has been re-designed and re-engineered.

Mercury Marine’s sales and marketing director, John Temple, claims the introduction of Verado “heralds the dawning of a new era for the outboard industry.” In the past two years, those who were among a select few to view Project X prior to its official launch were most impressed. “Their combined response, every time, was unbelievable,” says Temple.

Integrated power steering provides precise directional control.
SmartCraft Digital Instrumentation shows all key performance indicators.
The unique Digital Throttle and Shift (DTS) allows for smooth seemless throttle and gear control.

The key maintenance points located front and centre on the powerhead are easily accessible via a spring-loaded latch that removes the upper section of the cowling.

All models will be available in L (20”) and XL (30”) shaft lengths and are designed to cater for various applications, from single, dual and even triple rig installations. The 225hp, 250hp and 275hp models are also offered in XXL (30”) lengths, while all XL and XXL models can be specified in right and left hand propeller rotations.

The Verado range is backed by Mercury Marine’s three-year industry best warranty (non-commercial) and is environmentally friendly with long term emission compliance and a three-star rating from the California Air Resources Board.

For further information contact Mercury Marine Australia, telephone 1800 114 500 or Mercury Marine New Zealand, telephone 00800 688 292.

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