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Pains Wessex S4

Pains Wessex has released a new Search and Rescue Transponder – the S4.

Designed to meet the standards set for commercial craft, the S4’s rugged construction makes it ideal for use on long-distance cruising or racing boats, while ensuring that it can withstand tough conditions at sea.

When activated, the S4 automatically transmits a response signal when a 9GHz radar signal is received from a ship or aircraft as a series of 12 in-line dots and remains on standby mode for more than 96 hours.

The S4 features both an audible and visual indicator to reassure the user that the SART is operating, a built-in self-test facility, integral lanyard, bulkhead mounting bracket and pole.

Light and compact, the S4 is waterproof to 10 metres and has a replaceable, high-power five-year battery pack.

Enquiries: Pains Wessex Australia.
Tel: (03) 9885 0444.

Echo Fleece Jacket

Henri-Lloyd’s Echo Fleece Jacket is ideal for light sailing or worn as an additional layer for greater protection.

The Echo Fleece has high protective patches on the elbow as well as articulated sleeves for increased movement.

The high quality fleece wicks moisture away from the body to keep it dry and warm.

Enquiries: Burke.
Tel: (02) 9638 4333.

RWO Quick Release Hook

RWO has designed the Quick Release Hook, a quick release device for capsized trapezing boats.

Without impairing performance, weight or trapezing effectiveness, the push button mechanism can be activated even with pressure on the hook.

The Quick Release Hook is able to support 200kgs, fits existing harnesses, choice of spreader bar or traditional trapeze and works facing up or down.

Enquiries: Burke
Tel: (02) 9638 4333.

Webasto Blue Cool

Webasto Product Australia has launched a range of marine air conditioners known as Blue Cool.

Available in two styles, the Blue Cool Classic is a compact self-contained unit and the Blue Cool Premium is a chilled water system.

The Blue Cool Classic comprises of eight different-sized models and offers cooling capacities from 1.25kW to 8.8kW, and is suitable for vessels with one to three cabins.

Standard features include pre-charged, environmentally-friendly refrigerant, easy-to-use digital display, plug and play wiring looms and automatic water pump integration. The range also includes a CD 1.5kW unit, suitable to run on either 12 or 24 volts.

The 12-model Blue Cool Premium water chiller range is designed for larger boats, with an operating capacity from 3.5kW to 14.6kW. With a space-saving compressor unit located in the vessel’s engine room, chilled water is pumped throughout the vessel to each cabin, incorporating air handlers/heat exchangers to provide different on-board temperature zones.

All units in both the Classic and Premium range feature a reverse- cycle option. Premium units can be upgraded to a more powerful heating system with the addition of a fuel-powered Webasto water heater through integration into the existing air conditioning plumbing.

Enquiries: Webasto Product Australia.

Majestic Global

Gold Coast-based Majestic Global has announced the release of its new 17-inch LCD TV.

With two tone texture, Picture in Picture, easy to use OSD (On Screen Display menu), wide viewing angles, Ultra Bright 450cdm display for clear viewing under bright conditions and a full function remote control, the unit has all the comforts most users want from a home TV.

The TV can be used from a 12V DC and 240V AC power source and comes with a stand that doubles as a wall-mount bracket.

All Majestic products are now available with an optional two years extra warranty to provide customers with a total of three years protection.

Enquiries: Majestic Global.
Tel: 0500 840 011.

Shimano Calcutta

Shimano’s Calcutta reel range has expanded to include the Calcutta 700 (TE).

With styling similar to that of the Shimano Trinidad range, it features a non-disengaging wind system to ensure that the line is spread evenly across the spool, High Efficiency Gearing, Super Stopper, anti-reverse, ratchet, six ball bearings, one roller bearing and the new Dartanium drag system.

The Calcutta 700 has a forged aluminium frame, aluminium spool and sideplates with 300 metres of 10 kilogram line or 250 metres of 12 kilogram line. An easy access side plate enables the Variable Brake System cast control to be adjusted to suit the individual angler.

Enquiries: Dunphy Sports/Fishing Imports.
Tel: (02) 9526 2144.

Siewa Murena

Siewa has released the Murena colour chartplotter. The Murena has a silicon rubber waterproof front panel that is easily removed for access to the CMAP NT+ cartridge slot even when flush-mounted.

It features a 200MHz for faster start up, calculations and zoom speed regardless of the amount of detail to be displayed. The 5.7” vertical sunlight viewable TFT display (320 x 240 resolution) offers 50 contrast levels, four different palettes and a wide viewing angle.

The Murena restarts from the latest position and feature used and has the option of depth and bottom contour display through an NMEA input, soft keys and amplification functions.

Further bridge space can be saved when connected to Siewa’s Black Box Fishfinder unit which transforms the latest Siewa plotters into combined plotter/fishfinder units.

Enquiries: Coursemaster Autopilots.
Tel: (02) 9417 7097.

Cummins’ New Quantums

Cummins MerCruiser Diesel (CMD) has released two new Quantum engines for the South Pacific recreational market.

The new QSB5.9 and QSC8.3 are fully-electronic, low-emission derivatives of the B and C series engines and incorporate a new high-pressure common rail system designed to improve fuel economy, power-to-weight ratio and reduce idle noise.

Both the QSB and QSC feature new 24-cylinder heads with matching turbochargers for improved power density and acceleration.

The 5.9-litre QSB is available with a top power rating of 380hp at 3000rpm and will be offered with outputs of 330hp and 355hp at 2800rpm.

The 8.3-litre QSC has a power rating of 540hp at 2600rpm and is also available with a 490hp rating.

Both engines use SmartCraft multiplexing and communications systems. SmartCraft takes inputs from the engine and other boat systems to provide instant diagnostics and operations data at the helm. The information can be viewed via digital display or a full set of analog gauges that are digitally driven.

Enquiries: Cummins Marine
Tel: (03) 9765 3222

Squidgy Bluewater Garfish

Whether used whole or as cut bait, there’s hardly a saltwater fish that doesn’t like eating garfish, especially game species such as kingfish, mahi mahi, various tunas, marlin and sailfish.

When trolling skipping gars for marlin, it can be frustrating to have hordes of striped tuna and the like knocking them off.

The Bluewater Garfish, developed by Kaj ‘Bushy’ Busch, is available in pearl blue and green, and are tough enough to survive multiple strikes without falling apart.

Bluewater Garfish are held together by a reflective beaded flexi-skeleton rigged on a 250-pound Dacron loop. To rig one, half-hitch a hook onto the Dacron loop. A stinger hook can be added via a bait needle to deal with tail biters.

Hookless Bluewater Garfish can be effective teasers for tuna and marlin, either rigged ‘in-line’ on a daisy chain or across a spreader bar.

Enquiries: Dunphy Sports/Fishing Imports.
Tel: (02) 9526 2144.

Mob i-lert

MOB i-lert is an Australian designed Man Over Board Intelligent Monitoring System.

An individually-encoded pendant transmitter constantly monitors all crew and passengers onboard and immediately raises an alarm when communication from the pendant to the onboard console is lost.

The alarm identifies the person or persons lost, time, bearing and distance. Additional features allow MOB i-lert to interface with an existing GPS (or other onboard instruments – NMEA 0183 rating) to pinpoint the precise location of where the person went overboard.

MOB i-lert can also be interfaced with autopilot and ignition systems to turn off the motors or disengage the autopilot and is programmed to initiate an EPIRB distress call.
Enquiries: Magellan GPS Systems.
Tel: (08) 9444 0233.

Gloweave Sport

Gloweave has launched their summer 2004 range, Gloweave Sport.

The range is available in three fabrics: Gloweave Suntech, Gloweave Ultracool and Mercerised Cotton, and comes in various colours and designs with two and three plackets and varied collar options.

Gloweave SuntechTM, a lightweight fabric with enhanced sunscreening properties, is available in four styles of polo in various colours and designs.

Gloweave UltracoolTM is designed to draw moisture away from the body and outer surface of the garment and also includes enhanced sun-screening properties.

Specially treated in the yarn stage to smooth the fibres and increase the strength of the yarn, Gloweave’s mercerised cotton garments are lighter and durable after washing. There are five styles in the range made with mercerised cotton in a variety of colours, checks, plains and stripes.

Enquiries: Department Stores.