Paul WilsonThe internet is truly re-shaping almost every aspect of our lives.

It seems that there is no product or service that can’t be bought over the net. As a result, industries of all sorts are scrambling to ensure that they don’t fall behind in the e-sales race.

At the risk of sounding repetitious, the general insurance industry and Club Marine in particular have been at the forefront of web development. It’s all about value adding. Providing the customer with that little bit extra to retain their loyalty for another renewal period.

I’m not giving away any trade secrets by telling you that with regards to personal or domestic insurance, or any insurance for that matter, renewal business tends to be the most profitable. So how do we as a domestic insurer in a highly volatile class of insurance retain the business at the end of each year? It’s quite simple really, we differentiate ourselves by providing the best product, delivering on our service standards promise, and most importantly by making it as easy as possible to deal with us, and by this I’m including the unpleasant aspect of premium payment.

They may sound like “Motherhood” statements, but they are effectively the three most critical aspects required to deal with and retain a customer base today.

Premium payment and the simplification of the methods used to facilitate this have been a priority at Club Marine. I have advised in earlier publisher notes that we now have an on-line payment option available, and I am pleased to say that over 90 per cent of the Club Marine account is in a position to take advantage of this very convenient payment method.

What I am now very excited to tell you about is that if you take up the option of renewing on-line, you are also eligible to receive a 5% on-line discount. This discount is also available for any new business that is taken out via our internet site.

Club Marine holds the position of market leader in the field of pleasure craft insurance because we can deliver all of the above. Whilst competitors come and go, or struggle to retain a tenuous grip on small pleasure craft portfolios, Club Marine continues to enjoy superior growth of its account.

Each year we pump tens of millions of dollars back into the marine industry via claims payments. As a result we are directly and indirectly the biggest purchaser of marine products such as marine engines, boats and equipment in Australia.

Club Marine is committed to the marine industry in Australia, and is equally committed to those who enjoy a boating lifestyle.

Also in this magazine, we have coverage of the annual Melbourne Boat Show with the announcement of several new marine industry initiatives; the latest results of the Club Marine Offshore Powerboat Series; an Athens 2004 Olympic sailing profile, the latest Club Marine reader survey results and a review of the Asia-Pacific region’s marine environment from a conservationist point of view.

Enjoy the magazine and remember that your safety is our top priority.

Paul Wilson, Chief Executive Officer, Club Marine Ltd.