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TP3 Reflex

Henri-Lloyd’s top of the range wet weather gear now includes the Reflex Offshore.
With the same features as the men’s version, it is cut to fit the female figure and is built to withstand extreme conditions.

It has 100% waterproof-taped seams, as well as the Henri-Lloyd extreme hood and collar system with a peaked hood and Polartec 200 fleece-lined collar.

An adjustable throat tab, combined with inner Dartex storm cuffs, works to keep water out while the cargo pockets are fleece-lined to keep hands warm and dry. The TP3 is waterproof and comes with a drop seat in the trousers.

Enquiries: Burke.
Tel: (02) 9638 4333.

Magellan eXplorist

The eXplorist Series is the latest addition to Magellan’s hand-held GPS unit range. Built for outdoor use, the eXplorist series features impact-resistant, waterproof exteriors and Magellan TrueFixtm technology which incorporates a 14-parallel channel, and WAAS-enabled GPS receiver that provides position fixes within three metres.

The series consists of three models: eXplorist 100, 200 and 300.

Each unit has one-button access to take users directly to the functions they use the most and can store up to 500 waypoints, 20 routes and multiple track logs with up to 2,000 points each.

The entry level eXplorist 100 is small, lightweight and easy to use. Ideal for the budget conscious, it features three navigation screens with track plotting and can save up to three track-log files with up to 2,000 points each.

The eXplorist 200 adds to the features found in the 100 with an 8MB Australian built-in base map and the ability to save up to five track-log files, each with up to 2,000 points. The base map includes highways, main roads, parks, waterways, airports and more.

At the top of the range is the eXplorist 300. It has advanced tools, including 8MB Australian built-in base map, a barometer, an altimeter and a two-axis electronic compass, three navigation screens and the ability to save five track-log files with up to 2,000 points each.

Designed to fit in a pocket, the eXplorists’ measure 11.7cm x 5.4cm x 3.3cm and weigh less than 1.15kg. Each unit has a 5.8cm diagonal, four-level greyscale LCD display with zoom capability and amber backlighting for optimum viewing at night.

Enquiries: Magellan GPS Systems.
Freecall: 1800 644 033.

Volvo Penta D9

Among a number of new products making a debut at this year’s Sydney Boat Show was Volvo Penta’s new D9 diesel engine.

This new nine-litre engine is available in two power output alternatives, 500hp and 575hp, and is suitable for flybridge boats, sportscruisers and sports fishers of about 40 to 50 feet in length.

Due to its compact form, the D9 does not occupy much more space than the Volvo Penta seven-litre TAMD75, but offers almost 100 horsepower more and 30% greater cylinder volume.

Designed to provide a higher power output and low exhaust and noise emissions, the six-cylinder D9 has a cylinder volume of 9.4 litres. The 575hp version has a torque of no less than 1910 Nm at 1500rpm. The D9 is available with different reverse gear with straight axle and V-drive.

Enquiries: Eastern Engine.
Tel: (07) 3902 5444.

Squidgy Hot Tails

For those fishos looking to try something different, Shimano presents the Squidgy Hot Tail.

The Squidgy Hot Tails feature a tail that has a dramatic colour contrast to the rest of the body, and is designed to elicit a favourable attack response.

There are seven Hot Tail colour combinations available in Squidgy Wriggler tails and six options in Squidgy Fish tails, in sizes ranging from 50 to 100 millimetres.

The Squidgy Wrigglers cover everything from flathead, bream and bass, while the Squidgy Fish can be used for snapper, trevally and jewfish.

To view the entire range, pick up a copy of the 2004 Blue Fox Squidgy catalogue from a tackle shop.

Enquiries: Dunphy Sports/Fishing Imports. Tel: (02) 9525 2144.

Burke One Design Dinghy Smock

In the past, a dinghy sailor’s wardrobe used to consist of warm jumpers. A lot has changed since then with Burke Marine’s latest addition, the One Design Dinghy Smock.

Durable and breathable, it has adjustable Dartex wrist and neck seals, self-draining cargo pockets, adjustable neoprene wet suit material waist band and 100% waterproof tape-welded seams.

Made from the new CB10 Evolution breathable fabric, the One Design Smock is practical and stylish.

Enquiries: Burke Marine.
Tel: (02) 9638 4333.

Majestic LCD TVs

Following the success of the TM151, Majestic Global has announced the release of two new LCD TVs, the TM152 and TM153.

Both units have a built-in FM radio tuner, graphic equaliser, improved audio control through large speakers, internal clock for sleep timer, teletext and a power supply stage designed to handle the unstable 12V that many boat and caravan owners experience.

The TM152 features speakers on the bottom and comes with a slim-line fold out bracket that makes it easy to move around, while the TM153 has speakers located on the side and a larger desk mounting bracket.

The TM152 and TM153 come with a standard 12-month warranty. An optional three-year comprehensive international warranty is also available.

Enquiries: Majestic Global.
Tel: 0500 840 011.

Ozzy Rescue Buoy

Pains Wessex has expanded its range of marine safety products with the addition of the Ozzy Rescue Buoy.

This complete man overboard recovery device is recommended for power and sail boats.

Supplied in a compact and easy to stow pack, the Ozzy Rescue Buoy is designed to be mounted in a convenient deck location and comes with instructions for use.

The buoy component is red and fitted with reflective tape to make night time recovery easier. There is also 50 metres of bright coloured, floating tow line and handholds all around to assist the person in the water and those bringing the crew member back on board.

Enquiries: Pains Wessex Australia.
Tel: (03) 9885 0444.

Shimano Stradic

Shimano’s Stradic FH range of threadline reels has expanded to include two new reels, the 4000FH and 6000FH.

The 4000FH holds 240 metres of four kilo line and is suited to estuary fishing, while the 6000FH’s capacity of 265 metres of six kilo line is in the offshore spin/light snapper category.

A retrieve speed of 5.7:1, a Power Roller bail roller to reduce line friction, Dyna Balance rotor system and Super Stopper 11 anti-reverse, enable these reels to be used in a wide range of fishing scenarios.

All models in the Stradic range now feature Shimano’s A-RB bearings, which are made to last up to ten times longer than normal bearings.

The reels also feature Fluidrive 11 gearing for easier winding and the Floating Shaft System supports the spool shaft and separates it from the pinion gear to reduce friction and wear and tear.

Anglers can customise the line lay to suit by adjusting the washers under the spool on the reel shaft.

Both reels come with an easily-accessed maintenance port to keep the drivetrain lubricated and a spare aluminium spool that can be filled with another line class or braided line.

Enquiries: Dunphy Sports/Fishing Imports.
Tel: (02) 9525 2144.

Koden Combo Units

Koden has announced the release of two new combined radar/plotter units.

Available in either a 7-inch or a 10.4­-inch high-res flat LCD screen, these units can be effective space savers where bridge space is limited, and they also offer multiple displays using ethernet.

The 7-inch model (MDP621) is offered in either 2kW or 4kW and the 10.4-inch (MDP1241) is available in 4kW through to 12kW. Both units come with either open or closed radar scanner options.

A Koden Black Box Sounder unit can be connected to provide a complete navigation system in one unit.

Enquiries: Coursemaster Autopilots.
Tel: (02) 9417 7097.

Breathscan Breathalyser

There are many responsible boaties who enjoy a social drink during their day out on the water. The problem for many however, is to know when they have reached the legal limit of .05. With the priority obviously of remaining under it at all times.

The Breathscan Breathalyser distributed by Pains Wessex, is designed for one-time use and displays a reading of either below or above the .05 limit.

The Breathscan Breathalyser is sold in a blister pack that contains three individual single-use units.

Enquiries: Pains Wessex Australia.
Tel: (03) 9885 0444.


ACR Electronics has introduced FastACQ, a new technology designed to improve a EPIRBs GPS acquisition from a cold start and/or under adverse conditions.

When in trouble at sea, quick and accurate performance by a GPS-enhanced EPIRB is critical.

ACR Electronics has developed the FastACQ GPS chip that will acquire a GPS position three to five times faster than a conventional GPS from a cold start.

The FastACQ was designed for the GlobalFix 4.6MHz EPIRB which features an internal GPS. This technology is to be run in ACR models 2742, 2744, and Global Fix406 Category I and II models.

Enquiries: RFD Australia.
Tel: 1800 646 086.