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With 121.5MHz technology being phased out, Pains Wessex has released the RB6 EPIRB, a model that operates on 406MHz technology.

The new model offers all the benefits of 406MHz EPIRB technology and is priced to suit even the most budget-conscious buyer. The RB6 is due to be released early 2005.

Enquiries: Pains Wessex
tel: (03) 9885 0444.


Bluefox Barra

Shimano has introduced two new models to its range of Blue Fox Barra lures.

The 0-3 foot diver is ideal for surface and sub-surface work, while the 20+ can scour the deepest snags and riverbed holes.

There are seven colours to choose from: Bleeding Mullet, Natural Brown, Gold, Hot Head, Psychedelic Blue, GR Green and Elton John. The hooks are 6 x strong VMCs, with size fours fitted to the 10cm models and size twos on the 12.

Enquiries: Dunphy Sports/Fishing Imports Pty Ltd, tel: (02) 9526 2144.

Micron 66

International Paints has developed an anti-fouling that contains no TBT (tributyl-tin self-polishing copolymer).

Using Biolux SPC technology, the self-polishing copolymer, on which SPC anti-foulings are based, reacts with salt water in a controlled way, sustaining the release of biocides throughout the lifetime of the coating without decline.

This allows the boat to remain protected from fouling build-up even when stationary for prolonged periods, says International Paints.

As the surface of Micron 66 is constantly renewed by a chemical reaction, it continuously smoothes to a low friction finish that minimises drag and maximises fuel efficiency and speed.

Micron 66 is not recommended for use in fresh water and must be applied by a professional applicator.

Enquiries: International Paints, Tel: (07) 5573 9602.


Offset Anchor System

Advanced Mooring Technology says its new EzyRider Mooring and Offset Anchor System provides an alternative to the conventional chain anchor system and is designed to hold steadfast in environmentally sensitive areas featuring seagrass or coral reef with minimal impact.

The EzyRider system works on the principle of harnessing the vessel’s own movement and inertia to keep it in tension with the mooring. The more a vessel moves, the more opposing tension is created to work against the movement.

When a vessel is attached to the mooring, the stainless shaft is pulled off vertical, forcing the buoy to slide up the shaft and, if the force is sufficient, eventually submerging it. The buoy’s movement is harnessed by special rubber straps that increase tension on the buoy as it moves further up the shaft. The greater the movement of the boat (and buoy), the more reverse tension is created to resist further movement.

As the wind decreases, the constriction of the rubber automatically tries to recover the vessel, so it is always in harness. In turn, this self-centring action provides a mooring system that requires three metres of swing room in three metres of water.

When not in use, the EzyRider mooring buoy moves freely up and down the stainless shaft to allow for tidal movement and wave action.

The rubber straps are connected from the base of the buoy to the bottom of the shaft, lifting the mooring chain up off the sea bed to protect surrounding areas.

While the EzyRider Mooring may be attached to any suitable base, the Offset Anchor has been designed to maximise the benefits supplied by the mooring package. The Offset Anchor System utilises heavy-duty salvaged railway line set into the sea bed floor in similar fashion to the way pegs hold down a tent. These evenly dispersed ‘pegs’ offset the EzyRider Mooring’s load, delivering a high holding power.

Enquiries: Advanced Mooring Technology. Tel: (08) 9437 3900.

Glen Raven Expands Colour Options

Glen Raven Custom Fabrics, the makers of Sunbrella marine fabrics, has expanded its marine fabric range.

“Our focus is on adding fresh, updated colours,” says Gina Wicker, design director for Glen Raven Custom Fabrics. “Some of these colours are brand new to Glen Raven, while others were previously introduced for awning or casual furniture and are now being made available in a marine construction.

“Boaters want to try new colours and they want to accessorise their boats so they can make an individual statement,” says Derek Robinson, global marine product manager for Glen Raven.

Backed by a five-year limited warranty, Sunbrella performance marine fabrics are fade-, stain- and mildew-resistant.

Enquiries: Sunbrella. Website:


Squidgy Finesse Jig Heads

With a growing number of anglers using soft plastics, Shimano has added another product to its Squidgy range.

Squidgy Finesse Jig Heads are suited for casting to bream, bass, estuary perch, flathead in shallow water and tropical barramundi. There are 13 unpainted ‘darter’style jig heads available, ranging in size from 0.5 gram head on a number six hook up to a 3.5 gram model on an extra strong 2/0 hook.

The darter head shape is designed to give the soft plastic added action. Extra strong Finesse hooks, sharp VMCs and a keeper wire hold the Squidgy tail in place, for better presentations.

Shimano recommends the use of Squidgy Bugs in conjunction with Finesse Jig Heads. Enquiries: Dunphy Sports/Fishing Imports Pty Ltd, tel: (02) 9526 2144.

TEAC Mariner Collection

TEAC Australia has introduced a new LCD television as part of its Mariner Collection of boating and off-road compatible audio and visual products.

The 22" TFT-LCD Television (LCD22ID) features a DVB-T in-built digital and analogue tuner to provide a clear picture. It is AC/DC compatible (240VAC/12DCV) and comes with a wall mount.

Its slim design enables it to be easily installed wherever space is at a premium.

Other features include an automatic programming system, Picture in Picture (PIP), convenient side AV inputs, a headphone output, PC input, child lock, sleep timer and Teletext.

Enquiries: Club Marine Magazine.


Pains Wessex has announced the release of a new line of lightstick. The Safety Bright Lightstick is available in six colours: red, white, yellow, green, orange and blue.

Measuring around 152mm (6"), they will glow for between six and eight hours when above or below the water. At a cost of $2, the units can be attached via a hook or general purpose mounting hole.

Enquiries: Pains Wessex, Tel: (03) 9885 0444.

Bermuda Cutting Board

Bermuda Fishing Essentials has packed a range of features into its latest cutting board.
The flush-mount board measures 81cm x 42cm and has two angled and straight rod holders, with rounded edges to prevent snagging lines.

Other features include two built-in drink holders, compartments for storing bait, lures and other small items.

The new model is made from UV-stabilised polyethylene and Bermuda has redesigned the fittings on the underside to make the board stronger and easier to assemble. The Bermuda Deluxe Cutting

Board is available from Bermuda Fishing Essentials dealers. Quote part number: 9999-890026.

Enquiries: Mercury Marine Tel: 1800 114 900.