Blue Fox Mackerel Maulers

For the fisho chasing big pelagics like giant trevally, dogtooth tuna, Spanish mackerel, wahoo, yellowtail kingfish, samson fish or yellowfin tuna, Shimano offers its Blue Fox Mackerel Maulers.

Based on the Barra Mauler design, the Mackerel Maulers measure 18cm in length and are available in five reflective colours: red head, guns & roses, hot head and psychedelic blue and gold.

They also come in two depth configurations: 3-4 metres and 5-8 metres for moderate to fast trolling speeds. Each has its bib moulded as part of the lure body to reduce the rate of breakage.

Other features include 6/0 extra strength trebles and 8 H rings. Blue Fox Mackerel Maulers retail for under $20.

Enquiries: Dunphy Sports/Fishing Imports, tel: (02) 9526 2144.

Matrix S2 Cool Flex

The Matrix S2 Cool Flex from Burke Marine is designed for the Australian climate. Unlike traditional PFDs, which greatly increase body temperature, Cool Flex allows the body to breathe through the mesh ventilation fabric.

Made from a matrix of vertical and horizontal panels of soft Ply Flex floatation foam, it has a hinged skirt to reduce the tendency for the PFD to ride up. Other features include a non-corroding zip and easy-to-adjust waist band.

Enquiries: Burke Marine, tel: (02) 9638 4333. Website:


Chronarch CH50MG Baitcaster

The Chronarch CM50MG baitcaster may not look different from Shimano’s line-up of small overheads, but its frame and sideplates are made from magnesium.

Shimano says the use of magnesium reduces weight without sacrificing strength. The handle shanks are hollow to further reduce weight. The CM50MG has a Super Free bearing-supported pinion gear and a Lo-Mass drilled spool system.

The spool is made from A7075 aluminium and can hold 125 metres of 5kg line.

Other features include a retrieve ratio of 6.2:1, a Variable Brake System (VBS), four A-RB bearings and one roller bearing, and Shimano’s Turn-Key side plate access.

Enquiries: Dunphy Sports/Fishing Imports, tel: (02) 9526 2144.

DuraSafe GPS/Depth Finder Lock

The new DuraSafe GPS/Depth Finder Lock is designed to help prevent the theft of marine electronics installed onboard vessels.

The patent-pending lock acts as a knob, replacing one factory knob from either side of an electronics unit. It is available in seven models to fit the different knob thread sizes of most popular marine electronics on the market.

Enquiries: Camec, tel: (02) 9587 4599. Website:

International Paints Perfection

International has introduced a new two-part polyurethane developed specifically for application by brush and roller.

According to International, Perfection contains flow additives to make it easy to apply with a brush as well as UV absorbers and HALS (Hindered-Amine Light Stabilisers) to neutralize the effects of UV rays.

Perfection has a 2:1 mix ratio and, in most cases, will not require thinning. It is available in 13 colours and 1 or 2.25 litre kits.

Enquiries: Akzo Nobel, tel: (07) 5573 9600. Website:

MAN Common Rail Engines

MAN Marine Australia has announced the release of its new range of MAN Common Rail marine engines. Ranging from in-line six-cylinder powerplants up to the 1140kW V-12, the new engines are intended for use in medium to large cabin cruisers and sports fishing boats.

The engines boast MAN’s Common Rail high-pressure, electronic fuel injection system, which generates pressures of up to 1600 bar, resulting in higher power at lower revs, says MAN. They also incorporate 4-valve technology and boost-pressure supercharging.

The R6-800 is a 6-cylinder in-line engine producing 588kW/800hp, with an unladen weight of 1300kg. Maximum torque is 2700Nm at 1300rpm.

Next is the R8-900, a V8 producing 662kW (900hp) from a capacity of 14.62 litres, which works out to a power-to-weight ratio of 2.26kg/kW. Maximum torque is 2900Nm on tap at 1400rpm.

The new V10-1100 generates 809kW (1100hp) from a capacity of 18.27 litres, for a power-to-weight ratio of 2.16kg/kW, with maximum torque of 3700Nm available at 1400rpm.

The range-topping V12-1550 boasts a power figure of 1140kW from a capacity of 21.93 litres, with a power-to-weight figure of 1.89kg/kW and an impressive torque peak of 5000Nm at 1400rpm. MAN says the new engine produces impressive acceleration and high top speeds, with a specific fuel consumption at rated output of 228g/kWh. Optimum consumption is rated at 192g/kWh.

MAN says its Common Rail high-pressure fuel injection offers lower fuel consumption, better performance and cleaner emissions. With pressures of up to 1600bar, the system produces very fine fuel atomization for optimum fuel-air mixture and more efficient combustion, according to MAN.

Enquiries: MAN Marine Australia, tel: (07) 3271 7777.

Interphase iScan

Interphase’s new, forward-looking sonars, the iScan V90 and V180 are designed to give recreational and light commercial boaties a view of what’s up ahead.

Using its sweeping vertical scan, the Interphase iScan V90 continuously updates the forward-looking display to show changing water depths, shoals, reefs, bottom structure, schools of bait and other suspended objects like fish. Its phased-array transducer uses no moving parts and steers a 12-degree acoustic beam in a vertical plane from the surface ahead for up to 360m, down to a depth of 180m.

The iScan V180 functions in three modes. The forward vertical scanning mode shows a view from the surface directly ahead of the vessel to the sea floor, as well as monitoring changing conditions below and detecting fish and other obstacles. In the forward horizontal scanning mode it uses two electronically linked transducers to steer a beam over 180 degrees.

In either mode, the beam can be steered directly down to view either a split- or full-screen conventional, downward-looking depth sounder view. Both the iScan V90 and iScan V180 have sunlight viewable panoramic colour displays with a 16:9 aspect ratio adapted from high-end digital TV and computer monitors. This allows the viewer to see submerged objects up to 360m forward of the vessel’s bow, claims Interphase.

The iScan V90 and V180 come in a waterproof case that can be either flush-mounted or installed using the quick-disconnect bracket.

Enquiries: Coursemaster Autopilots, tel: (02) 9417 7097. Website:

Simrad SA50

The new SA50 is the smallest and lightest Search and Rescue Transponder available, according to Simrad. Designed for convenient stowage, it is 235mm high with a 78mm diameter and weighs 330g (without bracket).

The SA50 meets operational requirements using a battery pack, which is classified as non-hazardous.

Enquiries: Simrad, tel: (08) 8440 2804. Website:


GME has announced the release of its GX600 Waterproof Marine VHF Transceiver.

Housed in an IP67 waterproof casing, the GX600 has a multi-function microphone, integrated front-mounted speaker and a large LCD with adjustable 3-colour backlighting.

Some of the standard features include user-programmable channel scanning, selectable 25 or 1 watt RF power, dual and triple watch with selectable priority channel, instant channel 16 access from front panel or microphone, all international frequencies, digital squelch control and private channel capability.

Enquiries: GME Electrophone, tel: (02) 9844 6666. Website:


Quin Marine, Australian distributors of Simrad Marine Electronics, claims the SIMNET data sharing and control system has met with strong success following its launch last year.

Based on NMEA 2000 proprietry architecture, the system integrates the complete range of Simrad communication and navigation leisure products.

SIMNET is a data sharing and control network that allows the user to build an integrated network of marine electronics and interface between plotters, radar, autopilots, VHF radios and other instruments.

The system comes with 10mm plugs and allows information from one piece of equipment to be viewed on another.

Enquiries: Quin Marine, tel: (08) 8447 1277. Website:

X-CEL Weapon

Shimano has expanded its X-CEL Weapon rod range to include the new XW 702 Spin.

A two-piece, seven-foot spin rod, it is designed for ultra-light use with 2-4kg line and 1-7 gram lures and is suited to trout, golden perch, bass, bream, flathead and other estuary species, says Shimano.

The X-CEL Weapon range comes with fitted reel seats, top-grade Portugese cork and is built on high performance graphite blanks with a solid core graphite tip.

Enquiries: Dunphy Sports/Fishing Imports, tel: (02) 9526 2144.

MerCruiser Jet

Mercury Marine has launched an integrated sterndrive engine, gearbox and water jet package.

The new package is linked by a unique close-coupled configuration, incorporating a reduction gearbox, which was designed and built by Doen Waterjets of Victoria.

According to Mercury, it features an optional trimmable nozzle, which can help optimise boat performance under various loads and a hydraulic reverse bucket that allows 360 degree turning for easy docking.

Available as either a single or dual sterndrive installation, it is suited to petrol and diesel engines ranging from 120hp to 260hp.

Mercury claims that it has fewer components, which give it a reduced weight and a space saving of 475mm.

The MerCruiser Jet offers a matched engine, gearbox and a 250mm (10-inch) six-bladed, progressive pitch impeller from a single source and comes backed by a 12-month warranty.

Enquiries: MerCruiser dealers, tel: 1800 114 700. Website: