Yamaha Tiller Upgrade

Guiding your boat into unchartered waters can be a daunting experience. Yamaha has sought to make it simpler with its new Tiller Handle for mid-range outboard engines.

Available on select two- and four-stroke Yamaha engines ranging from 40 to 60hp, it is designed with fishing enthusiasts in mind.

The trolling speed can be increased or decreased at the flick of a switch. This switch, available on 50 and 60hp four stroke models, allows the operator to set the desired troll speed without fiddling with the tiller throttle.

Yamaha has integrated the Power Trim and Tilt (PTT) switch into the throttle handle, enabling trim and outboard height to be adjusted whilst running. The PTT switch is only available on 40hp, 50hp and 60hp four-stroke models.

Throttle response can be tuned to the operator’s liking, with a throttle friction knob located at the base of the throttle. A built-in LED visual warning alerts the crew when operating levels are below optimum range. The new handle assembly is standardised for both two- and four-stroke applications and allows access to the main and kill switch.

Current owners of mid-range (selected 40, 50 and 60hp two- and four-stroke) Yamaha outboards can have the unit fitted to their existing outboard.

Enquiries: Yamaha Motor Australia, tel: (02) 9757 0011.
Website: www.yamaha-motor.com.au

Oceantalk Max Power

Oceantalk has released a new Compact Retract Bow thruster from Max Power. Designed for modern yachts in the 37-45ft range, the Compact Retract stands approximately 450mm high and will fit under a V-berth or in the bow locker.

It extends in one single motion and when retracted forms part of the hull, leaving the lines of the boat clean and smooth, with no impact on performance.

The Compact Retract thruster is available in 12 or 24V, with an inbuilt electric motor and pre-lubricated \ drive legs.

The unit comes with Max Power’s control panels that include time delay between port and starboard thrust, childproof activation and 20sec time delay warning before overheat shutdown.

Enquiries: Oceantalk, tel: (02) 9981 9550 or 1800 029 948.
Website: www.oceantalk.com


Squidgy Flick Baits

Unlike the rest of the Squidgy range, Shimano’s new Flick baits have little built-in action and rely on the angler to bring the soft plastics to life.

Designed to be rigged on a Squidgy Finesse jig head, they are available in three sizes: 70, 85 and 110mm and in eight new colours.

The 70mm model comes with 15 pieces per pack, the 85mm 12 pieces and the 110mm comes with 10 pieces.

Squidgy Flick Baits retail for $8.95.

Enquiries: Dunphy Sports/Fishing Imports, tel: (02) 9526 2144.
Website: www.shimanofish.com.au

Steiner’s Commander Series

To celebrate 25 years of its Commander series of marine binoculars, Steiner has released its Commander V Jubilee binoculars.

Waterproof to five metres, the binoculars feature sports-auto focus with memory eye pieces, (so personal settings can be recovered at any time), ergonomically-shaped eye cups with ventilated oculars, a ClicLoc quick-change system for changing between regular and flotation straps, a floating prism system to provide shock resistance and a high contrast optical lens coating that offers 98 per cent light transmission for better visibility in low light conditions.

The range also includes a model that has an extra large, illuminated and stabilized compass that offers a reticle for distance measurement.

Built to military standards, the Commander V comes in navy blue rubber armouring and is water pressure proof and shock resistant. They also come with a 30-year warranty.

The Commander V, with built-in compass, costs $1715, while the minus-compass option will set you back $1070.

Enquiries: Mainstay Optical, tel: (02) 9979 6702.

DiscoverAust Streets & Tracks Topo

Next Destination (formerly Magellan GPS Systems) has released the latest upgrade to their land mapping software packages.

DiscoverAus Streets & Tracks Topo now enables users to see a fully comprehensive map on their GPS, complete with contours shown on traditional paper topographical maps.

The new and improved mapping includes elevation contours which can be displayed at varying intervals (down to 5 metres) depending on the Map zoom level (from 1:3000 to 1:200000) plus the Magellan profile function which shows a vertical profile cross section of the upcoming terrain.

Now available with a search function, users are able to view detailed maps of city, suburban and country streets, minor sealed and unsealed roads, 4WD tracks and trails as well as rivers and streams throughout Australia. And there are more than 30 categories of points of interest such as caravan parks, fuel stations and restaurants.

DiscoverAus Streets & Tracks Topo is available as a preloaded SD memory card of 512MB and will be on display at various marine shows around the country in coming months.

Enquiries: Next Destination, tel: (08) 9444 0233.
Website: www.nextdestination.com.au

MTU Lombardini

MTU Detroit Diesel Australia has announced the signing of an exclusive distribution agreement for the Lombardini range of marine diesel engines.

Based in northern Italy, Lombardini produces a range of air-cooled single- and multi-cylinder industrial diesel engines from 4 to 40hp and liquid-cooled industrial and marine diesels from 13 to 160hp.

According to Doug Seneshen, CEO and President of MTUDDA, “Lombardini is not a household name in Australia yet, but the brand enjoys a significant following in Europe, which we aim to emulate here.”

Enquiries: MTU Detroit Diesel Australia, tel: (02) 9794 2600.
Website: www.mtudda.com.au


Humminbird 900 Series

Humminbird has introduced the new 900 series to its range of fish-finding systems.

There are five models in the range; 931 CX DF, 937 CX DF, 947 CX, 981 CX SI and the 987 CX SI. The base 931 CX DF offers anglers the advantage of split-screen views on a high definition (480V pixels x 854H pixels) and ultra-wide (178mm) TFT colour display. This dual transmitter and receiver has the capability to operate at both 50kHz and 200kHz frequencies, with fast sonar operation and two different types of sonar beams (20 degrees and 74 degrees). It can also store up to 3000 way points and be connected to a GPS unit.

The 937 CX DF carries the same features as the 931 CX DF, but with a chartplotting function and 12-channel GPS with WAAS. It is also a dual transmitter and receiver design, operating at both 50kHz and 200kHz frequencies, with a 1kW dual element transducer, and is compatible with Navionics Gold Cartography.

Boasting colour 3D technology, Humminbird’s 947 CX offers anglers a ‘virtual underwater tour’, with shaded bottom contours and full 3D view orientation control. The 947 CX measures depth at 11 points across a 53 degree cone and features a 12-channel GPS receiver, triple-channel receiver and dual microprocessor. Built-in UniMap software provides detailed maps of rivers and coastal areas of Australia.

The ultra-high resolution (262/455kHz) 981CX SI can reach out to 73 metres on each side to give up to 146 metres of bottom coverage. Combined with a dual-frequency 2D sonar (50kHz and 200kHz), the 981CX SI provides all the capabilities of a traditional fish-finder on a high resolution (480V x 854H pixel) display. It has a triple-channel sonar receiver, dual microprocessor and 8000 watts peak-to-peak (1000 watts RMS) power output.

Rounding out the top end of the range is the 987CX SI. Like the 981CX SI, it features 262/455kHz side imaging sonar for bottom coverage of up to 146 metres, with the added bonus of full GPS chartplotting in one unit. In addition to the dual frequency sonar that can be viewed on the high definition (480v x 854h pixel) colour screen, the 987CX SI combo also has UniMap, providing a land-water chart within a 4nm range anywhere along the Australian coastline.

Enquiries: Bob Littler Agencies, tel: (07) 3907 5500.
Website: www.bla.com.au

Burke Matrix

Burke has redesigned its popular Matrix L1.

The Matrix L1 now boasts a new look and uses soft shaped PVC buoyancy foam, designed to move and mould with the user’s body.

The Matrix L1 complies with the Australian Standard AS1512 as PFD1 and is available in both adult and children’s sizes.

The adult version for a 60-plus kg person costs $77. The children’s 12-25kg Matrix L1 costs $62.56.

Enquiries: Burke, tel: (02) 9638 4333.
Website: www.burkemarine.com.au

Evinrude E-TECs

Bombardier Recreational Products Inc (BRP) has announced the expansion of its Evinrude E-TEC outboard engine line-up. The recently launched 115hp 60-degree V4 E-TEC is now joined by a 130hp engine and a 60-degree V6 platform, available in 150, 175 and 200hp.

In addition to the mid-range engine series, the Evinrude E-TEC range will also include in-line two-cylinder, 40, 50 and 60hp engines; in-line three-cylinder 75 and 90hp models; 115 and 130hp V4s, 175 and 200hp V6s, and 200, 225 and 250 HO V6 models.

According to BRP, the new engines offer excellent fuel economy and strong performance, while boasting no scheduled dealer maintenance for three years (or 300 hours of use), quality components and unique styling.

The 130 and 200hp engines feature a variable exhaust control valve designed to deliver more low-end power and top-speed performance.

All Evinrude engines are available in both freshwater and saltwater variations.
Enquiries: BRP Australia, tel: (02) 9794 6600.
Website: www.evinrude.com


Koden Plotters and Sounders

Koden has released two new combined plotter/sounder units.

The compact CVG-80 has an 8-inch TFT LCD display with 480 x 640 pixels (VGA) resolution. The larger 10.4-inch CVG-200 plotter-sounder also offers single/dual presentation and vertical/horizontal split-screen presentation.

Both units feature dual-frequency 50/200kHz, with power outputs of either 600W or 1 kW. The displays offer 16 colour palettes, 9 background colours and 13 screen menus.

Enquiries: Coursemaster Autopilots, tel: (02) 9417 7097.
Website: www.coursemaster.com

Majestic STB100

In line with rapid changes in technology and the development of new products, Majestic has released its STB100 digital set top box.

Housed in a slim-line box measuring approximately 17cm (depth) x 4cm (height) x 25cm (wide), the unit comes with three video outputs and two audio/video inputs, an infra red remote control and remote sensor.

Majestic claims the STB100 produces a signal and sound quality almost to the standard of a DVD player.

The STB100 comes with a 3-year warranty, and retails for $499.

Enquiries: Majestic Global, tel: 0500 840 011.
Website: www.majestic-global.com


Mercury 25 and 35 four-strokes

Mercury Marine has released its new 25 and 30hp EFI Mercury and Mariner four-stroke engines.

The restyled engines come in both electric and manual start models and are electronically fuel-injected.

According to Mercury Marine, the manual-start version is the industry’s first battery-free manual-start EFI four-stroke and the 25hp engine is also the first EFI of that horsepower in the history of outboards.

Available in 15- and 20-inch shaft lengths, tiller or remote control, and manual, gas-assist or power trim and tilt, the engines are 3-Star Ultra Low rated by the California Air Resources Board (CARB). The tiller model features the Mercury- exclusive shift-in-handle tiller assembly.

The new 25 and 30hp models come with a 526cc powerhead, updated Verado-style graphics and a new cowl. Weighing in at 74kg, they will replace the existing 30 EFI and 30 carburetted versions that are some 20kg heavier.

The Mercury and Mariner 25 and 30 EFI four-strokes will be available in Australia and New Zealand from August, 2005.

Enquiries: Mercury Marine, tel: 1800 114500.
Website: www.mercurymarine.com.au

Pains Wessex RB6/S

With the recent phasing out of 121.5MHz frequency, Pains Wessex has released the new RES-Q-SAT RB6406 MHz EPIRB.

The RB6 transmits a digital signal on the 4.6MHz international distress frequency, allowing rescue operators to detect the signal faster and locate the vessel with greater accuracy.

The RB6 features all the existing benefits of the RB2/S, including strobe light, waterproof on/off test switch, alarm and a 5-year long-life lithium battery.

Enquiries: Pains Wessex, tel: (03) 9882 0444.
Website: www.painswessex.com.au