AutoAnchor 150

For those who find anchoring difficult, AutoAnchor offers its 150 Panel Mount Rodecounter. The 150 Panel Mount Rodecounter connects to the windlass to display the length of anchor rode deployed.

It will fit to most windlasses, DC, AC or hydraulic, has a docking alarm, plus adjustable backlighting with a choice of metric or imperial measurements. It comes in a standard 2” (60mm) marine instrument case.

Enquiries: AutoAnchor, tel: + 64 9 4191219.

Sevylor Manta Ray

For those who enjoy getting big air on the water, Sevylor offers the Manta Ray. With a 3.35-metre wingspan, the Manta Ray is capable of lifting up and hovering metres above the water when towed behind a ski boat at a speed of around 23km/h.

Suitable for one or two people, it includes two inflatable backrests, two footrests for the rear rider and rope handles to aid manoeuvring.

For the not-so-big kids, it also includes a towing provision that keeps it on the water, preventing it from lifting and hovering. The base and wings are made from reinforced PVC composite sandwich material and the seats are nylon covered with neoprene. The Manta Ray is inflatable and comes with a repair kit and owners manual.

Enquiries: BLA, tel: (07) 3907 5500.

3-Step Boatcare System

With so many boatcare products on the market, finding the right one for the right job can be difficult. To make life easier, International Paints has released its new 3-step colour-coded system: Clean – Restore – Protect.

To achieve the best results, simply choose the 3-step boatcare system for your boat – fibreglass, metal, painted surfaces or wood.

Boatcare products do not contain any silicone oils and are available in 500ml containers.

Enquiries: Akzo Nobel, tel: (07) 5573 9600.

Scorpion 125XDD Crazy Deep

Following the release of its Crazy Deep Scorpion 150 and Laser Pro 190, Halco is set to release the third lure in the range; the Scorpion 125 Crazy Deep.

Like the others in the Crazy Deep range, the Scorpion 125’s bib has a scalloped upper surface and dive tests saw it bottom out at 7 metres.

According to Halco, the Scorpion 125 remains both stable and highly receptive to angler over-rides throughout its speed band.

Enquiries: Halco, tel: (02) 9430 5080. Website:

Yamaha 2006 Catalogue

Yamaha’s new 28-page catalogue details the complete range of engines, with more than 100 two-stroke, four-stroke and VMAX outboards available in Australia.

It also features Yamaha’s latest innovations, including the new electronically-injected four-stroke F100D and the advanced multi-function tiller for selected Yamaha mid-range outboards.

Yamaha outboards come with a two-year manufacturer’s warranty.
Enquiries: Yamaha outboard dealers.

Five More from Volvo Penta

Volvo Penta has introduced five new engines for sailing and displacement boats.

According to Volvo Penta, the D1-13, 20, 30, D2-40 and D4-180 all feature low rpm, powerful torque, freshwater cooling and comply with the emission requirements to be introduced in the EU and USA from 2006.

Enquiries: Eastern Engine, tel: (07) 3902 5444.


Koden Big 8

Koden’s new, larger 8-inch CVS833 colour screen sounder is now available in Australia.
The dual frequency (50/200kHz) sounder has power outputs in either 600W or 1kW and features a daylight viewable TFT LCD display with colour distinction and resolution (480 x 640 pixels VGA), plus independantly adjustable knobs for both high and low frequency gain.

The CVS833 features a screen that can be divided either vertically or horizontally, plus zoom-in function, water temperature display and graph. The auto key offers the full auto mode and sets gain and depth range to optimum conditions.

The unit comes with built-in flush mounting system or bracket mount.
Enquiries: Coursemaster Autopilots, tel: (02) 9417 7097.

Honda BF40 and BF50

According to Honda, the new BF40 and BF50hp outboard engines deliver maximum power while offering light weight, compact, ergonomic designs.
Suited for runabouts, side or centre console fishing boats or larger aluminium dinghies, the new three-cylinder, tri-carburettor outboards feature Honda’s Auto-Start Enrichment System automatic choking, an 8-inch centre-mounted tiller handle and a non-linear mounting system.

The BF50 engine is available in both long (20-inch) and extra long (25-inch) shaft models, while the BF40 comes in a long (20-inch) shaft size.
Prices of the BF50 range from $8375 to $9130. The BF40 outboards range from $6836 to $7839.

Dry weights range from 93kg to 97.5kg, depending upon the configuration. The BF40 and BF50 come with a limited 2-year warranty.

Enquiries: Honda Marine,
tel: (03) 9270 1111.


Teleflex Engine Monitor

The new Marine Engine Monitor from Teleflex taps into a freely available data stream – the J1939 CANbus – that comes with most marine diesel engines.

The monitor uses output originally designed for engine diagnostic purposes to provide information on engine and transmission status, fuel consumption, level and other calculated trip parameters.

It is displayed on a 110 x 110 water-proof display unit, which provides a number of configurable single- or multi-screen displays in analogue, digital or graphical formats. Engine and transmission alarm messages are automatically displayed.

Enquiries: Bob Littler Agencies, tel: (07) 3890 1115.

Quintrex Transom Door

Quintrex has introduced a transom door as an option to its 480 and bigger models.

Previously only available in 540 and larger models, the walk-through door is designed to provide access for landing a catch, as well as easier boarding during water sports.

Quintrex National Sales and Marketing Manager, Damien Duncan said the introduction of the transom door on smaller models was made as a result of strong customer demand.

“The transom doors are particularly useful for water sports enthusiasts, where skiers and tubers are constantly getting in and out of the boat,” he said.

The door is situated on the starboard side of the boat, with the engine cables running beneath the transom step-way.

Enquiries: Quintrex,
tel: (07) 5585 9898.