Handy Pen

With skiing and fishing gear on board there’s often little room for much else, which is why WD-40 has come up with the Handy Pen.

The WD-40 Handy Pen has a fibre tip and can be used on tackle boxes (frees and lubricates fishing gear), tool box, camping gear, glove box and even travel bags to un-jam zippers and fasteners.

The WD-40 Handy Pen retails for $3.99.

Enquiries: Hardware stores and supermarkets.


Pains Wessex Safety Products

Safety equipment specialist, Pains Wessex has released a range of flares to comply with recent boating regulation changes implemented by Marine Safety Victoria.

In line with the new regulations, Pains Wessex now offers the Red Star Parachute Distress Rocket, which meets the minimum safety equipment requirement for vessels venturing further than two nautical miles offshore.

When activated, the Pains Wessex Para Red Rocket carries its payload to a height of 300 metres, where a parachute-suspended red flare is ejected.

The red flare burns for 40 seconds at a brightness of 30,000 candela and is visible from up to 15km during the day and up to 40km at night. Under the new regulations, boaters are also required to carry two hand-held orange smoke signals and two hand-held distress flares, along with an approved EPIRB.

The Pains Wessex Aurora flares meet the current requirements and the company also stocks a comprehensive range of digital 406MHz EPIRB units to coincide with satellite frequency changes due to come into effect in 2009.

Enquiries: Pains Wessex, tel: (03) 9885 0444. Website: www.painswessex.com.au.


Mercury Enertia


Mercury has released its new offshore propeller, the Enertia. According to Mick Hall, sales manager for Quicksilver parts, “the propeller will be ideal for high horsepower offshore-style fishing boats.”

The Enertia is made from X7, a new alloy developed and patented by Mercury.

Mercury says the advanced design offers a thinner blade and higher rake angle for better handling, improved acceleration and greater top speed.

Enertia propellers will be available in one-pitch increments and sizes from 14 to 22 inches for right-hand rotation and 15 to 21 inches for left-hand rotation. It will suit V6 outboards and Alpha Drives.

Enquiries: Mercury, tel: 1800 114 900. Website: www.mercurymarine.com.au


Majestic FD1000

Majestic Global has announced the release of its FD1000 roof-mount LCD, with built-in DVD player.

The FD1000 is a 10” widescreen LCD monitor that has the capacity to provide digital TV when coupled with the Majestic STB100.

To install the system, it’s a matter of mounting it to the roof and connecting 12V power with an A/V input line to connect the STB100 for a digital TV with built-in DVD player.

The FD1000 comes with optional headphones in two models. The MJHP20-1 is a basic version that offers stereo sound and automatic turn-off. It saves battery power by switching off the headphones within 30 seconds of the unit being turned off.

The MJHP60-1 is the ultimate set of headphones. Featuring a built-in digital decoder, it provides virtual digital surround sound. The unit is available in either black or beige, is supplied standard with a remote control and is capable of playing CD/DVD/MP3.

Enquiries: Majestic Global, tel: 1500 840 011. Website: www.majestic-global.com


WaveRunner Revolution

Yamaha continues to expand its range in 2006, with the release of a new WaveRunner plus a host of new features.

The four-stroke FX series will now sport a dash design that, according to Yamaha, is more akin to that of a sports car. The 2006 FX Cruiser models feature a digital compass and fuel management system and a dry storage compartment, as well as a re-boarding ladder and pop-up cleats.

The new WaveRunner VX 700 combines VX hull performance with the strength of the XL 700 series engine and has seating for three adults. The VX700 joins the 155hp SLT 1200 in the WaveRunner stable.

Driver adaptive control has been incorporated into the 2006 WaveRunner range via the Quick Shift Trim System (QSTS), which is designed to give the driver the ability to adjust the trim of the bow according to surface conditions.

Enquiries: Yamaha Motor Australia. Qld tel: (07) 3906 7000; NSW (02) 9757 0011; Vic (03) 9703 5400; SA (08) 8359 0155; WA (08) 9455 4544.
Website: www.yamaha-motor.com.au



There is a lot a boat owner can do these days to deter the opportunistic thief than just relying on an old chain and padlock.

Mytrailerguard can secure many types of trailer. It is designed to be bolted to concrete, but can work free standing, as it shrouds the towing eye immediately on attachment. It can also be folded down when not in use, allowing vehicles to drive over it.

Mytrailerguard holds the trailer in a secure horizontal position and, according to its manufacturer, it is impossible to cut any part of the device with bolt-cutters.

Made from heavy gauge steel, it weighs 13kg, and measures approximately 400mm in height. It also features a hardened bridge and pins, stainless steel hinges and catches and is zinc-dipped and powder-coated. Available in yellow or grey, Mytrailerguard comes with 5 quality Dyna bolts, fitting instructions and a 12-month warranty.

Enquiries: Victor Steiner, tel: 0418 399 333. Website: www.mytrailerguard.com


MOBi-lert 720

Man-over-board (MOB) technology developer, MOBi-lert is set to launch its latest product at this year’s Sanctuary Cove International Boat Show.

Users attach the waterproof PTX to their clothes or body, using the supplied lanyard or clip. Any break in transmission between the PTX and the boat (caused by immersion in water) will raise an alarm.

A warning alarm is also issued anytime the battery is low and needs recharging.
The system works on vessels up to 40ft and includes all necessary antenna and alert technology, two personal transmitters and PTX re-charger.

Boat owners can also purchase the MOBi-lert Console with GPS to identify who has fallen overboard and the exact incident point. A Track-Back screen provides pictorial directions on how to locate the MOB and gives location bearings.

Additional features, such as engine-shut off, are also available.
Enquiries: MOBi-lert, tel: (08) 9315 3511. Website: www.mobilert.com


Offshore Marine Technology Pedestal

Offshore Marine Technology has developed a new electric pedestal to complement its current range of pneumatic and fixed height pedestals.

Director and engineer, Keith Hills designed the pedestal to keep within the contemporary design of the current Navigator Pedestals, but has added a wider and more rounded footrest to the new model.

He has also designed the seat to use a remote control, which reduces the amount of wiring within both the seat and the boat.

The pedestal has polished 316 stainless steel columns covering the actuators and the standard connection plate of the Navigator Pedestals. It comes standard with the Navigator SWASP seat (Wide Navigator Helm Seat) and can be covered in geniune leather or Ultraleather. A two-year structural warranty applies.

Enquiries: Offshore Marine Technology, tel: (02) 8338 8070.
Website: www.boatparts.com.au


Shimano TCurve Saltwater Spin

The TCurve Saltwater Spin is the latest addition to Shimano’s TCurve Bluewater range. The two-piece rod measure seven feet in length and features cork grips, a graphite Fuji reel seat and rubber butt cap. According to Shimano, the Saltwater Spin is a versatile all-rounder that can be used for anything from heavy duty squidgys to casting metal slugs at feeding tuna.

For the best results, Shimano recommends matching the rod to either the 6000 and 8000 Sustain, 6000 and 8000 Stradic, 8000 Spheros or the Stella 6000 reels.

Enquiries: Dunphy Sports/Fishing Imports, tel: (02) 9526 2144.
Website:  www.shimanofish.com.au


Koden navigation network

The new Koden K-Link high performance navigation network is now available in Australia through Coursemaster Autopilots dealers nationwide.

The multi-function systems incorporates up to three displays for radar, GPS, GPS-compass and echo sounder, using Ethernet network protocol. Each display is equipped with an independent, high-speed CPU and can be operated from any location on the boat.

The system features dual radar screens, bottom zoom and fast map rotation, which is designed to eliminate delays when displaying radar and plotter video simultaneously. K-Link offers a range of configurations suitable for leisure cruising, game fishing and trolling or a full-spec option.

Enquiries: Coursemaster Autopilots, tel: (02) 9417 7097.
Website: www.coursemaster.com