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Consummate cruiser

A boat built to deliver pleasant weekend cruising - Whittley’s 630.
– Warren Steptoe

Islands of Fire

The Galapagos Islands teem with wildlife and even the rocks are alive.
– Tony Karacsonyi

Size does matter

Everything about this year’s Sanctuary Cove International Boat Show was big.
– Chris Beattie

On Tapas

Among culinary customs unique to Spain, none is better known than tapas.
– Teena Burgess

A Sea Ray day

The 290 is a great package and the majestic 44 overwhelms – two new luxury cruisers from Sea Ray.
– Chris Beattie

Australian Marine Awards 2006

178 contenders and 59 finalists resulted in worthy winners and worn out judges. ­
– Chris Beattie

Smiles all round

Sales galore at the Club Marine Melbourne Boat Show.
– Bianca Maher

Kimberley uncut

An unforgettable adventure in one of the world’s last great wilderness areas.
– Chris Beattie

Rookie racers

Club Marine’s all-girl crew impressed in their first competitive outing.
– Bianca Maher

Fabulous Fraser

One of Australia’s biggest and best fishing competitions attracts anglers from far and wide.
– Rick Huckstepp

A family car with a family tree

Audi’s European rivals are beginning to take serious notice – the Avant A6.
– Chris de Fraga

A tale of two Tiaras

For those who prefer solid engineering over flash and splash ­– the Tiara 2900 Coronet.
– Barry Tranter

Help is on its way…

Arguably the most critical life-saving accessory you can have on the water – digital EPIRBs save lives and boats.
– Chris Beattie