Lowrance has released a new colour sonar/chartplotter designed specifically for saltwater fishing and downrigger tracking. The new LMS 339c DF iGPS colour sonar/chartplotter has a built-in GPS+WAAS antenna.

Measuring 12.5cm (diagonal), the 256 colour SolarMAX TFT display provides wide viewing angles on a 480 x 480 pixel resolution, with high-speed screen updates.
It also features Lowrance’s Colorline function, which, according to Lowrance, gives unmatched target detail and separation.

A dual-frequency 50/200kHz Skimmer transducer, together with 4000 watts peak-to-peak (500 watts RMS) power output, gives depth sounding and fish finding (with 50kHz) down to 760m.

Standard is Lowrance’s Advanced Signal Processing (ASP), a noise rejection system that constantly evaluates the effects of boat speed, water conditions and interference and adjusts the screen to suit.

Other standard features include: FishReveal, which identifies sonar returns from fish hiding in structure; HyperScroll for manual adjustment of the ping speed of the transducer and FlashGraf, which combines a scrolling sonar target graph with a digital LCD flasher with Colorline.

GPS information is derived via a 12-parallel channel GPS-plus-WAAS receiver, with plotting via MMC Navionics or NauticPath charting. It boasts up to 100 routes/1000 waypoints/1000 event markers and 100 saveable and retraceable plot trails, with up to 10,000 points per trail using 40 map zoom ranges from .03-6400km.

The LMS 339c DFiGPS is NMEA 2000 compatible, waterproof and comes with a protective cover and a two-year warranty.
Enquiries: Lowrance, tel: (07) 5523 6500.
Website: www.lowrance.com.au


Suzuki 300hp V6 outboard

Making its debut on this year’s boat show circuit is Suzuki’s new 4-litre V6 four-stroke outboard. According to Suzuki, its new DF300 is the most powerful four-stroke on the market.

At 4.0 litres and a target weight of 274kg for the 25-inch shaft model (or 279kg for the 30-inch), Suzuki says the DF300 weighs approximately the same as other normally-aspirated 250hp models.

Suzuki has incorporated weight-saving features, such as new Alumite-coated forged aluminium pistons, which are attached to connecting rods with full-float hollow wrist pins.

The DF300 was designed with a narrow 55-degree V-block. Suzuki says this narrow angle allows for easy mounting of twin or triple installations on 26-inch centres, without contact.

Other features include a Dual Overhead Cam (DOHC) powerhead with four valves per cylinder, Suzuki’s Variable Valve Timing, which works to continually adjust the intake cam phasing to maximise torque in the low- and mid-range, a 12-V, 54-amp alternator and a dual-circuit charging system that can be adapted to accommodate the dual-battery configurations often used on larger boats.

The DF300 meets EPA 2006 Federal emission standards and the California Air Resources Board (CARB) 3-star ultra-low emissions rating. The DF300 also introduces several ‘firsts’ from Suzuki Marine, such as a hydrodynamic lower unit with Suzuki’s two-stage gear reduction to give a drive ratio of 2.08:1. According to Suzuki, the lower gear ratio enables the DF300 to easily swing a 16-inch propeller from 17- to 26-inch pitch. Counter rotation is available in both 25” and 30” shaft lengths for twin/triple engine configurations.

It has a maximum operating range of 5700 to 6300rpm and features a fly-by-wire shift/throttle system.
Enquiries: The Haines Group, tel: (07) 3271 4400.
Website: www.thehainesgroup.com



For those who find getting their pride and joy in and out of the water a real chore, Jet Dock Systems has an alternative.

Jet Dock Systems manufactures drive-on docking/slide-off launching systems for a wide range of vessels, from a single PWC up to vessels measuring 50 feet in length.

The systems can be used in fresh or salt water, deep or shallow waterways and in tides and currents.

The modular, floating drive-on dry-lifting system is fully portable and, according to Jet Dock Systems, is resistant to UV damage and is non-polluting.

Each dock is factory pre-assembled with a lifetime limited warranty and is available with a 270-degree walk-around platform.

Enquiries: Jet Dock Systems, tel (02) 6021 4411.
Website: www.jetdock.net.au


Yamaha torques up

Yamaha has boosted its range of portable four-stroke outboards with the release of its new F15C and F20B.

The two engines share the same 362cc, SOHC, two-cylinder engine block with a CDI microprocessor ignition and are available in short- and long-shaft configurations.

The new F20B fits between Yamaha’s F25 and F15 four-stroke outboards, while the F15C supersedes the current 323cc F15.

Handling the new portable four-strokes is made easier with either forward steering controls or Yamaha’s multi-function tiller handle, which has a power trim and tilt switch, an ergonomic design and longer throttle grip.

Offering manual tilt operation only plus electric or manual start, the F15C weighs in at 51.7kg and produces 15hp (11kW). The F20B has four model designations, all delivering 20hp from a maximum rev range of 5000 to 6000rpm. Power tilt is now offered on the F20B, along with manual or electric start. The new F20BEP and F20BEHP weigh in at 60.7kg, while the manual tilt F20BMH comes in at 53.7kg.

The F15C and F20B are available through all authorised Yamaha outboard dealers and come backed by a two-year manufacturer’s warranty.

Enquiries: Yamaha Motor Australia, tel: (07) 3906 7000.
Website: www.yamaha-motor.com.au


Burke’s service station

Burke Marine has established a network of PFD service stations throughout Australia.

Located throughout each state, the service stations are authorised to carry out testing and issue test certificates for the complete range of Burke inflatable PFDs.

To locate your nearest service station, check out www.burkemarine.com.au or tel: (02) 9638 4333.


Sanding Guide Coat

International Paint has released a Sanding Guide Coat, designed to make achieving a smooth, even finish easier.

The Sanding Guide Coat works by highlighting fine scratches into easily visible blue lines that can be sanded away when progressing from coarse to fine sand paper.

It comes in a one-litre container and, according to International Paint, it has a coverage rate of approximately 50sqm per litre, will not dissolve most cloths and contains no traces of residue.

The Sanding Guide Coat is applied by using a cloth and the product dries almost instantly.

Enquiries: International Yacht Paint, tel: 1800 251 431.
Website: www.yachtpaint.com


MerCruiser limited edition

MerCruiser’s Black Scorpion MX 6.2-litre, 340hp and 5.7-litre, 330hp tow sport inboards are now available for a limited time with optional polished and painted plenum and pulley.

Black Scorpion engines feature a tunnel ram intake manifold and a 90mm throttle body. Run on standard unleaded fuel, the MX 6.2 Black Scorpion develops its extra horsepower through a long-stroke engine and custom-ground camshaft designed to deliver maximum torque.

Both Black Scorpion engines are available in centre-mount, or V-drive installations with Walter V-drive.

Enquiries: MerCruiser, tel: 1800 114 700.
Website: www.mercurymarine.com.au


Marine charts for eXplorist GPS

Magellan has expanded the capabilities of the eXplorist hand-held GPS, with MapSend BlueNav XL3 Oceania marine charts now covering the entire coast of Australia and New Zealand.

Compatible with the eXplorist 400, 500, 600 and XL MapSend Blue Nav, XL3 Oceania marine charts on SD card provide information such as tides and currents, depth contours, navaids, port services and more.

Based on Navionics’ Gold charts, MapSend BlueNav XL3 Oceania charts allows the user to see their current position in relation to navaids, channels, moorings and a variety of underwater structures, such as wrecks, cables and pilings.

Broken into four separate regions, MapSend BlueNav XL3 Oceania charts are available on individual cards to allow users to select the desired section of coastline.

To use the MapSend BlueNav XL3 Oceania charts, simply insert the SD card in the SD card reader.

Enquiries: Next Destination, 1800 644 033.
Website: www.nextdestination.com.au


Silstar filleting kits


Cleaning and filleting kits are useful accessories in any fisherman’s tackle box. Silstar’s filleting kit contains 6-inch and 8-inch filleting knives, a boning knife, scissors and pliers.

In addition, there is a sharpener, scaler, weighing scale and a cutting board that fits inside the lid, and can be removed for filleting and cleaning. Silstar kits come with moulded shapes for each item so that a quick glance is all that is needed to tell if everything is there.

Another version has the cutting board fitted with a clamp to hold the fish being worked on. The kit comes complete in a rustproof carry case, with a handle and two catches to keep the lid firmly closed and contents secure.

The kits come with a DVD containing information and advice on fish preparation, cleaning, boning and filleting, plus tips on cooking and seafood recipes.

Enquiries: Tackle stores.