Following last year’s introduction of GME’s GX600 compact VHF radio comes the announcement of the GX600D Digital Selective Calling model.

Flexibility has been the key in the design of the GX600D, says GME. It features an IP67 waterproof rating, colour choices, plus a range of mounting and second station options. Standard equipment includes a full function keypad microphone with a ‘mobile phone-style’ operating system.

The 25-watt GX600D can be interfaced with a GPS receiver, and is able to transmit crucial vessel information, including position and the nature of the distress call. One push of the ‘red button’ will send an automated digital distress alert containing position and Maritime Mobile Service Identity (MMSI) number to rescue facilities and other DSC-equipped vessels in the area.

The GX600D comes complete with a second receiver and is designed and manufactured in Australia.

The GME GX600D retails for $399, including GST.
Enquiries: GME, tel: (02) 9844 6666.


Strikezone Live Baiting DVD


Well-known fishing journalist, Alistair McGlashan has teamed up with award-winning cinematographer, Ron Croft to produce a DVD that gives a whole new insight into how fish feed.

Employing their own ‘troll cam’ technology, Strikezone Live Baiting is loaded with underwater footage of mahi mahi, marlin, mako, cobia and yellowtail kingfish, much of which has never been seen before.

As Alistair says, “Troll cam has shown us what really goes on underwater and many of the things we thought happened are way off the mark.”

This DVD contains never-before-seen footage of pelagic predators stalking and attacking baits. Filmed along Australia’s east coast, it is packed full of action, from high-flying black marlin to stump-pulling cobia and even a mako shark attacking the camera!

Alistair’s laid-back presentation style and extensive fishing knowledge, coupled with Ron’s camera work, makes Strikezone a must for any fisherman.

Enquiries: Strikezone. Tel: 1800 025 785.


Oceantalk wireless

Wireless, solar-powered wind measurement technology is now available to Australian powerboat owners. UK company, Tacktick is at the forefront of this revolutionary technology, which has been developed largely in racing and is waterproof to 10 metres.

Measuring both wind speed and direction, the Micronet Power Boat Wind Transmitter has numerous advantages over traditional systems. Being wireless and solar-powered means there’s no need to drill holes or run cabling to install either the transmitter or display.

And there’s no need to hire an electrical engineer – it can be easily installed by the boat owner, according to Oceantalk. The transmitter sends data to any onboard Tacktick display. The analogue display (available in white, grey or carbon black) can be mounted anywhere from the flybridge to the cockpit or even carried in a pocket.

Enquiries: Oceantalk, tel: (02) 9981 9500.


Mercury SmartTow

Mercury Marine has introduced SmartTow, the latest in control system technology designed to make launching boats and setting a cruise speed easy.

SmartTow consists of an rpm-based, set-point control and the Mercury-patented Launch Control System, which has five preset launch profiles from tubing to wakeboarding and slalom skiing.

Drivers simply select a launch profile for out-of-the-hole intensity, enter an rpm set-point based on the rider’s desired pull speed and move the throttle to wide open.

SmartTow was designed to integrate with existing Mercury SmartCraft technology and is available on all 2007 Mercury Digital Throttle and Shift (DTS) products, including outboards.

Enquiries: Mercury Marine, tel: 1800 114 500.


Honda’s BF75/BF90

According to Honda, its new BF75 and BF90 four-stroke EFI outboards are the lightest engines ever produced in their class. Weighing just 162kg and 163kg respectively, the completely redesigned engines boast a power-to-weight ratio on a par with that of two-stroke outboards.

Honda Marine Manager, Tim Davies says: “With the exception of the cylinder sleeves, the new BF75/90 feature an all-aluminium alloy block, resulting in a very lightweight engine.”

The BF75/90 hole shot performance is a combination of Honda’s Boosted Low Speed Torque (BLAST) system, which advances ignition timing during acceleration, and an exclusive high-performance gear case design.

The new outboards have a gear ratio of 2.33:1, a hydrodynamic gear case featuring an enlarged bullet and new anti-splash and cavitation plates to reduce drag. The BF75/90 will be available in Australia by the end of the year.

Enquiries: Honda Marine, tel; (03) 9270 1111.



Aquapac has released its latest waterproof creation, the BeltPac. The BeltPac is 100 per cent waterproof and foam padded, allowing the wearer to wear it comfortably around the waist whilst enjoying the outdoors. It also keeps keys, phone, cards and cash dry, says Aquapac.

When sealed, the BeltPac is airtight and if dropped in the water will float, even with the weight of cash and keys inside. BeltPac is dust- and sand-proof and submersible to 10 metres.

Enquiries: Next Destination, tel: 1800 644 033.


Sunbrella Supreme

Sunbrella’s Supreme exterior marine fabric combines waterproof performance with the aesthetics of an interior fabric. According to Sunbrella, the Supreme fabric is the only exterior marine fabric with both an acrylic face and acrylic flocking on the back.

Using a bonding process to securely adhere the solution-dyed acrylic flocking to the Sunbrella fabric produces a waterproof product with a velour-like feel, says Sunbrella. Sunbrella Supreme is offered in a marine construction of 60-inch widths in eight colours.

Enquiries: Sunbrella, tel: (03) 9763 3166.


Henri-Lloyd TP2

For the past three years, the crew at Henri-Lloyd has been working around the clock to develop an elite performance range of clothing for America’s Cup contender, BMW Oracle.

The result is Henri-Lloyd’s TP2 Shadow range. The Shadow range is made using TP2 fabric technology, which is 100 per cent waterproof and features a high level of breathability, articulated high-tech sleeves, a waterproof Riri storm zip, an articulated collar system with a fold-away visibility hood, two pockets with waterproof zips, Dartex adjustable internal and external adjustable wrist seals and internal secure pocket.

Enquiries: Burke Marine,
tel: (02) 9638 4333.