Simrad instruments

If you’ve got a mid-range to high-end sail or power boat, enhance your trips away with this ‘plug ’n’ play’ instrumentation system from Simrad.

With six different instrument heads available ­– comprising IS15 Wind, IS15 Tack, IS15 Compass, IS15 Multi, IS15 Combi and IS15 Rudder ­– you can now build up your instrumentation over time quickly and easily, until you have the exact mix of instruments you need to suit your boating requirements.

IS15 Wind gives a clear analogue display of apparent wind direction and speed, while IS15 shows a magnified wind display to allow even closer sailing to windward. IS15 Compass gives a 360-degree analogue readout with an exact digital heading, while IS15 Multi gives a clear readout of any data required from a distance and the IS15 Combi can display data in groups, ie: speed, log, depth and wind. The IS15 Rudder will accurately show your rudder position at all times and can be used as part of an autopilot system.

The Simrad IS15 instruments are also available in round format, which can be front- or back-mounted to suit all styles of dashboards and sailboat cockpits.

RRP: from $770.00.
Enquiries: Navico, tel: (07) 5523 6500.


Outback Marine Desalinators

According to Outback Marine, these saltwater desalination systems will keep your boat supplied with fresh water for years to come, whether you enjoy the odd daytrip or like to spend weeks away at sea.

FCI Watermachines are manufactured in models capable of producing from 32lt of fresh water per hour up to 1300lt per hour, and use 240V from an onboard AC generator.

For those who spend greater periods away, Outback Marine claims the range of discrete and fully integrated systems from Spectra Watermachines will suit the most demanding of buyers.

Enquiries: Outback Marine Australia Pty Ltd, tel: (07) 5500 0822.


Shimano Stradic 5000FH Threadline reel

When you’re after a quality reel for some rough and tumble encounters in the world of sportfishing, Shimano says its Stradic 5000FH Threadline reel is always up for a fight.

Holding 195m of 6kg mono (or a lot more braid), the Stradic features four A-RB bearings and one roller bearing. A variety of Shimano features help alleviate line friction at any key point, while the multi-washer drag is waterproof, and a maintenance port allows light lubrication of the drive train.

The Stradic is also suitable for heavyweight estuary fishing, its 5.7:1 gear ratio also making it ideal for other pursuits, such as throwing metal slugs at school tuna.

RRP: $299.00 (spare spool included).

Enquiries: Dunphy Sport/Fishing Imports Pty Ltd, tel: (02) 9526 2144. Website:


Satflower satellite TV antenna

According to distributors, TMQ International Pty Ltd, you can enjoy flawless pay television from the comfort of your boat with these new satellite television antennas from Intellian Technologies.

The 45cm SatflowerI4 and 60cm SatflowerI6 access hundreds of channels of digital entertainment and quality digital sound, even while at sea, the units locking onto a satellite’s signal as soon as they are switched on.

For improved reception at sea, both units use Dynamic Beam Tilting technology, which enables the antenna to track the satellite and maintain its signal even in the heaviest of weather. The Satflower’s rugged construction is claimed to withstand the worst a marine environment can throw at it, and each model comes with a two-year parts/one-year labour warranty.

RRP: SatflowerI4 $8250.00; SatflowerI6 $12,650.

Enquiries: TMQ International Pty Ltd, tel: 1800 777 835. Website:


Quicksilver Boat Care

Keep your boat sparkling inside and out with this comprehensive range of new cleaning products from Quicksilver.

Quickshine allows you to clean away grime from your boat’s exterior and achieve a deep shine, without the use of fresh water ­– especially useful given the water restrictions that are currently in force throughout much of Australia.

Marine Polish utilises synthetic polymer chemistry to maintain a deep gloss on all new surfaces, while restoring older surfaces to their former glory, says Quicksilver. It’s suitable for machine polishing, too, while its special formula means it’s just as effective on metal work.

Vinyl Clean will give your vinyl surfaces a new lease on life, plus a protective UV-resistant coating, while the new Quicksilver range is rounded out by Wash ‘n’ Wax for a showroom shine.

Enquiries: available through all good marine outlets. Website: (click on Accessories, then Boat Care).


Turning Point Rascals

Propeller manufacturer, Turning Point has now added a further range of aluminium props to its catalogue, the Rascal line-up being suitable for outboards from eight to 18hp with a 2.5-inch gearbox.

Available in a 9-inch diameter, with either a 9 or 10-inch pitch, Rascal propellers also feature Turning Point’s MasterGuard hub system, which allows the props and hubs to be sold separately – a popular and cost-effective system that allows boat owners to replace the prop, but continue to use their original hub, should the prop be damaged. This system also means you can swap over props of different pitches quickly and easily, depending on your requirement for any individual trip.

RRP: hubs $30.00; props $112.00.
Enquiries: BLA, tel: (07) 3907 5500. Website:


Henri Lloyd gear bags

A new range of gear bags has been released by Henri Lloyd, to reflect the new styles, colours and fashions of sailing in 2007. Classic black has made way for carbon with grey trim across the crew gear range of feature-packed bags, which comprises the stow bag (85lt and 65lt), back pack, navigator’s case and wheel bag.

The bags are made with a splash-proof material, and come with inside and outside pockets, corrosion-resistant zips, ergonomic handles and carry straps, reinforced stitching and a key hook.

RRP: stow bag $125.00/$135.00; back pack $70.00; navigator case $112.00; wheel bag $229.00.

Enquiries: Burke Marine, tel: (02) 9638 4333. Website:


Navman HD Digital Radar

Navman has just added the Navman High Definition Digital Radar to its comprehensive line-up of marine technology applications, with the manufacturer claiming the unit provides superior target discrimination, separation and presentation.

The system uses Navman’s Digital Signal Processing (DSP) and 10-bit target discrimination to provide clear, easily-viewed coastlines, navigational aids and more. Navman claims the High Definition display also clearly shows detailed harbour approaches, breakwaters, slips and even moored boats, while the effects of rain or snow are also greatly reduced, enhancing safety in foul weather.

Enquiries: your local Navman stockist. Website:


MerCruiser SeaCore

If you’re looking to step up the fight against engine and drive system corrosion, MerCruiser’s SeaCore technology has finally arrived in Australia.

SeaCore has taken the proven Bravo range of propulsion systems and upgraded its corrosion resistance at every turn, says MerCruiser. At the heart of the SeaCore technology is an anodising process that changes the molecular structure of the exterior of the engine, transom and trim cylinders. This creates a diamond-like hardening of the surface of these components, making them even more rugged and durable.

On top of this, an additional 35 stainless steel components have been used in the construction of the engine itself, including the steering shaft and motor mounts, while a closed cooling system ensures saltwater is kept well away from engine internals.

MerCruiser is so confident about the extra protection its SeaCore system provides that it has applied a four-year corrosion warranty to the range, while extending its standard product warranty on all SeaCore packages from two to three years.

Initially, the SeaCore range of sterndrives will be available across all V8 formats, with V6s to follow shortly.

Enquiries: MerCruiser, tel: 1800 114 700. Website:


Vic and NSW Tide Tables

Never second-guess the tides in New South Wales and Victoria again, with these two recent releases from the Australian Fishing Network. Both 2007 Tide Tables Victoria and 2007 Tide Tables New South Wales are waterproof and tearproof, and contain detailed tide information for a selection of regions, including Eden, Newcastle, Sydney, Port Kembla, Yamba, Portland, Port Phillip Heads, Stony Point and Rabbit Island.

Produced in a convenient, pocked-sized format, these 68-page guides list the times of high and low tide, the relative tide heights, major phases of the moon and adjustment times from the major ports.

RRP: $9.99.

Enquiries: Australian Fishing Network, tel: (03) 9761 4044.