KVH satellite TV antenna

Coursemaster Autopilots claims this new KVH TracVision M3 marine satellite TV system is the world’s smallest stabilised marine antenna. It says it is ideal for installation aboard vessels as small as 8m, and will allow users to enjoy their favourite satellite television stations while cruising.

The system comprises the TracVision M3 antenna, a 12-volt multi-satellite control unit and a cable. Coursemaster says the system is easy to install, while its 37cm antenna offers a rugged design, precision tracking, quiet operation and a coverage range comparable to that provided by 45cm units in most areas.

RRP: $7995.00.
Enquiries: Coursemaster Autopilots, tel: (02) 9417 7097.
Website: www.coursemaster.com


Aquapac GPS case

This protective case from Aquapac will ensure your GPS is kept safe and secure. Its makers claim it is water-, snow-, dirt- and dust-proof, making it ideal for a range of outdoor applications, including life on the waves.

Aquapac says that sound and signals pass straight through the case, allowing it to function as per normal, while it’s also waterproof to a depth of 5m. And should your GPS ever decide to jump ship, Aquapac says it will float despite the fact the GPS is inside ­– allowing relatively easy retrieval.

Aquapac also produces a range of other protective cases for portable electronics, such as mobile phones and hand-held radios.

RRP: from $47.00.
Enquiries: Next Destination, tel: 1800 644 033.
Website: www.nextdestination.com.au


WAECO CombiCool
3-Way Absorption Coolers

Mobile refrigeration specialist WAECO says its range of CombiCool 3-Way Absorption Coolers will cool to 25 degrees Celsius below the ambient temperature and will switch from 12V power in your car to 240V or gas power in your boat.

The CA-35, CAB-40 and CAB-55 have 35-lt, 40-lt and 51-lt capacities respectively, and the CAB-40 and CAB-55 also feature a two-sided evaporator for better temperature distribution, a separate ignition button for ease of use and a domestic fridge-style gasket.

WAECO claims that, when powered by gas, the CAB-40 will run for 28 days on a 9kg LPG cylinder, while the same size of cylinder will power the CAB-55 for 23 days.

RRP: CA-35 $429; CAB-40 $499; CAB-55 $629.
Enquiries: WAECO, tel: 1800 212 121.
Website: www.waeco.com.au


MTU Maritune propulsion system

MTU Detroit Diesel claims its recently released Maritune surface drive propulsion system for yachts controls trim automatically, leaving the skipper free to concentrate on steering and the throttle.

MTU says the system allows speed, coupling and trim to be controlled via a single control lever, while engine speed and trim settings are pre-selected for each control lever position, the system’s software continuously adjusting the settings for optimal performance while underway.

Its makers claim the system is compatible with setups utilising MTU Series 2000 or Series 4000 diesel engines.

Enquiries: MTU Detroit Diesel Australia, tel: 1800 688332.
Website: www.mtudda.com.au


Navman gadgets galore

Bring your navigation and fishing well and truly into the 21st century with these new chartplotters, fishfinders and combination units, recently released by Navman.

The Navman Trackfish 6507 combination unit, Tracker 5607 and 5507 chartplotters and Fish 4607 and 4507 fishfinders feature the latest, state-of-the-art, high-resolution displays, with AIS support and SmartCraft integration.

The Trackfish 6507 has a full 5-inch VGA display, offering combination chartplotting and fishfinding features, courtesy of an external GPS antenna and 600W, dual-frequency 200kHz/50kHz sounders.

If you’re purely looking for chartplotting function, the Navman Tracker 5607 and 5507 are powerful solutions, says Navman. The 5607 has a 6.4-inch VGA display, while the 5507 has a 5-inch VGA display ­– both come pre-loaded with a base map of the entire world.

For the fishos, the Fish 4607 and 4507 feature 6.4-inch and 5-inch VGA screens respectively, along with a 600W power source and a dual-frequency, 200kHz/50kHz sounder. Both are SmartCraft compatible, and also display depth, speed, temperature and fuel level.

RRP: Trackfish 6507 $1600; Tracker 5607/5507 $1800/$1300; Fish 4607/4507 $1599/$1099.
Enquiries: your local Navman stockist.
Website: www.navman.com


Quicksilver biminis

Quicksilver Marine Parts & Accessories says its new range of biminis can be bought off-the-shelf and fitted with ease, the installation only requiring one drill bit and a screwdriver.

There are six models in the range, designed to fit fibreglass or aluminium boats with a bow width of 1.5m to 2.3m. All models have a throw of 2.1m and come with a bimini sock.

Quicksilver says its biminis are wind rated to 40 knots, are made from a sturdy 600 denier fabric and come with stainless steel buckles and fittings. The biminis come with rear support arms and front straps, are UV-rated and come with polished alloy supports.

RRP: from $399 to $495.
Enquires: Quicksilver products are distributed through Mercury Marine dealers ­– visit the website below to find the dealership nearest you.
Website: www.mercurymarine.com.au



Simrad GB60 navigation system

Suitable for large powerboats and super­yachts, Simrad’s Glass Bridge GB60 integrated navigation system is the first of three such systems that will be released this year.

Simrad claims the GB60 gives skippers a complete overview of their surroundings and complete control of their vessel, with data from the unit’s black box displayed on multiple monitors in a variety of configurations.

Three sizes of Glass Bridge monitors are available – 305mm, 380mm and 480mm – and they’re available in standard or framed format, the latter for easy flush mounting. The monitors can display anything from vector charts, photos, radar, navigation information, raster charts, 3D, video inputs and more, and all at a high resolution, claims Simrad.

Enquiries: Navico, tel: (07) 5523 6500.
Website: www.simradyachting.com


Tallon mounting system

Keep your boating essentials close to hand with this new mounting system from Tallon Marine. The brainchild of ex-EFTPOS director Peter Marshall, the system comprises a Tallon receiver with stainless steel or plastic faceplate, into which is inserted the Tallon itself, the latter coming in a variety of forms from cup holders to rod racks to bait boards.

The system can then be used to hold anything from drinks and sunscreen to fishing rods and scuba tanks, keeping them securely fastened right where you want them. When you don’t require them, simply unplug the Tallon and leave nothing but your boat’s naturally clean lines.

RRP: Tallon receiver NZ$339 (stainless steel) or NZ$249 (plastic); Tallons from NZ$9.95.
Enquiries: Tallon Marine, tel: +64 3 443 4168.
Website: www.tallonmarine.com


Knots, Bends & Splices DVD

The latest in the Academy of Maritime Training’s range of educational products, Knots, Bends & Splices covers braided as well as three-strand rope, plus splicing to rope and splicing to chain.

Clear explanations and step-by-step footage make mastering any of a total of 30 knots, bends and splices easy, while examples of common applications aboard your boat will show both novices and the experienced alike how to get the most out of their new-found or refreshed skills.

Due to be launched at this year’s Sydney International Boat Show (August 2-7), the DVD joins other Academy products, such as its award-winning Coastal Navigation interactive CD-ROM and the recently released Preparing to Bareboat Charter DVD.

RRP: $49.95.
Enquiries: Boat Books, tel: (02) 9439 1133.
Website: www.boatbooks-aust.com.au



Australian company, EVRsafe has released an innovative, integrated, multi-toxic gas detection/sensor device for boats. A display unit and sensors enable it to be fitted to any boat, regardless of size or layout.

The EVRsafe unit will simultaneously detect a variety of toxic or volatile gases, such as carbon monoxide, butane, LPG, nitrogen dioxide or hydro-carbons.

The unit alerts via voice, audio and text if it detects the presence of toxic gas. It also identifies the cause of the alert and provides solutions on how to rectify the danger.

The unit can be personalised to any brand of boat. It can also be fully integrated with a craft’s existing engine, wiring and display systems. Using Cat 5 cabling, installation is easy, says EVRsafe. As an added feature, the system can isolate and shut off fuel valves, if fitted.

The system comes standard with four sensors, but can have up to 130 sensors for bigger craft and different applications.

Its ability to detect changes in air pressure and humidity means it can adapt to work in any location or in any weather conditions.

RRP: $3200.00
Enquiries: EVRsafe, tel: 1300 387 723
Website: www.evrsafe.com