Clarion CMD5 marine audio

Rock the boat with this CMD5 marine audio system from Clarion. The CMD5 AM/FM CD/MP3/WMA receiver is built tough to withstand the rigours of life on the water, and Clarion claims it has been fully IPX5 tested and comes with certified water intrusion protection.

Clarion says a rubber gasket behind the CMD5’s quick-release, flip-down front panel and water drainage panels keep the water out, while for 2007 the system now comes with a stainless steel chassis and a drip shield over its wiring connections.

A range of remote controls is also available for the unit, along with a wide range of external speakers, a choice of two power amplifiers and a six-disc CD changer.

RRP: $549.00.
Enquiries: Clarion Australia Pty Ltd, tel: (03) 8558 1115.


Tallon connection systems

Kiwi Marine accessories company, Tallon Marine, claims that its accessory mounting system is the most stylish and inexpensive way to keep things within reach when aboard a boat.

Earlier this year, the company launched ‘Tallon Power’ ­– a new range based on its innovative connection system. Working in conjunction with Hella marine, the range includes an anchor light, courtesy lamp and chart table lamp. The power range allows boat owners to connect Tallon Power chargers to their battery system and use their own 12-volt products, like spot lights.

Enquiries: 1 800 TALLON.


Raymarine cameras

The recently-released CAM50 from Raymarine is a colour dome-style camera that has been designed for indoor use and, according to its maker, provides clear, high-quality images of any area of a boat you wish to monitor, such as the saloon, wheelhouse and engine room.

The CAM50 has an adjustable field of view and a manual pan and tilt function and, thanks to its infra-red sensor, Raymarine says it can provide quality images even in low lighting conditions..

Raymarine says the CAM50 comes with a single waterproof cable and is easy to install. The unit weighs just 180g, measures 80mm in diameter and is powered from a 12V DC source. It’s available in standard and reverse modes.

For exterior use, the updated CAM100 now also comes in a reverse mode guise, which makes it ideal for docking when mounted aft. With a rugged, marinised construction, the CAM100 switches automatically from day to night mode, the latter offering – according to Raymarine – visibility of up to 15m, even in complete darkness.

Both cameras come with a two-year warranty and are compatible with Raymarine’s E Series and next generation multifunction displays.

RRP: CAM50 $371.00; CAM100 $963.00.
Enquiries: Raymarine
Asia, tel: (02) 9887 1311.



MTU 700 Series

MTU Detroit Diesel Australia will launch its new state-of-the-art 700 Common Rail marine diesel engine at the Sydney International Boat Show this August.

Featuring the latest Common Rail injection technology, the MTU 700 Series is available in 2.8 litre 4-cylinder and 4.2 litre 6-cylinder displacement configurations for use in fast pleasure craft, says MTU.

MTU claims that the engines, which boast a maximum power rating of 275kW (345 hp), offer an excellent power-to-weight ratio and increased performance from the most compact packages in their class.

Enquiries: (03) 9243 9258.



Boatcare cleaning products

Septone Products, an Australian family-owned company that has been operating since 1943, has just released its Boatcare range of marine care products, which have been developed specifically to cope with the rigours a salt water environment brings.

This range of cleaning and care products has something to keep just about every area of your boat gleaming, including fibreglass polish, rust/stain removers, deck cleaners, canopy washes, teak oil, portable toilet additives, aluminium cleaners and boat washes, among others.

The Boatcare range is available in a selection of handy sizes from 250g, 550ml and 1lt, through to bulk liquid packs for commercial applications.

Enquiries: Septone Products, tel: (07) 3390 5044.



SE-200B Sonar Engine

LCD sonar manufacturer, Interphase has recently announced the release of a ‘black box’ forward-looking sonar with both VGA and video output.

According to Interphase, the new SE-200B Sonar Engine can increase the utility of multifunctional and large-panel displays by adding vertical, horizontal and dual scanning sonar capability. Also, the SE-220B can turn most video-capable chartplotters, radars, and other multifunctional displays into fully-featured, forward-looking sonars.

The versatile sonar engine includes phased-array transducers and a keypad that can be located close to a remote display. Small and lightweight, the SE-200B is designed to work with video-enabled displays from companies such as Seiwa, Northstar, Simrad, Raymarine, Furuno, Garmin and Navman.

RRP: from $4,295.00.
Enquiries: (02) 9417 7097.



Woolerina’s Bodymate

After years of research and development, Warwick Rolf, the visionary behind Woolerina, has announced the release of what he describes as “the perfect woollen T” - the Woolerina Bodymate.

Made from 100 per cent Australian Merino wool, the Bodymate is comfortable, easily cared for and price-competitive, says Woolerina. Designed especially for boating enthusiasts, bicyclists and anybody else involved in outdoor activities, the Bodymate can be worn as an under garment or as an outer layer.

Woolerina claims that the specially-selected wool used in Bodymate jumpers stays warm even when the wearer gets wet and they actually dry from body heat. Machine-washable and 100 per cent Australian made, the Bodymate is available in five different styles and colours.

RRP: $70 (short sleeve) $75 (long sleeve).
Enquiries: (02) 6851 2100.



Tacktick Maxi instrumentation

The latest Tacktick Maxi range of wireless instrumentation for racing and cruising yachts is now available in Australia and Aussie distributor, Oceantalk claims the system boasts a whole host of great functions, including a start line function that tells racers to speed up or slow down as they approach the start line.

Other functions include line bias, wind shift, timer, indicators for acceleration and speed trends, plus advanced set, drift, turn and course to steer. The displays can receive a plethora of information wirelessly, such as polar data, true wind speed, compass heading to speed, depth and wind, among others.

The display itself features 50mm digits, wide data tiles and red, black and amber backgrounds, to suit a variety of lighting conditions, and the system can be customised to suit individual information needs.

RRP: $1385.00.
Enquiries: Oceantalk, tel: (02) 9981 9550.



The Magellan eXplorist 550

Perth-based GPS distributor, Next Destination has just announced the release of the Magellan eXplorist 550, a hand-held GPS with a 2.3” full-colour screen that allows for complete street, track and trail mapping for all of Australia.

According to Next Destination, the one-button access to key features, such as menu and marking points of interests makes the eXplorist 550 easy to use. The maker claims that a consistent satellite fix, provided by Truefix technology, allows for maximum accuracy and fewer dropouts.

Housed in impact-resistant rubber, the pocket-sized device is claimed to be waterproof to one metre for 30 minutes. It comes standard with a base map of the main roads, parks, coastlines, waterways and airstrips of Australia, a Geo-cache manager and an area perimeter calculator for calculating the distance around or between three or more points.

RRP $750.00.
Enquiries: 1 800 644 033.



H2O Audio waterproof headphones

Want to combine your love of the water with your love of music H2O Audio says its headphones are waterproof to a depth of three metres, making them perfect for use with any waterproof personal audio system.

These sporty headphones are designed to pass behind the neck. H2O Audio claims the coiled wire will ensure tangle-free listening pleasure.

H2O Audio also makes a waterproof housing for an Apple iPod, which, when combined with these headphones, makes a great waterproof ensemble for around, in or even below the water.

RRP: headphones $70, iPod housing $120.
Enquiries: Next Destination,
Tel: 1800 644 033.