Raymarine ST70

Raymarine Asia has recently launched its new ST70 multifunction instrument. The ST70 is a full colour display unit with a new way of visualising instrument information. With the option to use a single display head for all data, users can choose what data to show and in what type of format, and then add additional ST70 elements as required. Stylishly designed, with high resolution colour screens, the ST70 has been developed by Raymarine to be “versatile” and “easy-to-use”.

Raymarine claims that the ST70 is simple to install and set up, and that it provides extensive options for users to customise data to suit their own preferences using a variety of digital, analogue, graphic and historical data display options. Advanced features include the option to upgrade via a CF card reader.

RRP: $1100. For more information, call Raymarine Asia (02) 3902 5444, or


New 250HP OptiMax

Mercury Marine continues to expand its OptiMax outboard range, with the release of the 250hp engine, designed to power boats that carry medium to heavy loads.

Since the first OptiMax Direct Fuel Injected engines hit the water in 1996, they have become the best-selling DI outboard on the market, says Mercury. The company also claims that the OptiMax consistently delivers an outstanding power-to-weight ratio, while maintaining its reputation for fuel efficiency.

Mercury’s new 250hp engine features the patented Mercury Verado gear case, with heavy-duty components for durability, performance and corrosion resistance, enhanced by a freshwater flushing system.

The engine comes with a three-year factory and corrosion warranty.

Enquiries: Mercury Marine, web:



Xi~En Entertainment Systems

Xi~En Mobile Entertainment has a new range of 12 volt/240 volt LCD TVs with both digital and analogue tuners, as well as DVD/CD players built in.

Up until now, smaller TVs (especially 12 volt models), only had analogue tuners and required a separate digital receiver. Xi~En claims that its mobile digital/analogue range allows for wider coverage and DVD-quality sound and picture.

The new range of digital and analogue TVs (DATs) is made up of five models, from 8.4 inches to 26 inches. The DATs are treated with a vapour-emitting corrosion inhibitor to protect against humidity, condensation and salt air.

Enquiries: Xi~En Entertainment, tel: (02) 9659 2133, web:



Waterproof movie camera


Sanyo has just launched the world's first waterproof digital movie camera. The Sanyo VPC-CAG5EXW allows users to record their underwater adventures to a depth of 1.5 metres.

The camera itself is waterproof and doesn't need an external accessory housing. It has a high 6.0 megapixel resolution, 5x optical and 12x digital zoom and digital stereo recording with noise reduction.

Compact and lightweight, the VPC-CAG5EXW is available with an optional floating strap to prevent sinking if dropped overboard.

RRP: $699.

Enquiries: Sanyo Oceania, tel: (02) 9815 5822, web:



Simrad Transceiver

Simrad’s new AI50 is the first and only Class B AIS transceiver designed and priced for recreational boats, both sail and power.

Commercial vessels are required to install expensive and complicated Class A AIS transceivers. Traditionally, recreational boats could only receive their transmitted information. But boats equipped with Simrad’s A150 can both send and receive data, enabling all AIS vessels in the waters surrounding your boat to know exactly where you are at all times.

According to Simrad, the AI50 displays and transmits a wealth of information, including boat name and MMSI, type of boat, closest point of approach, course, speed, heading and rate of turn.

Although the AI50 is designed for safety purposes, the system also caters to the fun side of boating, with a “buddy tracking” setting that allows boaters to follow the boats of friends and regular contacts.

RRP: $2000.
Enquiries: Navico Australia, tel: (02) 9936 1000, web:



All-In-One Plotter

Standard Horizon has recently released the CPV350, an all-in-one marine electronics unit that combines a GPS chart plotter (with 7-inch colour LCD display), a commercial grade VHF marine transceiver (with ITU class D DSC), a 30-watt loud hailer and an optional fish finder.

The CPV350 comes pre-loaded with detailed cartography down to the two nautical mile scale. The manufacturer claims that it can also be loaded with enough waypoints and marks to guarantee users will always arrive at their destination.

For boaters who want to know the GPS location of other vessels, the CPV350 also has the capability to request and send GPS information to other boats.

Connect the CPV350 to one of the optional PA horns and you have a fully-functional loud hailer, complete with four fog signals, bells, whistles, horns and sirens.

Enquiries: Vertex Standard, tel: (03) 9518 2100,



Body Glove Wake Ski

According to Body Glove, wakeboarding is routinely viewed by water ski traditionalist as too edgy, while water skiing is viewed by wake boarders as not edgy enough. So Body Glove has stepped forward to brook the divide.

Body Glove designers have combined the leading principles behind water skis and wake boards to create a brand new sporting product: the Wake Ski.

Body Glove claims the Wake Ski offers the best of both worlds. The twin tip design makes the hard cutting of traditional water skis possible, while the broad base provides the manoeuvrability of a wake board. RRP: $299.

Enquiries: tel: (07) 3375 9966,



Jensen Marine Waterproof Stereo

New to Australia, Jensen Marine’s MSR7007 is an AM/FM/CD stereo unit with waterproof protection suitable for heavy sea conditions. With onboard use in mind, the MSR7007 was designed with a sealed chassis to prevent moisture corrosion and to withstand UV rays and vibrations.

The unit is also iPod compatible. Once an iPod is connected via the built-in pigtail, full control of its functions is transferred to the MSR7007 buttons. While the iPod is safely stored away, its visual information appears on the MSR7007’s LCD display.

Suitable for Radio Broadcast Data System usage, the MSR7007 can also receive the NOAA Weatherband.

RRP: $7007. Enquiries: Big Fish and Marine Outdoor,


ET’s Sea Sickness Remedy


Ironically, Andrew “ET” Ettingshausen, popular host of the fishing show, Escape with ET, and Club Marine columnist, is a long-time sufferer of sea sickness. In his quest to find a remedy, he discovered the concept of “compound chemists”.

Compound chemists are like chemists in the old days, who used to make up medicines specifically for individuals. Today, of course, they have a lot more to work with. The Professional Compounding Chemists of Australia (PCCA) represents pharmacists who maintain and enhance their profession’s skills at making up preparations tailored to individual needs.

A compound chemist found the right formula for ET’s motion sickness, and since then, he’s stared down the fiercest sea conditions without problems.

“It’s fantastic,” says ET, “now I know I’m going to have a good day on the water, regardless of the conditions.”

Enquiries: Professional Compound Chemists of Australia, tel: 1300 722 269, web: