Aquaglide Paddlesurf


The Paddlesurf from Aquaglide gives water sports enthusiasts the freedom to surf, paddle or sail, all in the one versatile package. The 11ft 3in board has been designed by renowned Hawaiian board shaper, John Amundson and is available with a wide range of accessories to tailor it to any of a number of water sport pursuits.

With a tough Duratec construction, Aquaglide says the Paddlesurf has been built to withstand knocks and scrapes as a matter of course. Its EPS Polystyrene foam core has a thin layer of ASA plastic thermo-laminated to its bottom and sides, while an EVA deck pad has been moulded into the top of the board.

Various variable and fixed-length 6061 aluminium paddles are available, as are two sail rig set-ups, each with two sizes of sail, so whether you prefer to get around under your own steam or harness Mother Nature, the Paddlesurf has you covered.

Available in 3.1m² and 4.1m² configurations, Aquaglide says the Pilot Rig is ideal for sailing novices, while the 5.1m² and 6.1m² Reflex Rigs are good all-rounders.

The Aquaglide Paddlesurf is available in Australia through marine safety and inflatable specialist RFD.

Enquiries: tel: (02) 9643 8000. Web:


MerCruiser Smart Tow
and Smart Tow Pro

MerCruiser says its new Smart Tow and Smart Tow Pro technology offer tow water sports enthusiasts the perfect blend of electronic control and pulling power.

Working hand-in-hand with MerCruiser’s SmartCraft Digital Throttle and Shift (DTS) system, Smart Tow boasts Launch Control and Cruise Control features.

The former lets users select the ideal Tow Profile for the person being towed, from Profile 1 (easy) to Profile 5 (slalom), with the acceleration and rpm overshoot-controlled to maximise smoothness and consistency.

Smart Tow Pro allows users to customise profiles for individual skiers and boarders. The Cruise Control feature delivers a safe, consistent and constant speed while underway, whether you’re towing or not.

MerCruiser says Smart Tow works on any rpm above idle, while Smart Tow Pro can also be programmed for a particular speed, thanks to the inclusion of advanced GPS technology.





The Birdstopper is a bird deterrent device that prevents birds from landing on gunwale guardrails and safety wires and its makers claim it’s 95 per cent effective in eradicating the problem of bird fouling.

The system consists of 12m of tripline, with mounting clips and a tripline dispenser. Its makers say Birdstopper can be installed in minutes without tools and remains permanently in place, whether your boat is berthed or underway.

Birdstopper also says its system is virtually invisible and won’t detract from a boat’s overall appearance. Another advantage is that owners won’t need to keep washing down their fouled boats with detergents, thus doing the environment a favour.

The Birdstopper retails for $19.95 and is available from all good chandlery stores. Alternatively, you can order the Birdstopper online.

Enquiries: (02) 4981 0233.




Togar smoke oven

Graham Joshua has been manufacturing Togar smoke ovens for 17 years now and he says the Togar will allow even an absolute beginner to produce delicious smoked food.

Constructed from ‘food-grade’ 304 stainless steel, the highly portable Togar oven measures 36cm across, stands 20cm high and comes with racks, a base, methylated spirits burner, full instructions, a cookbook and a bag of pure, selected wood sawdust. Its makers say the Togar utilises a highly efficient heat source, so it cooks rapidly – for example, tuna steaks can take less than 10 minutes.

The Togar is pressed/deep drawn from a single stainless steel sheet and its maker says the resulting lack of cuts, folds or welds makes the Togar quick and easy to clean.

Utilising different woods, such as paper­bark, hickory, ash, oak or spotted gum produces different smoke flavours, while experimenting with added leaves, teas, herbs and spices can also produce truly unique tastes.

The Togar oven retails for $157.00, plus postage. For a limited time you can also have a Togar extension kit thrown in for $59.00, so you can cook a feast in no time.

Enquiries: tel: (07) 5580 1050. Web:


 Yamaha F250B


Yamaha’s recently-released F250B 250hp, four-stroke outboard is based on the F250A, but now comes with a new digital electronic remote control that Yamaha says provides even smoother throttle operation, safer and reliable gear shifting and responsive performance.

Monitored by the engine’s ECM, the power­plant’s throttle control and gear shifting is aided by a remote electronic box that’s linked to the throttle lever. Yamaha says this results in improved throttle response for precision control in situations like bar crossings or low-speed offshore trolling.

Yamaha says the use of long air intake manifolds and Variable Camshaft Timing (VCT) has boosted low- and mid-range torque for faster acceleration, while the multi-point electronic fuel injection system has increased combustion efficiency.

The F250B also features a variable trolling rpm switch, which can adjust trolling speed between 600rpm and 1000rpm in increments of just 50rpm.

The F250B is available in two guises – the standard right-rotation propeller and a counter-rotation model. Both are also available in 25in and 30in transom versions.

Enquiries: (07) 3906 7000. Web:



Bar Crusher bunk extensions

A new padded bunk extension is now available for Bar Crusher’s cuddy models (excluding the 640C), affording anglers a convenient berth set-up for overnight trips.

Bar Crusher says the bunk extension creates a full-length sleeping space in the V-berth of the firm’s cuddy models and packs away for storage under the V-berth cushions when not required.

The bunk can be ordered as an option when purchasing a new Bar Crusher and is also available separately through Bar Crusher’s national distribution dealer network.

Enquiries: tel: (03) 9702 8555. Web:



Black Water Tank Level Sender

Oceantalk claims the new NMEA2000 Black Water Tank Level Sender from Offshore Systems is affordable, easy to install and is the simplest and most effective way to monitor sewage tanks.

The sender is available in a range of models to suit black water tanks ranging in size from .2m to 2m.

The sender can also be cut to suit different depths.

There are no moving parts to stick or fail and no grids to unclog or clean and the sender itself is constructed from durable stainless steel. Oceantalk says the system is self-calibrating and can store tank calibration data and an alphanumeric tank name ?– it also says the unit is accurate to within plus or minus two per cent.

Enquiries: tel: 1800 029 948. Web: