Boating is all about having a great time out on the water with family and friends. It is meant to be fun, safe and easy. The last thing anyone wants is a reason to phone Club Marine and lodge a claim on your boat insurance policy. But the reality is that many thousands of Club Marine members will have reason to call us to report some form of incident every year.

For over 40 years, we have been proud of our ability to manage claims. As I say to my staff all the time, we are in the business of paying claims, not collecting premiums. If we get it wrong, we are breaking the promises we made to you when you took out your insurance policy.

That used to be pretty much all that boat insurance was about: a simple arrangement in which we, the insurance company, provided coverage for accidental damage to, or loss of your boat; and you, the policy holder, had peace of mind knowing that we would meet the costs of repairing or replacing the boat if it was damaged or lost.

But now there is more – much more – to marine insurance. We are very proud to unveil our exciting new membership benefit, Club Marine Assist.

As foreshadowed in my last column, we have had a special team of people working quietly behind the scenes for some time developing this new package of benefits designed to help take the worry, hard work and risk out of boating for our members.

What they have come up with is a unique and innovative program with a range of features available exclusively to Club Marine members.

Club Marine Assist provides help when you need it, including advice, directions and access to a range of services available around-the-clock, plus roadside assistance for your vehicle and boat trailer.

We have worked closely with our sister company and global specialist, Mondial Assistance, to put Club Marine Assist together and we believe it is easily the biggest development in our membership benefits program ever.

We are especially proud and pleased to announce that Club Marine Assist will be included in every Club Marine policy bought or renewed on or after January 2, 2009 – and at no extra cost to members.

Elsewhere in this issue you will read in detail about all the benefits of Club Marine Assist, but I’ll cover a few of the main points here.

In conjunction with the good folks at Mondial, who are specialists in providing premium assistance packages to various organisations around the world, we worked through a range of scenarios, from flat tyres to flat batteries, lost keys to busted trailer wheel bearings, and pretty much everything in between. As boaties, we asked ourselves what sort of help we would want in these circumstances.

We looked beyond the conventional on-water ‘rescue’ scenarios, which are already very well catered for by the outstanding volunteer coast guard and other groups, and looked at some of the more common situations that boaties might encounter requiring help of some kind.

For instance, what if you’re out cruising in a new location that you’re not entirely familiar with and you’re thinking about mooring or sliding into a friendly berth for the night? Who do you call to find out where you can moor or tie up? Or you might need even more basic help, like finding out where you can buy groceries, ice or fuel.

And then there’s roadside assistance for your car or trailer, real time medical and legal advice, help to locate a tradesman or repairer when you need them – it all takes time and can put a real dent in your enjoyment of a day out on the water.

If you’re a Club Marine member, you simply need to make one call to Club Marine Assist on 1300 00 CLUB (2582) and help is at hand – 24 hours a day. For detailed information, go to

With summer now in full swing, I wish you all a great new year – and don’t forget to call us for help with any situation that stands in the way of you and your family enjoying a safe and happy day on the water.


Mark Bradley
Publisher and CEO
Club Marine Limited