Lowrance HDS

Lowrance HDS

avico has recently announced that the groundbreaking Lowrance High-Definition System (HDS) will soon hit Australian shores, delivering significant advantages for boaties.

This new series of multi-function displays combines built-in award-winning Lowrance Broadband Sounder technology, innovative chart-plotting and intuitive operation in a new case design. The HDS also accommodates Ethernet radar and NMEA2000 networking for fuel, engine and boat-operations management solutions.

Available in fully sunlight-viewable HDS5 (12.7cm), HDS7 (16.3cm), HDS8 (21.3cm) and HDS10 (26.4cm) screen sizes, in several configurations, the Lowrance HDS series will suit boaties who require an easily networked or standalone electronics package.

Lowrance claims the easy-to-operate user interface – which incorporates a revised menu structure, advanced LED backlighting, soft-keys and a unique flywheel operation on some models ?– simplifies access to frequently-used and highly-advanced features.

Enquiries: Navico Australia, tel: (02) 9936 1000. Web:www.lowrance.com.au.


Yamaha F40F

Yamaha F40F

The latest evolution of Yamaha’s four-strokes has landed on Australian shores with the new mid-range F40F outboard. Yamaha says the innovative and compact 40hp engine now boasts a sophisticated fuel injection system for improved fuel efficiency and outstanding power-to-weight performance plus full connectivity to Yamaha’s digital control LAN system.

The heart of the new F40F outboard is its electronic multi-point fuel injection system. Combined with an electronically-controlled single throttle valve, long intake track manifold and 32-bit electronic control module, Yamaha says the new mid-range 40hp outboard delivers quick starts, smooth and quiet performance and precise throttle control.

Yamaha’s intelligent F40F is available in three model designations: F40FEHDL, F40FEHTL and F40FETL. All Yamaha four-stroke outboards are supported with a full four-year manufacturer’s warranty and all two-stroke outboards are backed by a three-year warranty.

Enquiries: Yamaha Motor Australia, tel: 07 3906 7000. Web:www.yamaha-motor.com.au.


Instant Response Fire Cart

Instant Response Fire Cart

The M-Tech Instant Response Fire Cart has been designed for use as a first response to fires in the marina environment. Using sea water and not dependant on piped-in water, the Instant Response Fire Cart can quickly be manoeuvred, set up and run by one person.

Once engaged, the Instant Response Fire Cart delivers a stream of high-pressure water, with an optional mix of fire retardant foam, at high volume (up to 300lt per minute – some four-and-a-half times the volume of a standard fire hose reel).

The environmental-friendly mixture of foam is especially suited for fires fuelled by fuel, plastics and fibreglass, which are often the case in marina fires.

The M-Tech Instant Response Fire Cart has been tested by the Queensland Fire and Rescue Authority, and has proven to be very effective in extinguishing a fuel fire at a distance of 20 to 25m.

Available accessories include a fire axe and a grapnel hook.

Enquiries: Marine Technologies Pty ltd. Web: www.marine-technologies.com.au.



Newport H2

KEEN Footwear Australia began six years ago with a simple design challenge: can a sandal be designed that would protect toes? The answer was the Newport sandal.

The Newport H2 is the foundation of the KEEN Footwear line. Designed to perform in adverse conditions, the Newport H2’s razor-siped outsole and 3mm lugs provide excellent traction, and, of course, toe protection.

The Newport H2 is made of washable quick dry polyester webbing with AEGIS Microbe Shield-treated Hydrophobic mesh lining. The H2 is available in select colours and includes a vanilla-scented outsole.

Enquiries: KEEN Footwear Australia. Web: www.keenfootwear.com.au.


Tuna Time 2 –  Search for a Jumbo

Raymarine C-Series widescreen

Raymarine will introduce its new line of C-Series Widescreen Multifunction Displays (MFD) to the Australian market at the 2009 Sanctuary Cove International Boat Show. The new MFDs expand the power of multifunction navigation with larger, higher resolution displays, increased performance, expanded networking and video integration, says Raymarine.

The wide screen display enables operators to view more navigation data, such as a chart, radar, fishfinder and video, simultaneously on a single display. In addition, the highly-customisable C-Series Widescreen user interface lets you split the screen in multiple window combinations.

The C-Series features a highly-sensitive GPS sensor built into the display housing, and Navionics silver-grade charts preloaded into the widescreen displays. Boaters can also expand the capabilities of the C-Series with several options including Raymarine’s SeaTalk network sensors for HD digital radar and fishfinders and video input.

The C-Series Widescreen range is available in three sizes of sunlight- viewable colour displays: the 9in C90W, the 12in C120W and the 14in C140W.

Enquiries: Raymarine, tel: 02 9479 4800. Web: www.raymarine.com.au.


Clarion CMV1

Clarion CMV1

Clarion Australia has recently announced that the CMV1 digital video player will be available from Easter 2009. The innovative unit will premiere as part of Clarion’s innovative 2009 range of marine audio and video systems.

The CMV1 is Clarion’s first model in the marine category to offer visual entertainment capabilities. The large 3.5in monitor allows easy viewing of a variety of digital audio/video sources, supporting playback for DVDs, DivX encoded discs, as well as iPod video.

Music can be enjoyed on the CMV1 with no loss in sound quality. According to Clarion, its innovative BBE MP Process enhances the sound of MP3/WMA/AAC files by restoring the harmonics that are lost through compression.

And because water is the worst enemy of the marine unit, the CMV1 is certified to offer the best water intrusion protection and salt resistance available.

Enquiries: Clarion Australia, tel: 03 8558 1114. Web: www.clarion.com.au.


Boat Sure

Boat Sure

Boat Sure is a digital antifouling device that removes slime and barnacles ultrasonically.

The Boat Sure transducer is installed inside the boat, so no dry-docking is required. The transducer emits ultrasonic pulses directly onto the hull, using it as an amplifier. The ultrasound shatters organisms such as algae and bio-film and provides a clean surface that they are unable to attach to.

Boat Sure Systems says that use of the Boat Sure transducer will extend the period between cleanings, reduce drag on the hull and maximise your boat’s performance in the water.

Additionally, Boat Sure Systems offer solutions for all water-based applications where algae, pathogens and bio-film accumulate, including marinas, lakes, ponds, pools, cooling towers and cooling intakes.

Boat Sure will be available at the 2009 Sanctuary Cove Boat Show, Pavilion A13.

Enquiries: Sure Systems, tel: 03 9335 3577. Web: www.surewatersystems.com.au.



Mercury’s battery-less EFI system

Mercury’s battery-less EFI system

Mercury Marine claims that its battery-less electronic fuel injection (EFI) system for its four-stroke 25hp and 30hp outboards means easier starting, smooth running and greater safety.

The magneto powered EFI system allows the EFI to operate when the battery is low, flat or even disconnected, says Mercury Marine.

Most EFI systems require a battery to operate correctly because – during start-up – the engine control unit needs power to ‘read’ ambient conditions and correctly pressurise the fuel system before the engine begins cranking. This means if the battery is flat or low, the system won’t work.

But Mercury claims that, with its battery-free EFI system, the first pull on the starter rope charges the EFI electrical and fuel systems via a dedicated circuit linked to the flywheel. This eliminates the need for the battery.

The battery-free EFI system comes as standard in both electric start and manual start models.

Enquiries: Mercury Marine. Web: www.mercurymarine.com.au.


TRAC Ecological Marine Products

TRAC Ecological Marine Products

Stella Systems, a division of the Stella Marine Group based at Rivergate Marina and Shipyard in Brisbane, has recently announced that it has been appointed to distribute TRAC Ecological Marine Products.

TRAC has long been known for being a non-compromising, environmentally friendly chemical manufacturer.

Included in the wide range of TRAC products that Stella Systems offers Australian and Kiwi boaties are GreenClean Boat Soap, Descaler, T-Greaser and the TRAC Flushing System.

GreenClean Boat Soap is a safe, non-toxic, non-corrosive and 100 per cent biodegradable soap. TRAC claims that a concentrated solution of just one capful per four litres of water is enough to take on the dirtiest boat.

Descaler is a safe, biodegradable scale remover designed to dissolve water scale and deposits from within fresh water systems.

T-Greaser is the safe, all-purpose cleaner that quickly removes oils, greases, grime, soap scum, mildew stains, sludge bottoms and much more.

Enquiries: Stella Systems. Email: info@stellasystems.com.au.




Freshield is designed to vacuum seal most anything, from pre-cooked meals, meats and vegies to hardware items such as bearings, wheel nuts, and wheel studs – all can be vacuum sealed, protecting these parts from salt exposure.

Portable vacuum sealers have specifically-designed bags that are fridge, freeze, boil and microwave safe. The makers of Freshield say that vacuum-sealed bags make cooking simple. When pre-cooked foods are sealed, simply heat them in boiling water and avoid cleaning dirty pots.

According to the makers of Freshield, the small packages created by vacuum sealers increase the fridge’s capacity and can cut battery consumption in half. That’s why Freshield helps boaties get the most out of their portable refrigerators.

Freshield Australia offers the only flat-bed sealer complete with a filter that collects any sealing residue during the sealing process. Other features include a high vacuum rate and a low power draw.

Enquiries: Freshield Australia, tel: 1300 855 731. Web:www.freshield.com.au.


Flat boat fenders

Flat boat fenders

Burke Marine has recently introduced its versatile new range of flat boat fenders. The new fenders are lightweight and made of dual-density EVA foam, which won’t delaminate, deflate or absorb water.

Designers for Burke Marine say the flat rectangular shape of the fenders won’t roll or ride up and it maximizes the fender’s bearing surface.

The fenders come complete with a ready-to-use rope lanyard to attach the fender vertically or horizontally to the boat or the dock. Compact and easy to stow, the fenders can also be used as a knee pad, cockpit cushion or emergency buoyancy aid.

Burke Marine’s foam fenders are available in three sizes to suit most vessels, and are available in light gray or white.

Enquiries: Burke Marine, tel: 02 96384333. Web:www.burkemarine.com.au.