Great Circle Marine Oceanmaster

Great Circle Marine Oceanmaster

Great Circle Oceanmaster life rafts are designed for extended offshore commercial and recreational boating and they meet or exceed the high specifications set down by Australian marine authorities, international organisations for standardisation and boating associations.

As with all Great Circle Marine life rafts, the Oceanmaster features premium components, top-quality craftsmanship and meticulous quality control. Key features include: double, fail-safe buoyancy tubes and auto-inflatable arch/canopy support system, a rip-stop nylon canopy and a heavy-duty sea anchor.

Great Circle Marine stands behind its products, saying: “if the worst should happen, in the most demanding of sea conditions, you can be confident that your Great Circle Oceanmaster Life Raft is designed and equipped to help save your life.”

All Great Circle life rafts are guaranteed for 12 years and the Oceanmaster models are Yachting Australia compliant and fully approved to State Marine Authority survey standard.

Enquiries: Great Circle Marine, tel: 1300 306 381.


Thermal Imaging from Vissacon

Thermal Imaging from Vissacon

Vissacon, a leading Australian distributor of imaging technology, says that the FLIR Navigator is a thermal imaging camera that provides crisp, clear thermal imagery in total darkness and light fog or smoke.

Featuring the same thermal imaging technology found in many of FLIR’s most sophisticated maritime systems, the Navigator is packaged for users who have navigation as their primary application. Unlike other night vision systems that require low amounts of light to generate an image, the Navigator needs no light at all. The user can choose between two different versions of the Navigator: fixed mounted or pan/tilt.

According to Vissacon, thermal imaging cameras are a lot easier to use than radar. The Navigator produces a crisp image on which the smallest of details can be seen. The joystick mounted on the bridge for the pan/tilt model allows the skipper to turn the Navigator 370 degrees horizontally and 30 degrees vertically. Using the pan/tilt, the skipper can also see what is happening behind the boat, which is often just as important as knowing what is going on in front or beside it.

Enquiries: Vissacon, tel: (03) 9753 2211..


Fusion’s new MS-AV600

Fusion’s new MS-AV600

Fusion Electronics has recently announced the release of the new MS-AV600 marine entertainment centre. Building on the functionality of its popular 500 series, Fusion has added a combined CD/DVD player and plug-in iPod dock.

Fusion says that what distinguishes the MS-AV600 from other marine stereos is the fact that it is rated ‘True-Marine’ and is not a car stereo reassigned for marine use. And, says Fusion, the new MS-AV600 features attractive new styling to complement the rest of your on-board electronics.

The MS-AV6000 features the latest amplifier technology, making it one of the most powerful and energy efficient entertainment decks on the market. Additionally, a large crisp LCD screen with adjustable backlighting allows for multiple lines of text for easy use on your boat.

Enquiries: Fusion Electronics, tel: 1 300 736 012.


Trilux antifouling

Trilux antifouling

International Paint, a leading manufacturer of marine coatings, has announced that Trilux antifouling will be available in Australia from August 1.

Trilux offers protection in medium fouling conditions where a hard, scrub-able antifouling is required. It is resitant to abrasion and most suitable for fast, active craft. Available in four colours – blue red, white and black – it is suitable for all substrates, including aluminium.

Contained in this formulation is Biolux, a unique biocide technology developed by International Paint. Biolux consists of a system of organic-boosting biocides. This provides a highly effective controlled release film, giving longer-lasting protection..

Compatible with all Lowrance HDS multifunction displays ?– HDS5, HDS7, HDS8 and HDS10 – the BR24 provides an effective 24nm range and supports chart overlay, display networking and more.

Enquiries: International Yacht Paint, tel: (07) 5573 9602. Web:



Maxwell RC8

Maxwell RC8

Kiwi manufacturer Maxwell Marine has established itself as an internationally renowned provider of anchor solutions for pleasure boats, super yachts and commercial vessels. Recently, Maxwell introduced the RC8 windlass range, its newest automatic rope/chain windlass with combination chain wheel.

Maxwell says that its new RC8 features automatic retrieval and deployment of either 6 or 8mm chain and up to 14mm rope combination rodes, with the RC8 giving unsurpassed user flexibility.

The RC8 is manufactured from marine-grade 316 stainless steel for long term durability and outstanding aesthetics. No special tools are needed to take apart the RC8. The topworks can be fully disassembled with the handle provided, a screw driver and a common allen key, making regular service and maintenance easy.

The RC8 is also available with an optional capstan drum for those that require the comfort of having a mechanised capstan on board.

Enquiries: Maxwell., email:


Navico BSM-1

Navico BSM-1

Navico has announced the debut of its next-generation sonar system – the BSM-1 Broadband Sounder Module.

Plug-and-play compatible with the award-winning Northstar 8000i multifunctional displays and the Simrad GB40 Navigation System, the high-speed ethernet-based system delivers impressive echo clarity and high underwater definition.

Delivering a digitally-purified sonar image, the BSM-1 provides clear images of individual fish markings and clear separation of fish from other targets, structures, thermoclines and the bottom in both shallow and deep water, while eliminating surface and turbulent water clutter.

Operating on three frequencies (50khz, 83khz and 200khz) the Broadband Sounder Module is compatible with a full range of high performance 600W and 1kW transducers.

The BSM-1 and associated software releases for the Northstar 8000i and Simrad GB40 is available from July.

Enquiries: Navico Australia, tel: (02) 9936 1000. Web:


Glowfast Luminous products

Glowfast Luminous products

Glowfast Luminous Draft Stripes automatically illuminate when it gets dark, allowing you to see your entire sail shape all at once, for over 20 hours. This improved sail trim and boat handling has been proven to increase performance by as much as 20 per cent at night.

Glowfast Luminous Spinnaker Vs are a vital addition to every spinnaker used at night. Using Glowfast Luminous Spinnaker Vs makes it easy to see the luff of your spinnaker at night without the need for a torch. With as little as 10 minutes exposure to light, Glowfast Luminous Spinnaker Vs will glow for over 20 hours.

Glowfast Luminous Tell Tale Patches provide maximum contrast behind traditional tell-tales, allowing you to steer and trim your boat to its potential all day and all night. Glowfast self adhesive Luminous Tell Tale Patches come in two packs (one for each side of the sail).

Glowfast Marine, tel: (03) 9018 6581, Web:


Towcap Trailer Hitch Guard

Towcap Trailer Hitch Guard

Towcap International has announced the release of the Towcap. Functioning as a trailer hitch guard, the Towcap is molded to fit most box, boat, horse, caravan or equipment trailer hitches.

According to market research done by Towcap, 43 per cent of vehicles fitted with a tow bar will be damaged during the hitching and un-hitching process. Uneven surfaces, small rocks or even a bump in the driveway can cause your trailer to come into contact with your vehicle. When it does, the Towcap’s unique design will reduce damage to your vehicle’s colour-coded bumpers or metalwork.

Made from an impact-absorbing rubber compound, Towcap covers the sides, adjustment nut and front of the trailer hitch. According to Towcap, by covering these hard metal edges the chances of damaging, scraping, gouging or denting the rear of your vehicle during the hitching and unhitching process is greatly reduced, saving a costly repair, insurance claim or loss in vehicle resale value.

The Towcap can be affixed permanently with the high strength bonding tape or used only when needed, storing easily in your vehicle’s glovebox.

Enquiries: Towcap, Web: