SunSplash Beach Bundle

SunSplash Beach Bundle

The Safety 1st SunSplash Beach Bundle is a six-piece pack in a handy carry case with everything parents need to keep their little ones protected from the sun and safe in the water. The SunSplash Beach Bundle includes a UV sun suit, UV sun hat, swim armbands, swim nappy and wet-and-dry change mat.

The UV sun suit is flexible and lightweight and has leg-press studs for fast and easy nappy changes. The swim armbands are comfortable to wear and are easy for parents to slip on and off small arms – wet or dry. The UV sun hat fits snugly and retains shape even after it’s been tightly packed into a suitcase. The swim nappy has an elasticised waist and legs, which are soft on baby’s skin, super-absorbent and machine-washable, and the change mat is easy to clean and baby - and parent-friendly.

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GX600D Class D VHF marine radio<

GX600D Class D VHF marine radio

Flexibility has been key in the design of the GME GX600D marine radio, which features an IP67 waterproof rating, a choice of colours and a range of mounting and second station options, says its maker.

Standard equipment on the GX600D is a full-function keypad microphone, with an extremely simple mobile-phone-style operating system, ensuring operators of every skill level can benefit from the radio’s extensive list of features, claims GME.

In many world areas, Europe and the USA in particular, all fixed-mount VHF radios are now required to include a basic Digital Selective Calling (DSC) capability.

The GME GX600D, 25W Class D DSC VHF marine radio, however, goes well beyond this basic safety requirement, and when interfaced with a GPS receiver will be able to transmit crucial vessel information, including position and the nature of the distress call, such as fire, flooding, collision, grounding, capsizing or sinking. In an emergency, one push of the red button will send an automated digital distress alert containing the boat’s position and Maritime Mobile Service Identity (MMSI) number to rescue facilities and other DSC-equipped vessels in the area.

The GX600D comes complete with a second receiver so both voice and data are monitored independently, ensuring the user will never miss a DSC call.

The GX600D class D DSC radio also provides boaters with a valuable range of non-emergency capabilities, permitting communication with another boat or group of boats using individual or group MMSI numbers. If interfaced to a GPS-equipped chart plotter, the radio can also send, receive and display each vessel’s position.

Designed and manufactured in Australia, the GME GX600D has been styled to complement GME’s expanding range of marine products.

The GX600D has the added advantage that a second station can be added. The RM600D is a remote station that, when connected to the GX600D via the supplied 5m connecting cable, will replicate all the functions of the GX600D. This offers a simple solution when a second station in a cockpit or flybridge is required.

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Rolex – Oyster Perpetual Submariner Date

Rolex – Oyster Perpetual Submariner Date

The Oyster Perpetual Submariner Date Rolesor continues the Rolex tradition of being the absolute reference in divers’ watches, says Rolex.

The case of the Oyster Perpetual Submariner Date features an 18ct yellow gold, unidirectional, rotatable bezel, with a 120-notch, anti-reverse click system and a new blue Cerachrom disc.

Waterproof to a depth of 300m (1000ft), the Oyster Perpetual Submariner Date is chronometer-certified by the Swiss Official Chronometer Testing Institute (COSC). The movement is equipped with a Parachrom hairspring, highly resistant to shocks and magnetic fields, which, says Rolex, ensures its superlative chronometric precision and remarkable reliability.

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Suzuki DF8 and DF9.9 portable engines

Suzuki DF8 and DF9.9 portable engines

Suzuki Marine says the new DF9.9 portable 9.9hp four-stroke has been engineered to be lighter, smaller and more fuel-efficient than previous models, while providing smooth power and reliable performance. The 8hp DF8, with the same physical dimensions, represents a new category in the Suzuki four-stroke family.

With a weight of only 39.5kg for the manual start/short-shaft models, the DF8 and DF9.9 are available with tiller steering and a choice of easy-pull manual or electric starting.

At the heart of the DF8 and DF9.9 is a new inline, two-cylinder, overhead-cam powerhead, with a 208cc displacement and digital CDI ignition for smooth idling, crisp acceleration and significantly better fuel economy, especially during low- to mid-range operation, says Suzuki.

The DF8 and DF9.9 also feature a new Suzuki-Function tiller handle design, which incorporates forward/neutral/reverse shifting, throttle operation and throttle friction adjustment right into the streamlined tiller handle. This allows users to perform all these functions without removing their hands from the tiller, for an easier, more confident boating experience.

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Tracksat satellite tracking unit

Tracksat satellite tracking unit

The Lange Group, the retailer behind the Tracksat satellite tracking unit, has recently announced its product will make crystal-clear satellite TV on a moving boat an affordable reality for all boaties.

Made in Australia for Australian conditions, Tracksat is self-installed and can be set up and removed in less than 10 minutes on pulpits, radar arches or decks.

The Lange Group claims that, with Tracksat, reception can be enabled all around Australia – eliminating snow, ghosts and interference. Additionally, the ‘find feature’ remembers where you first set the satellite signal and will return to this location with a single button – even if the boat has swung completely around.

Tracksat weighs 9kg, has a diameter of 120mm and a height of 90mm.

Each unit includes the materials to self-install – just slip the dish of your choice on to the unit and watch great movies, news or the big game.

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Free boating pack from Century

Free boating pack from Century

Century Batteries, Australia’s oldest and most recognised battery manufacturer, has further enhanced its marine battery range by improving the starting and reserve capacity specifications on its Marine Pro products.

Century Marine Pro batteries are specifically designed for marine applications and are perfectly adapted to life on the water.

The Marine Pro 600 is the flagship battery in the range. Designed and manufactured in Australia, this dual-purpose battery is ideal for starting inboard and outboard engines up to 350hp and has the added reserve capacity to run various on-board accessories.

To complement the recent improvements in product performance and technology, Century Batteries is offering boat owners a free Boating Pack up to the value of $29.99 when purchasing a Century Marine Pro battery. This promotion is available for a limited time only, so pop down to your local Century outlet and help support local manufacture and Australian jobs by insisting on a Century Marine Pro battery.

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GME personal locator beacons

GME personal locator beacons

GME says its AccuSat 406MHz personal locator beacons, available with or without an integrated GPS option, are leading the world with feature innovation and user benefits.

The GME AccuSat PLB range is Australian designed and manufactured, with models offering seven-year battery life, and a seven-year warranty. In addition, they are equipped with a high-intensity flashing LED and a ‘non-hazmat’ battery pack for simple and cost-effective transportation.

GME’s MT410 AccuSat range is water­proof to IP67, all units float and the housing is made from a tough UV-stable PVC material, ensuring reliable operation in even the harshest environments in Australia and around the world, says GME.

The new PLBs provide boaties and outdoor adventurers with a solution that is not only affordable, but provides enhanced peace of mind should they ever require emergency assistance.

All 406 MHz beacons must be registered with AMSA (Australian Maritime Safety Authority).

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Mercury MerCruiser Big Block

Mercury MerCruiser Big Block

Mercury Marine has announced its newly-developed next-generation Big Block engine will soon be available in Australia. A catalyst version of the engine will be available out of the US from January 1, 2010, while a non-catalyst version is scheduled for mid-2010.

Mercury MerCruiser’s next-generation Big Block marine engine is an 8.2lt motor that produces more power and has better mid-range acceleration, lower emissions and superior fuel efficiency than previous models.

Mercury MerCruiser engineers say that, in creating the new engine, they drew on the expertise of Mercury Racing specialists. The next-generation, naturally-aspirated Big Block features high-performance aluminium cylinder heads, which improve mid-range acceleration and increase power.

The 8.2lt unit will deliver 380hp and its HO (High Octane) model will deliver 430hp. The new 8.2lt MerCruiser engine will be available in sterndrive and inboard configurations with Base and HO ratings.

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Clarion CMS1

Clarion CMS1

Clarion Australia claims the CMS1 represents a new and unique product for marine and harsh environment applications. The CMS1 is a two-piece system made up of an IPX-6-rated command centre and a hide-away brain module.

The CMS1 is an AM/FM/Weather Band Digital Media receiver with a built-in 40Wx4 amplifier, USB port, iPod interface port, an auxiliary input and a pre-amp output.

Also unique to the CMS1 is its electrical design. It uses an EEPROM to store information, so it does not require a constant power connection. This means when the ignition is turned off the CMS1 doesn’t draw any current, which eliminates the chance of a dead battery.

Clarion Australia says the CMS1 is the perfect solution for boats that don’t have room for a conventional source unit or for use in harsh environments.

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Intellian satellite TV

Intellian satellite TV

The Intellian t110 is a powerful and robust three-axis stabilised satellite TV antenna system that boasts an outstanding coverage range.

Intellian claims that, with its 1.05m dish and patented WRS and DBT fast search and tracking signal-lock technologies, the t110 provides a steady satellite signal reception, even in the harshest conditions at sea.

Thanks to its built-in global satellite library, the t110 can receive TV service from multiple satellites from around the globe. Furthermore, the t110’s wide elevation range pedestal design provides excellent satellite signal reception for extremely low or high latitude areas.

The t110 is built with extremely high vibration and shock standards, says Intellian. The included 19in rack mount control unit provides user-friendly operation and specially-designed PC controller software, which allows free lifetime system upgrades.

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